Beware of the control panel hype behind the selfie brother NFT explosion

Today, a group of NFTs named “Ghozali Everyday” is rapidly gaining popularity in the encryption community, and it has almost become the apex of NFT MEME.

As of 18:15 Beijing time, the floor price of the project has reached 0.678 ETH, and the total transaction volume has reached 63.4 ETH, which has exceeded one million yuan in RMB.

“Ghozali Everyday” consists of a large number of selfies taken by a little brother named Ghozali (who seems to be from a country in Southeast Asia). According to the project, Ghozali will take a selfie in front of the computer every day from 2017 to 2021. These The photos together eventually make up “Ghozali Everyday”.

Different from other NFTs that pursue beauty, sophistication, and outstanding design, “Ghozali Everyday” gives the impression that it is not “beautiful”, but “ugly”. As for why, just look at the picture.

Selfie brother NFT explodes, beware of the hype behind the control panel

However, it is such a group of NFTs that have no aesthetics, but it has caused countless people’s FOMO in just half a day. While the people who eat melon lament that they can’t understand the world more and more, they are also actively discussing jokes.

  • Someone wrote a poem about this:

“Sometimes firm and sometimes melancholy eyes reveal a trace of disdain for this world,

Under the bangs that are sometimes put down and sometimes combed is a bright and wise forehead,

Sometimes shirts and sometimes T-shirt tops with changeable colors are an alternative fashion.

The seemingly casual selfie against the cluttered background is actually the perfect man. “

  • Some people call it the local dog version of beeple, or the NFT version of DOGE and SHIB
  • Some people chanted Ghozali Everyday to dry up Phanta Bear, saying that this is Asian BAYC.
  • Some people say that I don’t know why this little guy looks more and more handsome…

However, is this really a big victory for “performance art”? The reality does not seem so simple.

While the market sentiment is getting more and more crazy, Odaily Planet Daily found that there seems to be something tricky behind the explosion of “Ghozali Everyday” – Opensea user name Rui- (0x9b0726e95e72eb6f305b472828b88d2d2bdd41c7) and evantan (0x15f7320adb990020956d29edb6ba17f3d46800) A large number of “Ghozali Everyday” NFTs were bought at 0.001 ETH (pictured below).

Selfie brother NFT explodes, beware of the hype behind the control panel

According to the speculation of the Twitter user @encrypted smart cryptosmart, this round of popularity around “Ghozali Everyday” is likely to be driven by Rui- and evantan, and then distributed and hyped in various communities after a large number of low-stakes stocks. , looking for the pick-up man to smash the arbitrage…

Selfie brother NFT explodes, beware of the hype behind the control panel

As of the posting, a large number of NFTs held in the Rui- account have not yet begun to flow out, and the evantan account has begun to record shipments, but the potential risk of subsequent smashing cannot be ignored. Odaily Planet Daily hereby reminds you that although the NFT market is booming, it also contains a lot of risks. Don’t be carried away by the FOMO mood.

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