Big event Metaverse in the five-year International World Expo to “go” to Dubai together

The World Expo is the largest event for human creativity in the world today.

Whether it is from the perspective of space or content, the Expo covers a wide range, not restricted by the national system, let alone affected by the region, and not restricted by factors such as ethnicity, religion, culture, and economic level. We can see and learn the latest and most advanced things in the world through the Expo.

In the past 150 years, many of the world’s latest technologies, concepts, and cultures all began at the World Expo. Major inventions such as automobiles, televisions, electric lights, and elevators all made their debut at the World Expo. The hosting of the World Expo has promoted the vigorous development of world technology and economy. It is a major opportunity for human development, technological development, and urban development.

Big event Metaverse in the five-year International World Expo to "go" to Dubai together

I was fortunate to have been to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and I loved it on the spot, and now I am considered a veteran of the World Expo. An extremely “eye-opening” feast, I now feel that my memory is still fresh, and friends who have been there should be able to empathize with me.

The 2020 World Expo in Dubai, UAE is affected by the epidemic and will be postponed to October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021. Although it was late, it still smells good! I believe everyone hasn’t watched the World Expo for a long time, so let’s get a feel for it in the last video.

After watching the video, the editor had only one thought: buy a ticket and immediately fly to the UAE to watch the World Expo! By the way, buy, buy, buy and have fun.

But now that the world has entered the era of epidemics, travel restrictions and isolation have become the norm, and being obedient is doing good deeds. At the same time , we accelerated the “meta Yu -chou,” high-profile.

Dubai World will work with Magnopus, break geographical and time constraints, as millions from around the world on-site and remote visitors put for immersive number word experience (Expo Dubai Xplorer), for accessibility Expo and inclusive settings New standards have been established, and the vision of “Communicating Thoughts and Creating the Future” of the Dubai World Expo has been extended to the metaverse virtual world.

Just today, we can experience the virtual World Expo through iOS and Android! Anyone anywhere can experience the magic of Dubai Expo with friends and family.

Big event Metaverse in the five-year International World Expo to "go" to Dubai together

Expo Dubai Xplorer Promotional Video (Photo & Video: Facebook/Expo 2020 Dubai)

In this World Expo in Dubai, the editor recommended to understand the projects that can be used for solar power generation concrete, equipment to extract moisture from the air, as well as robots that play Beethoven music, visit the first cordless elevator, cutting-edge technology in the field of motors, There is also the largest lifting platform in the world, and a cone-shaped vertical farm that cannot be missed.

Next, let’s talk about Expo Dubai Xplorer.

These are supported by cloud hosting services developed by Magnopus. Its functional characteristics are:

  • The real-time connection between on-site and remote users crosses the physical and digital divide.
  • One of the world’s largest persistent cloud anchor deployments, allowing millions of on-site visitors to experience AR glasses precisely aligned with the real world location.
  • A social interactive digital twin in the 4.38 square kilometer Expo site. A world constructed from the construction documents of the park, with rich contents and experiences.

Combination of physical and digital

Big event Metaverse in the five-year International World Expo to "go" to Dubai together

Through Expo Dubai Xplorer, users can customize their own artificial intelligence avatar (AI image) and connect with others in real time across the physical and digital divide. Standing at the Expo site, visitors to the park can see another friend from the world (a user of artificial intelligence avatars) through the lens of their mobile phones, and users can share experiences, create groups, and exchange information with the visitors.

On-site hardware will also connect the real world and the digital world. Smart screens called “digital world viewers” display views of digital content for park visitors to enhance visitors’ natural views. Desktop applications are designed to simulate the functions of mobile applications by connecting to the same cloud service for local content and avatar display.

Augmented reality is in the same position as the real world

By using Google’s ARCore Cloud Anchors to activate hundreds of specific locations around the site, visitors will experience entertainment and educational AR content related to the Dubai Expo (without geographic restrictions). AR activations, including mysterious portals to faraway places, historical treasure hunts and magical creature encounters, are aligned with the real world position with centimeter accuracy. This is currently one of the largest ARCore cloud anchor deployments in the world.

The geospatial creation interface and the global content delivery network are used to update and publish new content in real time, enabling designers to publish new interactive AR experiences anywhere on the website during the Dubai World Expo. With the support of a set of cloud hosting services, when the user approaches a certain location or interacts with a certain experience, the content is automatically streamed to the user’s device without affecting the installation size of the application. Through a smaller application, users can experience many magical AR moments. As long as the visitor is still in the application, new things or new experiences will be continuously pushed.

Remote visitors can access the same AR content and experience through the interface of popular mobile games such as ” Fortnite ” or ” Roblox ” through the digital connection of the website .

Real-time social digital twin

Let me talk about what a digital twin is. Many people think that digital twins are digital twins. It’s just that the twins in digital twins are not two identical individuals, but rather two systems. A physical world of existence and reality, and a computer world of existence and virtuality. And through intelligent technology, the system that exists in the virtual world can also let us perceive and touch in an intuitive way. Because the physical world is composed of hundreds of billions of data, the simulation in the virtual world is even the simulation of various data, that is, the digital twin.

The Expo’s digital twin park covers an area of ​​4.38 square kilometers and covers more than 200 buildings from the world’s leading architects, including 192 unique national pavilions. Hundreds of artists working from all over the world spent more than two years creating this living digital replica, and enhanced it with dynamic lighting, art installations, animation experience, and glasses. Virtual reality is used to collaboratively develop designs and experiences to test the physical site before it is built.

Remote visitors experience real-time positioning of the content on the website, so the digital twin has established a high degree of accuracy, constructed from the architect’s CAD file at a ratio of 1:1, and confirmed by “completion”. Due to the size and details of the website, it cannot be completely stored on the visitor’s device, but is streamed to the visitor based on the visitor’s location and proximity. The system also considers the performance of the visitor’s device to provide the highest quality performance.

Ben Grossmann, CEO of Magnopus, said: “This is the largest space to date, spanning the real world and the digital world. These “interconnected spaces” are the cornerstones of the new immersive network or meta-universe. For many years, we have been working on this type of research. Experience and technology, at the Dubai World Expo, working with the innovation and future technology team to turn this grand vision into reality is very exciting.”

Rehan Asad, Chief Project Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “Virtual Expo is to realize the promise and purpose of Expo Dubai (to communicate ideas and create the future). In 2013, Expo Dubai promised the world not only to host the best physical Expo ever, but also We will also host the best virtual Expo. This commitment and the COVID-19 pandemic require us to find innovative ways to share our Expo experience and content with more audiences who cannot travel to the Expo from all over the world. Magnopus and the wider team Integrate the most innovative technologies into an integrated experience. In the digital and virtual world, truly bring the creative vision of the Dubai World Expo into everyone’s lives.

Daisy Leak, the executive producer of the project, said: “The global pandemic has proven that events are not just in the form of offline, video or live broadcast. By uniting 200 countries, tourists from Dubai and all over the world can experience the same experience. The fascinating space environment, we hope that this approach can become a model for uniting people and solving geographical restrictions in the future.

The multiplayer gaming experience has been developed for nearly three years with world-class partners including Google, Unity Technologies and Amazon Web Services. Its main contributions are from:

  • REWIND (Experience Design and Platform Development)
  • Virtuos (3D asset development)
  • Hexagram (task narrative design and technology)
  • Pinscreen (avatar technology with AI-driven face synthesis)
  • Dog Studio (Web development for virtual fairs connected to content databases)
  • VIM (BIM Conversion Technology)
  • Terahard (Activation Development)
  • Activated Realities (activated development)
  • Source Sound (audio design and development)

About Magnopus

Magnopus was founded in 2013 to create experiences and technologies that combine the physical and digital worlds. Magnopus is known for its continuous innovation in the entertainment industry. Its Emmy Award-nominated VR project; its pioneering work in Disney’s “The Lion King” (2019) as a leader in virtual production; and its pioneering work in AR. This year, Magnopus acquired REWIND, a British space design and innovation company, to further advance its mission of integrating physical and digital, and to lay the foundation for a new immersive network.

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