Behind the layout of the Metaverse, Hongqi, Weilai and other car companies cannot stop at marketing

The underlying logic of the Metaverse is technological development and integration. If you want to win the car market, you can’t just rely on marketing activities.

“On September 5th, Hongqi Brand held the Hongqi Brand Metaverse Grand Ceremony and New Energy Design Aesthetics Conference through the cloud”, this news attracted the attention of the Speedway Metaverse Research Institute. Attended the press conference and launched three representative Hongqi new energy concept cars, the new Hongqi Sedan EV, the new Hongqi SUV EV and the new Hongqi E-LS.

According to data, car company Metaverse press conferences and online showrooms will become new growth trends in 2022. In March this year, Lynk & Co entered the Baidu Xirong Metaverse platform to create a virtual car showroom called “Lyk&Co Paradise”; FAW Bestune’s new model B70S held a launch event for the Metaverse, and conducted virtual test rides.

Affected by force majeure factors, most car companies start the layout of the Metaverse from the press conference, and the “Metaverse” press conference is also a major way to reduce costs and increase efficiency . The purpose behind the layout Metaverse.

“Metaverse + Car” Becomes a Drainage Highland

According to the data of the China Passenger Car Association, domestic passenger cars in the narrow sense showed a downward trend in the first half of this year. Affected by external factors, many auto factories are facing shutdowns, the shortage of auto chips and the price of auto raw materials have reached a record high. The auto industry has been hit hard.

Behind the layout of the Metaverse, Hongqi, Weilai and other car companies cannot stop at marketing

Image source: Passenger Association

The audience of the old car companies represented by FAW Hongqi is limited to middle and high-level consumers aged 30-50, and the emergence of new car manufacturers has also brought new market competition pressure to the old car companies. Therefore, expanding the audience of young consumers has also become the main problem facing the current established car companies.

Recently, due to the repeated epidemics, offline activities are difficult to carry out, and online activities have become the main layout position of car companies. Among them, title sponsorship of online concerts has become the first choice for many car companies.

In the past few months, Cui Jian “continue to be wild” and Luo Dayou’s “Why not return to childhood” online concerts; SAIC and Tencent Music held the first ” Wave Music Festival” in Wanning, Hainan; BYD The “Lushu Music Festival” jointly created by Huawei Music ended at Guangzhou Livehouse; Changan Automobile and the cultural and creative brand Rongzao created an online concert and other online music events with over 100 million exposures.

If concerts have become a high ground for car companies to build brand value, attract traffic, and enhance their popularity, then the emergence of the “Metaverse” is becoming a hub for car brands to connect with young people.

Not only the traditional and established car companies adopt the Metaverse layout, but even the leading car companies and new car manufacturers have also started the Metaverse layout.

In August last year, Mercedes-Benz proposed the “Mercedes-Benz Plan”, which is intended to create its own Metaverse ecology; since then, BMW has also launched the virtual world JOYTOPIA, which includes themes such as circular economy, electric transportation, urban transportation and sustainability; Xiaopeng The car launched the “Metaverse” live broadcast event, set on the “Pengke Planet” 100,000 light-years away from the earth, and the protagonist is the exploration captain code-named “X Pengke”.

In addition, most of the Metaverse layouts of car companies are related to their marketing activities, which are intended to attract young consumers. There are also many people in the industry who believe that the car itself is a large intelligent terminal with an immersive closed environment. Under the blessing of the Metaverse concept, the integration of automobiles and various technologies has also seen new developments.

Behind the layout of the Metaverse, Hongqi, Weilai and other car companies cannot stop at marketing

Image source: Weilai

In addition, car companies are also actively adopting AR glasses to develop more usage scenarios. Ideal for Thunderbird Air, which was developed in cooperation with Thunderbird, the NIO Air AR Glasses jointly developed with AR startup Nreal has been put on the NIO Car Mall.

Behind the layout of the Metaverse, Hongqi, Weilai and other car companies cannot stop at marketing

Image source: Jidu

“Automobile robot” has also become a new concept of car packaging. New cars such as “Auchan Z6” and “Jidu Auto” are intended to create a new voice control, autonomous driving, immersive intelligent cockpit , and the eight elements of the “Metaverse”. “Identity, social friends, immersion, low latency, diversity, anywhere, economic system, civilization” coincide.

It is worth noting that in addition to the format of the Metaverse press conference, many car companies have also incorporated the “Metaverse” element of the gameplay. Hongqi said in the press conference that in the “Hongqi Metaverse”, you can play and appreciate Hongqi’s digital collections and create a “national cultural work” with the people of Hongqi; in addition, Changan Auchan released digital collections, and this year also started the Metaverse live broadcast A co-creation plan, the establishment of the Auchan Metaverse Live Broadcasting Center, and the launch of a virtual human digital human image. Users can reproduce the image and voice of themselves or their relatives in the Metaverse world, and generate innovative gameplay such as exclusive voice assistants.

Comments: “Metaverse” cannot stop at marketing activities, the development of the industry is still the battle of technology

“Although I don’t buy cars for the time being, it doesn’t affect my attention to these interesting Metaverse car companies,” a post-90s consumer told the Speedway Metaverse Research Institute. It is foreseeable that the innovative gameplay of the Metaverse, such as the sale of digital collections and the launch of virtual humans, has indeed attracted the attention of many young people, and may be transformed into its potential users.

The reason why the “Metaverse” conference has become the choice of many car companies, theSpeedway Metaverse Research Institute believes that there are mainly the following two aspects:

On the one hand, the innate sense of technology and cool vision of “Metaverse” provides a good way for car companies to demonstrate their technological strength. At the Metaverse press conference, car companies can display renderings rich in aesthetic design in all directions, and users can also enjoy a 360-degree virtual gameplay of viewing the show car, changing the appearance, and interior color. These experiences that cannot be completed offline have also become the advantages of the “Metaverse” conference.

Behind the layout of the Metaverse, Hongqi, Weilai and other car companies cannot stop at marketing

Image source: FAW Hongqi

On the other hand, in the case of sluggish automobile market sales, cost reduction and efficiency increase have become the magic weapon for every enterprise to survive.According to industry insiders, the budget expenditure of auto customers is shrinking. Compared with offline conferences, the online process is simple, the effect and budget are controllable, and it has become the first choice for now.

Regarding the activity model of “Metaverse + Car”, Jidu CEO Xia Yiping once said, “In the process of combining the Metaverse and the car, there are actually many things related to brand communication and user operations, such as digital collections or IP attributes. Do related user operations. Activities in the Metaverse space definitely have advantages in terms of user operation efficiency. Doing a user activity in the Metaverse can attract everyone to participate in this matter, and get corresponding user traffic or clues, The efficiency brought by it is much higher than the traditional offline mode.”

In the era of intelligence, the requirements for computing power, chips, and hardware behind the car are in the same direction as Metaverse’s technological development. Relying on “Metaverse”, a player who comes with his own traffic password, the car company’s marketing activities integrate Metaverse’s innovative gameplay to unlock the traffic password of online activities. “Metaverse + Auto” has become the new favorite of car company marketing.

The Speedway Metaverse Research Institute believes that the underlying logic of the Metaverse is technological development and integration. If you want to win the car market, you cannot rely on marketing activities only, but also break through the limitations of computing power, bandwidth, and chips behind it.

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