Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

NFT has seen explosive growth in recent months. Of the top ten most expensive NFT sales transactions, nine of them were conducted in the past six months, setting the largest sales record to date.

Non-homogeneous tokens, or NFTs, are a unique cryptocurrency that can create the same scarcity in the digital world as in the real world. Artists quickly seized this opportunity.

In 2021, people’s interest in NFTs has risen sharply, and Google’s search interest in NFTs has reached the highest number ever. The transaction volume of NFT markets such as Nifty Gateway and OpenSea has also hit a record high, because more and more people want to master This emerging asset class.

However, the market has not only increased interest, but the price of a single NFT has also hit record highs. Artists like Beeple have created amazing NFT sales. Below, let’s take a look at the 15 most expensive NFTs in history.

1. Everydays: The First 5000 Days, price: 69.3 million US dollars

EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS is by far the most expensive NFT, and may even be one of the most expensive artworks ever. This artwork created by the famous digital artist Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann was sold at Christie’s auction for 69.3 million Sold at the price of US dollars-this is also the first time this ancient auction house has sold purely digital art.

EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS NFT is a collage of Beeple’s early 5,000 art works, showing the state of his career as an artist. The person who took this picture was Vignesh “Metakovan” Sundaresan. He initially remained anonymous but later disclosed his identity. Vignesh “Metakovan” Sundaresan explained: “The reason for buying this work is to show Indians and people of color that they can also become patrons. Cryptocurrency is an equal power between the West and other countries.” It is mentioned that the second highest bidder for this work was Justin Sun, CEO and founder of TRON, who offered US$60.2 million, but was sniped by Vignesh “Metakovan” Sundaresan at the last second.

2. CryptoPunk #7523, price: $11.8 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

Maybe you are used to seeing these pixilated faces – now many of the most expensive NFT sales come from CryptoPunk, they are a group of 10,000 randomly generated unique number of pixels of the image, and is in the ether Square released on the block chain One of the first examples of non-homogeneous tokens was developed by Matt Hall and John Watkinson from American game studio Larva Labs.

Initially, CryptoPunk was given away for free. Some CryptoPunks with particularly rare or ideal functions are sold at high prices. CryptoPunk #7523 is a “special type of CryptoPunk”, and it has several such attributes:

  • Is one of the nine alien punks;
  • Wearing a medical mask, this attribute also makes it uniquely topical in these times affected by the new crown virus epidemic-this is also the Sotheby’s “Natively Digital” auction that was snapped up by DraftKings’ largest shareholder Shalom Meckenzie for up to $11.8 million One of the reasons.

Shalom Meckenzie said: “I really want this special CryptoPunk. It is part of the Alien Collection. It is also the rarest Punks. It is also the only alien wearing a mask. The spread of the new crown virus is very fast. Quickly, this feeling is very similar to the popularity of NFT.”

3.CryptoPunk #7804, selling price: USD 7.56 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

Dylan Field, CEO of design software company Figma, was behind the third most expensive NFT in history, CryptoPunk #7804. This NFT was sold in March 2021 for 4,200 ETH , which was worth $7.5 million at the time.

As one of the only nine CryptoPunk in the “Alien” series, #7804 comes with three accessories, a front hat, a sun hat, and a pipe (in fact, it is the only one with a pipe or front hat. Starren CryptoPunk series).

4. CryptoPunk #3100, selling price: US$7.51 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

I believe you can see that there are a lot of CryptoPunk on this list. Another alien series, CryptoPunk #3100, wearing a headband, was sold for 4,200 ETH ($7.51 million) in March 2021.

5. CROSSROAD, price: 6.66 million US dollars

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

CROSSROAD is also an NFT created by the famous digital artist Beeple. It is characterized by conveying an anti-Trump message, and an enlarged figure like Donald Trump lying on the ground in failure, his naked body with swear words written on it. . However, it is interesting that the artwork will be changed based on the 2020 election results. If Trump wins, it will wear a crown and stride through the flames.

Nifty Gateway is a popular digital collectibles market that facilitated a transaction between its original owner (Twitter user Pablorfraile) and an anonymous buyer. The final transaction price of this NFT was US$6.66 million, and it was only four months after the initial purchase. A month later, it was sold at about 10 times the original price.

6. Ocean Front, price: $6 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

In March 2021, Justin Sun finally got the NFT created by Beeple. He paid US$6 million for another digital work of Beeple, Ocean Front.

It is worth mentioning that the money was eventually used for a good cause; the auction profits were donated to a non-profit organization-the Open Earth Foundation (Open Earth Foundation), which aims to track whether the world follows Paris The progress of the agreement in tackling climate change.

7. CryptoPunk #5217, price: US$5.44 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

As one of 24 “ape” punks, CryptoPunk #5127 is an “ape” wearing a knitted hat and gold chain, and it was sold in July 2021 for US$5.44 million.

8. World Wide Web source code, price: US$5.43 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, announced that he plans to sell the NFT representing the original source code of the “WWW” at Sotheby’s auction, which surprised many people. Critics complain that selling the source code of the World Wide Web to one person violates the decentralized nature of the Internet; however, Tim Berners-Lee believes that this is “fully in line with the values ​​of the Internet.”

Of course, “WWW” is not the real network source code-because it itself is open source and can be viewed and copied for free. In any case, the auction proceeded as scheduled, and the final NFT was called “This Changes Everything” (This Changes Everything) and sold for $5.4 million. However, only a few days later, someone discovered a coding error in the artwork.

9. CryptoPunk #7252, price: $5.3 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

The last owner of CryptoPunk #7252 (a zombie punk with a chin strap, earrings, and messy hair) purchased it in early August 2021. They might have paid $2.5 million at the time, but they only took a few weeks to get it Doubled the price and sold it for 1,600 ETH ($5.33 million) on August 24.

10. Stay Free, price: US$5.27 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

In April 2021, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) launched the NFT digital artwork. The work he created and auctioned was called “Stay Free”, which depicts the text of the US Court of Appeals decision. Background Meditation Snowden’s paper-cuts-the Patriot Act does not allow the National Security Agency to collect and monitor American phone records on a large scale.

Snowden sold this artwork for up to $5.4 million on the community-driven NFT market Foundation, and all proceeds will be donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an advocacy for freedom of speech, press freedom, and public interest journalism. Non-profit organizations.

However, perhaps more interesting is-who bought this NFT? The answer is: PleasrDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), aims to acquire “charitable and culturally significant works” on behalf of its investors. This is a typical example of an investor DAO, a new type of non-hierarchical organization that can concentrate “fragmented” resources for investment.

11. Save Thousands Of Lives, price: US$5.1 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

The motivation for billionaires to purchase NFT may be to use pixel images of apes and zombies as avatars, and then they are eligible to brag, but NFT is by no means limited to this, and its use cases can be placed on many good causes. Noora Health, a non-profit organization, created the “Save Thousands Of Lives” NFT to raise funds for South Asian single mothers to find jobs. It is estimated that the organization can save 9 babies out of 1,000 live births, at a cost of US$1,235 per life saved; as the NFT is sold for 1,337 ETH (US$5.1 million) in May 2021, it is certain There are great babies that can benefit.

12. CryptoPunk #2338, price: $4.4 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

This is the sixth CryptoPunk we introduced. The Punk was sold at a price of US$4.4 million in August 2021; from the perspective of return on investment, this is an even more surprisingly high return case, owned by the predecessor of CryptoPunk #2338 They bought it for $443 (3.5 ETH) in November 2018, which means they received a 1,000,000% return in less than three years.

CryptoPunk #2338 itself is one of only 88 “zombie” Punks, and also one of only four zombies with Mohican hairstyle attributes. It is indeed a rare Punk.

13. REPLICATOR, price: $4.1 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

The NFT digital artwork “REPLICATOR” created by Canadian visual artist Mad Dog Jones was sold in New York on April 26 for more than $4.1 million. After that, this work will automatically generate a new generation of NFT every 28 days.

The NFT digital artwork “REPLICATOR”, with a starting price of US$100, quickly rose to US$2.4 million within 24 hours after the opening of the auction; and in the last five minutes before the auction ended, fierce bidding was triggered, and the final price was reached. For 4.14 million US dollars, and set a new auction record for living Canadian artists.

14. Fidenza #313, selling price: US$3.3 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

Although companies such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club have always been the hottest NFTs, the transaction volume of Art Blocks, an Ethereum-based art collection, is also growing low-key.

In August 2021, Art Blocks had the largest single NFT sale to date, Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza #313 changed hands for 1,000 ETH ($3.3 million at the time of purchase). Two months ago, the seller bought it for 0.58 ETH (approximately $1,400), which means that the return on investment of the NFT exceeds 235,000%.

In fact, Fidenza #313 is not the only Fidenza work with a price of more than 1 million US dollars. The other three works in the series produced unique works composed of colorful rectangles and squares when they were cast. They have also been sold at seven-figure prices. trade. In addition, in August 2021 alone, Art Blocks generated USD 300 million in transaction volume.

15. The first tweet in history, price: $2.9 million

Big inventory: 15 most expensive NFTs of all time

The NFT version of the first tweet by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, and also the first tweet in Twitter’s history, was auctioned in March 2021 and finally sold for a staggering 290 Ten thousand dollars were sold.

The NFT for the first tweet was cast through a platform called Valuables, which allows users to make NFTs that represent their own tweets. As part of the charity, Jack Dorsey promised to convert all proceeds from this sale into Bitcoin , and then donate it to Africa Response, an African charity organization.


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