Binemon: A new unicorn in GameFi

In recent months, the GameFi market has been more active than ever, with a daily transaction volume of approximately US$5.5 billion. However, this huge development trend also includes some self-proclaimed “GameFi” projects, although these projects are not sophisticated enough in terms of product quality, they are still quickly introduced to the market.

This article introduces a unicorn that has recently “disturbed” the GameFi market-Binemon. Binemon is an NFT game inspired by “Meme” that was almost completed before it was released. Now let us take a quick look at this project and see how it has gained the attention and love of the community.

Projects that focus on game quality

Binemon boldly took an unusual path, taking the completion of the product as the first thing to do. In the game, the character design is inspired by “Meme” and uses familiar Internet stars as the basic image, such as Dogecoin ‘s Shiba or legendary Pepe’s frog, which gives many users a sense of familiarity. Binemon is currently playable on iOS, Android and web, so that all interested players can try it.

STJwauKOWXB93S4Vrwe9gy7dN1dvHMtodDuK95be.jpeg Collect, merge, upgrade, battle and build

First of all, Mons was originally an NFT created by breaking eggs. Through a special “fusion” system, Mons can be integrated and become stronger, while limiting the number of NFTs circulating in the market, which helps control inflation caused by rising demand in the game. The game depicts an infinite world, and the gameplay includes PVP, PVE, GVG and Metaverse. In that world, players can carry out activities similar to those in real life, such as buying real estate or building houses-but also guild life.

51ybUlNDIHI91wNwMgZXcmiY9rOzmdnqABG3vBVg.jpegClassic P2E mode

On July 9, 2021, Binemon launched its first game mode PVP. Players can fight in PVP and complete tasks to obtain 3 rewards: daily task rewards, level rewards and seasonal rewards. The PVE mode is expected to be released in 2 months, and AFK rewards (offline betting) have been added.

He9D5dggdwRJTJFHoWw7tF2gf3JJZmt1f7sM2Tuq.jpegIssuance of Binemon tokens

In recent days, one thing that has caused a stir in the Binemon community is the BIN token issued in the form of “Fair Launch” (the community holds most of the token). BIN rose more than 30 times after its release, and became the top 7 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, and it became the top 8 token on PancakeSwap by trading volume within 3 days of its release.

CLXj3IKjEF4ylDXk35R4ed84CUcBPofb3yqj8wQS.pngin conclusion

Product quality, active growth of the community, well-planned product roadmap and rapid growth all show the potential of Binemon.


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