Beijing Business Daily: Metaverse? Right now it’s just money around the universe

No one thought that the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche” would bring a surge in China’s stock market 30 years later. There are not many people who understand the Metaverse, which does not prevent the use of the Metaverse to make money handily.

From games, to social, blockchain, and VR/AR, enthusiasts have finally found a connection point, but it is really difficult to determine: is the promoter a metaverse or a speculator?

Theoretically, the concept of meta-universe is not complicated: the connection of virtual worlds.

It cannot be an isolated virtual world, because we have seen many in games, movies, animation, and literature. This kind of virtual social structure that is derived from reality and transcends reality can be advanced or backward, but The structure must be a reflection of the real society. Even if it takes animals and plants as the protagonists, it is essentially a transformation of human society.

The reason why it is upgraded to the meta-universe, the connection is even more important. It requires a revolutionary upgrade in user experience and participation. It is more immersive than the “watching” of reading a book or watching a movie, and more interactive than playing the joystick of the game and the touch screen. Therefore, the initial stage of the meta universe is the most prosperous in the game field. Thanks to the successive implementation of VR/AR, holographic projection and other technologies, it has become easier to be able to deepen the game.

The content (virtual world structure) and methods (participation tools) of the connection are constantly upgraded. Excellent content but simple tools are still the experience of traditional film and television games; complete tools but inferior content, it is still a small scale. But no matter how the progress is, Metaverse will never be separated from the simulation and extension of the real world, so that it has subversive significance for users.

From the above two dimensions, our meta-universe is too elementary. For example, movies such as “Top Player” and “Out of Control Player” have shown the ideals of the metaverse to the outside world. It is a pity that we in real society do not have virtual worlds (games) with huge worldviews like “oasis” and “free city” in movies, nor do we have sophisticated equipment for movie protagonists to shuttle freely in real society and games.

Dreams are still necessary, what if they come true? You must also know that ideals are full and reality is very skinny.

Just taking games as an example, the landing of Metaverse is still extremely difficult, and it extends to other fields such as social interaction and art. Metaverse will also be mixed with more complex economic, philosophical, sociological, and cultural values ​​and other elements. Once the elements are piled up, it is more likely to breed the possibility of trickery.

Unclear feelings, of course, are full of user expectations, and often become a sickle for capital harvesting. This scene is not without precedents. The blockchain is still booming. There are not many products that benefit the people. The trance of air coins is one after another.

The enthusiasm of the meta universe needs to be precipitated, and the hot money of capital needs to be calm. Take the few game stocks that have skyrocketed in A-shares, both revenue and profits are less than the fraction of major game companies, which to a certain extent illustrates the foundation of product development.

Even if the hero doesn’t ask where it comes from, small business innovation can skyrocket, but this is a result-oriented corporate strategy, not a pre-carnival gambling by investors.

In the final analysis, the meta universe is projected on the stock market at this stage, and it is the universe of money-making that hasn’t been written yet.



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