Big changes in Bitcoin mining: some people cash in high positions and leave the market, some people rush to poetry and the distance

The market has been really good in the past two days. Bitcoin led other currencies to rise all the way and successfully broke through the $35,000 mark.

The world of coins-Bitcoin mining changes: some people cash out at a high position, some people run to poetry and the distance

The market has been really good in the past two days. Bitcoin led other currencies to rise all the way and successfully broke through the $35,000 mark. The market rebounded, and the long-silent currency circle seemed to become active all of a sudden. Some people even called out: “The bull market is back!”

Compared with speculators, friends of miners are much quieter. Since the boots of the major mining provinces’ policies have landed one after another, the miners have to face their tragic situation, and the most painful cry is often not a drop of tears.

“I entered the market at the high point of the mining machine market, and spent 300,000 to buy the S19. In the end, I had to cut the meat for 50,000 to leave the field.” When receiving the notice that mining was not allowed, Xiao Hu Qiangyan, who bought the mining machine with borrowed money, smiled. .

He said: “It is not allowed in the country, and I don’t have the strength to go to sea, so I can only give up!”

At the moment, the miner Hus are too numerous to mention, and there are only three options in front of them: one is to go to sea, the other is to wait, and the third is to get out of the circle!


Going to sea: the uncertain poetry and the distance!

How to go to sea? Where is it good to go to sea? Many miners have big question marks in their minds, and they hesitate to go to sea. In order to facilitate the miners to understand the sea policy, mine situation, etc., many mining companies, including Bitmain, shared the theme of mining sea, and the miners who went to the meeting were also trying their best to find a way for the mining machine. A reliable way out.

“If there are domestic conditions, no one wants to go out.” An old miner said bluntly. But right now, these “migratory birds” who live for cheap electricity have to travel far away to embark on a new journey.

However, there are too many uncertain factors overseas. Some qualified mining companies can continue their “adventure” journey, while some miners are in a dilemma. On the one hand, they were worried about the situation after the mining machine went to sea, on the other hand, they could not withdraw, so they had to bite the bullet and walk out of the sea.

Judging from the current public information, there are only a few mining companies that have established a foothold overseas. Relatively speaking, they have more comprehensive information and have a relatively large industrial layout. The mines are mainly concentrated in Kazakhstan, the United States, Russia and other countries.

A Kazakhstan mine owner told Lieyun Finance that their mine is operating normally and is gradually expanding. It is currently expanding from Kazakhstan to Canada.

He also said: “Kazakhstan is still building, first build an 80,000, and then build a 120,000.” Regarding the news that Kazakhstan will charge additional fees for the use of electricity by cryptocurrency miners, he said that this is relatively early. For information, just add money, about 0.15RMB per kilowatt-hour of electricity. At the same time, he also pointed out that electricity prices in Kazakhstan will continue to rise in the future .

Regarding the situation in Canada, he said: “Currently, it is in progress, and it is considered successful if it can build a few thousand loads this year.” This also verifies what everyone said before that almost the vast majority of overseas mines are under construction .

At present, there are still relatively few cases of successful newcomers going overseas. According to media reports, a logistics company in Guangzhou, China confirmed to CNBC that it will airlift 3000 kilograms (6600 pounds) of Bitcoin mining machines to Maryland in the United States. There are roughly hundreds of mines. machine. In addition, on June 21, Bit Mining (formerly announced that the first batch of 320 mining machines had arrived in Kazakhstan, and the second and third batches totaling 2,600 mining machines had also been shipped to Kazakhstan .

During this period, Bitcoin’s entire network’s computing power has increased . According to data, the average Bitcoin’s network’s average computing power for nearly one day, nearly one week, and nearly 30 days on July 4 was 97.31EH/s, 93.88EH/s, 87.97EH/s. This shows that the average computing power of the entire Bitcoin network is increasing QKL123 data also supports this point. The average computing power of the entire Bitcoin network bottomed out to 68.01EH/s on June 28, and then rebounded to more than 90EH/s.

There may be several reasons for the increase in computing power. Some insiders explained: “ One is that mining machines have been successfully shipped overseas and’set up and set up’, and the other is that the 2016 mining model that old miners understand is relaunched. ”


Waiting: shrinking or dead?

If time goes back to 2016, what will it be like? I won’t repeat it here.

However, not long ago, Lieyun Finance saw a post on Zhihu that attracted a lot of attention. Here I will share it briefly. The author of Nazhihu pointed out very eloquently that many large and small industries, including mining, are also a model in the end :

“Early stage: let it go and grow savagely; in the middle stage: strengthen control and manage up and down; in the later stage: eliminate most of it, and the rest will follow the’policy’ to form an intricate chain of interests.”

He pointed out that the current power outage in Sichuan is only a temporary tightening in the mid-term, and it is impossible to eliminate the relationship. The mining industry will always exist, but after the reshuffle, what remains is the relationship that is particularly hard.

” Control is under control. There will be more or less surplus in various small power plants and large power plants, especially in the high water period. It is not surprising that they are sold secretly. The last thing left in the mining business is that it can catch up or it is itself. The owner of the mine.” He also said.

Regarding the future of mining, he also said: “On the whole, shrinkage is certain, and death is impossible. Controllability, interest chaining, and grouping are the way out for mining.”

In this regard, some netizens joked: “Listening to your words is better than reading the news for a few months!” “Who are you? What do you mean by this? Who is behind you?”…

Some netizens also firmly pointed out that as long as the output per unit time is higher than the electricity bill, the industry can continue to survive in the cracks for the time being. But when it comes to collectivization, this possibility is almost impossible, and things that are prohibited at the national policy level are unlikely to expand against the trend.

If there are a few mining machines in hand, the roar of thousands of mining machines is not a joke. Just like, some miners who have hundreds of mining machines in their hands are not eager to spend money, so they have to hide temporarily and look for the next step of development while thinking.


Out of the circle: earned or lost?

In the face of sudden changes in the mining industry, some people tried boldly, some chose to lie down temporarily, and some were forced out of the game reluctantly.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are many people who cut the meat and leave the market. A small mine owner also said that he had more than 30 mining machines in total, with an original price of about 4,500 yuan, and he had to sell them for more than 2,000 yuan.

The city gate caught fire, and the pond fish was hit.

After the previous policies came out, a large number of second-hand spot mining machines flocked to the market. As a result, the mining giants have to choose to adjust their sales strategies, “for the time being, only small forward currencies and Bitcoin supercomputer servers will be sold, and spot sales will be suspended globally.”

As for when sales can resume? Insiders are also uncertain.

In any case, some miners still experienced an embarrassing situation from hiding to make money, to hiding and losing money. Someone commented: “This is true. Seeing him rising from a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing his building collapsed.”

However, what we want to say is, where does the poetry and the distance come from without experiencing wind and rain?

What’s more, due to the skyrocketing currency price in the past year, the lack of chips, and the slow growth of computing power, most of the miners who have been holding mining machines or have entered the market in 2018 have actually made a lot of money and are smart investors. Even in March of this year, thousands of mining machines have been exhausted. This round of market conditions and policies can only be said to verify their wise strategy and foresight.

Why some people take the high position and some people cash out of the high position, this is really a question worth thinking about!

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