“Beijing Legal Digital Currency Pilot Zone” was officially unveiled

On October 23, at the 2021 Global Wealth Management Forum, the Beijing City Sub-center “Beijing Legal Digital Currency Pilot Zone” was officially unveiled.

It is reported that with the strong support of the People’s Bank of China and Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, the six state-owned banks of Industry, Agriculture, China, Construction, Communications, and Postal Savings Bank of China are actively launching the pilot application of the “Beijing Legal Digital Currency Pilot Zone” in the Beijing City Sub-center. And construction and promotion. At present, multi-dimensional digital RMB application scenarios have been created in key areas such as Beijing Universal Resort, Canal Business District, Wanda Plaza, Donglang Cultural and Creative Park, etc. Digital renminbi payment functions, while innovating digital renminbi payment and exchange methods, promoting smart wearable payment devices, accelerating the deployment of digital renminbi exchange machines, and realizing the convenience of exchange between domestic and foreign currencies and digital renminbi.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the Beijing City Sub-center will rely on the “two districts” policy dividends to actively promote technology and application innovation in key areas, promote the integrated application of “finance + technology”, and build a demonstration and promotion system that combines scenario triggers and technology drives. , Build a high-level financial technology innovation center. In accordance with the financial industry planning goals of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the Beijing City Sub-center will actively promote the construction of the “Beijing Legal Digital Currency Pilot Zone”: focus on accelerating the construction of the 5G network in the region, improving the mobile payment infrastructure, and continuously creating digital RMB ecological scenarios and expansion Apply functions to explore the construction of a new digital financial system; leverage the advantages of the pilot zone’s first-to-try policy, continue to deepen the digital renminbi pilot program, accelerate technology research and development, application innovation, and market promotion, lay a solid foundation for digital finance, and help the efficient and high-quality development of the real economy.

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