Bilibili enters the Metaverse, can it give birth to a new world for young people?

Since the concept of Metaverse became popular in 2021, AR, AI, big data, cloud computing, games, social networking and other fields have become the road to Meta Universe, and the block chain has been chosen for station B.

Under the meta-universe boom, another heavy player entered.

Since the concept of Meta Universe became popular in 2021, AR, AI, big data, cloud computing, games, social networking and other fields have become the road to Meta Universe, and the block chain has been chosen for station B.

Start Metaverse, internal test “High Energy Chain”

On December 6, Jiemian News learned that station B was internally testing the “Energy Chain” related to Metaverse and had launched a block explorer tool to query information on the chain. Station B believes that the “High Energy Chain” is a digital native community built for new applications, culture, games, and digital assets, and it will also support community governance in the future.

Station B responded to Jiemian News that “Energy Chain” currently focuses on content copyright protection and provides services such as ownership certification for digital works.

Regarding more specific issues such as “Is the underlying technology of the high-energy chain a public chain or a consortium chain?” and “when will it go live”, station B said that there is no more content to disclose at present.

However, according to Tech Planet, the screenshots released during the internal test of the “High Energy Chain” at station B provide a wealth of information.

First, the “high-energy chain,” the Chinese name is easy to think of the classic barrage B stations “in front of high energy.” But its English name does not correspond to it, but a new vocabulary “Upowerchain”, which clearly emphasizes the concept of “empowerment”.

This is also reflected in the vision of the High Energy Chain. According to the screenshots, the vision of the High Energy Chain is to “provide channels for digital assets on the chain, welcome diversified applications to join the ecology, realize the cross-application circulation of digital assets, and provide users with diversified usage scenarios and displays. Stage. Become an organization or individual’s’sovereign identity authentication’ +’asset library’.”

Corresponding to the meta-universe concept, the core logic of the high-energy chain is to “empower” the residents of the meta-universe technically and provide a display platform ecologically. That is, the use of blockchain technology to provide the identity authentication and asset accounts required by future digital residents (residents in the meta universe), similar to real-world ID cards and bank accounts. At the same time, it provides a display platform that corresponds to the “Circle of Friends” and “Facebook Homepage” in the real world.

Secondly, according to the screenshot, there are three application scenarios for the high-energy chain at station B, namely “digital collection”, “digital identity”, and “digital world”.

The “digital collection” immediately releases the hot “NFT”, a non-homogeneous digital certificate that can technically prove the ownership of digital content and assets. Ali and Tencent ‘s block chain are this year on the line of the function. “Digital identity” is related to the address of the blockchain. This is the prerequisite for everyone to use the blockchain, that is, they need an identity certificate and account address to represent themselves. The digital identity, identity information and other data created for users through blockchain technology are permanently stored on the chain, and the ownership of the data is completely owned by the user.

In terms of digital identity, the mainstream technical solution of the current domestic alliance chain ecology is to generate a string of unique blockchain hash values ​​based on the real-name information submitted by the user, thereby representing the user’s unique address, but the user himself does not control the account. “Private key” (the private key is the proof of ownership of the blockchain address). It is reported that the high-energy chain at station B has also adopted the same scheme, which will replace users in centralized management of private keys.

The “digital world” is the space where users can most directly experience the charm of the “meta universe”. Station B defines it as a “new generation” of digital world and marked “coming soon”. This also means that this “digital world” is not the virtual space in “Ready Player One”, because the current hardware technology is not yet able to realize such sci-fi and movie scenes on a large scale.

So what kind of scenarios can users experience? Six examples are given at station B. Among them, “Original works on the chain” and “NFT Collection Exhibition Hall” are the pre-generation process of NFT and the subsequent display space, which means that players can make NFTs independently and display them to others.

Including virtual cats and digital identities are currently mature technology scenarios. It is worth noting that the demonstration scene of high-energy chains as well as a support user interaction and idol, will be game ” My World” the same virtual space, is still not clear.

At present, the technical information of the B-station high-energy chain as a blockchain platform is as above. From the response of the B station, it can also be predicted that the more familiar NFT will be the core landing scene.

The core resource of the Metaverse: time

In fact, the deployment of blockchain on large-scale technology platforms is not new. Since 2015 , Alibaba’s Ant Chain , Tencent’s Zhixin Chain , JD ‘s Zhizhen Chain, etc. have successively launched their own application scenarios. But among so many players at present, station B may be one of the most noteworthy.

First of all, station B has deployed the blockchain business “high-energy chain” from the perspective of the meta-universe. Whether it is to cater to capital needs or media hotspots, when the current hardware technology cannot achieve the “realistic” meta-universe scene on a large scale, the block Some of the ecological scenarios that have already landed in the chain, such as NFT (non-homogeneous tokens), DeFi (decentralized finance), and DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations), may be the scenes that are closest to the underlying concept of the meta universe.

And some of the characteristics of station B determine that it is one of the most suitable technology platforms for meta-universe in China. And this point, Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of Station B, has a clear understanding.

Not long ago, at the telephone conference after the third quarter of 2021 financial report was released at station B, Chen Rui emphasized a point of view, “I think there is a very important thing in the concept of meta universe, that is, it needs to have a self-circulation. Content ecology. I think the concept of meta universe, the product it talks about cannot be done by one company, because no company has such content production capacity, it can produce a world. Therefore, in this product system , There must be a large group of people deeply creating content, and they themselves can profit from the content created by him in this system.” Chen Rui said.

However, there are only a few domestic super-large technology platforms that meet the standards of self-recycling content ecological platform that Chen Rui called B Station, Douyin, and WeChat .

First of all, from the perspective of the scale and composition of users of station B, according to the latest quarterly financial report of station B, in the third quarter of 2021, monthly active users of station B reached 267 million, and daily active users reached 72 million. The main members of such a large-scale user are all from the “Generation Z.” Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of station B, once said that the average age of station B users is around 21 years old, and the average age of new users is around 20 years old, representing a large number of post-00s Influx.

So does such a large group of young people mean huge potential “consumption power”? Perhaps more important is not the consumption potential, but the residence time, which is known as the “attention economy”. No matter what kind of meta-universe form, as a new virtual space, the most common place between it and the real world is time, that is, everyone only has 24 hours a day. The longer the life in the meta-universe, the longer the time in real life. Short, time is a fixed non-renewable resource. In this regard, there is a resource conflict between the meta-universe and the real world.

And “Generation Z” may be the generation that has lived online the longest among all current generations. According to the latest public data from station B, the current average daily online time of station B users has reached 88 minutes, a record high. Obviously, only if users are willing to invest more time, the meta-universe concept can be established.

Perfect NFT application scenario

Secondly, the content creation system of station B is one of the best landing scenarios for NFT.

According to Yikai Capital’s “Meta Universe Report”, NFT is one of the main applications of blockchain in the meta universe world, which can effectively support the economic system of the meta universe. The latest data shows that the current NFT market size has exceeded 40 billion US dollars equivalent, and there are 600,000 users on OpenSea alone. ECapital believes that the scale of the NFT market is limitless, and the pan-digitalization of the real world has initially taken shape.

At present, Tencent and Ali are one of the largest NFT issuance platforms in China. This year, Ali’s Alipay has launched the small program AntChain Fan Tablet, and Tencent has launched the NFT trading platform Phantom Core. But Ali’s main business is e-commerce, and Tencent’s core business is social + games. The NFT’s three core elements are a creator and cultural IP, technical support and platform issuer, community transmission and collection collectors .

However, in terms of actual development, both Ali and Tencent are currently starting from intermediate technical supporters, relying on their communities and users to provide collectors and display platforms. However, the core creators and IP are all in cooperation with external parties. The first phase of AntChain NFT cooperated with Dunhuang Research Institute, and the first phase of Tencent cooperated with “Thirteen Invitations.” Recently, when publicly introducing the development of NFT to the public, AntChain significantly accelerated the pace of signing creators and acquiring IP.

The main application scenario of station B is the video content platform, and short videos can naturally be made into NFT, which is a feature that Tencent and Ali’s NFT distribution platforms do not have.

The core elements of NFT in need, B station itself has a large number of creators and users of cultural and creative love, but also has a large number of two -dimensional culture unique IP image, such as B station itself avatar characters “22” and “33.” The B station community itself is the most active two-dimensional community in China. Among the three core elements of NFT, station B only lacks blockchain technology support.

In the third quarter of 2021, the broadcast volume of PUGV (Professional User Generated Video) at station B accounted for 93% of the total broadcast volume of the platform. The average monthly number of active UP hosts reached 2.7 million, and the average number of video submissions in the same month exceeded 10 million. And every video submission of these users can theoretically be made into NFT, and NFT itself can also bring additional economic benefits to creators, and players can also unlock new consumption scenarios and participate in social communication, which is emphasized by Chen Rui The production of incentives for creators coincides with each other.

Aside from encryption art, the only products that naturally have such a large-scale NFT video production resource and creator platform in China are Douyin, Kuaishou and Station B.

Governance of Metaverse: coin economy

Finally, from the perspective of community economy, station B also has one of the prototypes of the meta universe. Due to my country’s prohibition on virtual currency mining and trading, most domestic blockchains have blocked the economic system of “Token” in blockchain technology. However, this high-energy chain internal test at station B clearly mentioned the words “digital assets” and “personal asset library”.

Speaking of this part, many people will notice the hype hotspot of cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin, but in fact, in the blockchain system, “Token” is also “token”, not only an economic system, but also a governance system. In an online world, after everyone’s identity is digitized, how to ensure that everyone has the right to express their personal opinions from a technical perspective? “Token” is an opinion expression tool, and each token means the right to vote once. With this, users can express their own preferences and opinions, and participate in the construction of the metaverse itself.

This is a bit abstract, and the current “Token” system at station B is one of the good examples. Currently, there are two types of virtual currencies on station B, one is called coins. The video UP on station B will always remind people watching the video to perform “one-click three links”, and the three links respectively point to like, coin, and collect. , And the coin insertion mirrors the coin system of station B. The other is called “b coin”, which is similar to Tencent’s Q coin. It is a virtual currency that can only be recharged in one direction. The exchange rate is 1RMB = 1b coin.

“Coins” are currently one of the most important virtual items at station B. They can be used to support outstanding video works. This is an affirmation of UP owners. And the more coins UP main obtained, it is possible to obtain the content creator incentive station B, which is the direct economic benefits, and get traffic support, this part belongs to the creation incentives. Therefore, the coin has become one of the most eager items for the creators of station B, and the way to obtain it is to create better content to attract viewers to coin.

The “coin” production method involves viewers participating in the ecology of station B, such as logging in every day, buying station B members, participating in community activities, etc., while B coins can only be purchased directly, which can be used to purchase paid fan dramas. And give a reward to your favorite UP master.

It is not difficult to see that the “Token” system of station B has taken the embryonic form of the meta-universe, that is, on the basis of meeting certain economic needs, it also plays a role as a governance tool. Users use it to express their preferences. Make better works. Blockchain technology can allow this part to be completed entirely by code. For example, the “High Energy Chain” at station B can technically maximize the community governance function of the coin at station B.

Of course, the current meta-universe concept contains too broad concepts, and how to approach this concept. Each platform has a different concept. Facebook chose to change its name to “Meta” after the encrypted currency, and Microsoft chose “enterprise version of Metaverse.” Disney puts more emphasis on creating its own offline + online super park, and Station B chose to start with the district fast chain. With the hype of capital overheating, no one knows whether it is the future of mankind or a “bubble” that will eventually be pierced.

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