Behind the “Hundred Regiments War” on the digital Tibetan platform: Programmers write codes to snap up the daily salary of tens of thousands of new heads

Platform competition is fierce and high-quality users are lacking, and “paying money to buy users” has become a necessary means for emerging platforms.

“The new platform is online, and registration will be airdropped! Invite 30 people to get the Genesis Medal and share platform dividends!”

On April 25th, after Zhao Liang (pseudonym) posted this message in the WeChat group, it was quickly forwarded in WeChat groups related to different digital collections. At the same time, there was also a poster picture, and the user scanned the QR code on the picture, You can register as a member of the new platform.

Zhao Liang is a new “group leader” in the digital collection industry. He connects with “insiders” of the digital collection platform, ordinary users or next-level “group leaders”, and holds more than ten WeChat groups. To attract new users to the platform, you can get dividends from the platform, and sometimes you can earn tens of thousands of yuan a day.

As an emerging industry, digital collections still lack recognition among the general public. Emerging platforms often face the problem of insufficient users. Zhao Liang, the “head of the group”, has tens of thousands of high-quality user resources, and has become a “new” for many platform parties. the best choice.

Holding more than ten WeChat groups in hand, “laying down and earning” tens of thousands of yuan a day

On April 25, a “company insider” of a digital collection platform contacted Zhao Liang and mentioned that his platform will be launched in early May. He hoped that Zhao Liang could help to attract new people, and the commission could be 25% of the order amount placed by the newcomer.

Commissioning according to the amount of orders placed by newcomers is a common way to attract new people. Zhao Liang said that the commission for the head of the group is usually between 20% and 30%. In addition, there is a form of pay per head, such as pulling a new person to register, you can get 5 yuan.

According to Zhao Liang, he had done a new promotion for another platform before, and the commission ratio was 20%. A review of “Lianxin” found that the platform has sold 3 digital collections since its launch, with a total sales of nearly 5 million yuan. If one-tenth of the users of this platform are drawn by Zhao Liang, the bonus will be 100,000 yuan.

A few months ago, Zhao Liang saw the trend of domestic digital collections, and decided to enter this field with a few friends. At the beginning, they “pull” airdrops on various emerging platforms, and later found out that “pulling new” is a business, and they became a full-time head of the team.

By adding friends, chatting, and promoting in various communities related to digital collections, Zhao Liang has turned many Tibetan players into his own resources. He has created more than ten WeChat groups, each of which has nearly 500 people. Every time he pulls a new one, these resources can bring a lot of income to Zhao Liang.

Some users in the group were particularly active, and Zhao Liang developed them into his own “offline” group leaders, allowing them to expand their user resources.

After getting a new order from the platform, Zhao Liang will assign the order to the “downline” head, and the commission to the other party ranges from 20% to 23%, which is equivalent to Zhao Liang taking the income of the “downline” head. into 2%-5%.

Zhao Liang said: “There are many platforms looking for me to be the head of the group, but now I only work as an intermediary, and I no longer go to pull new ones myself. I am only responsible for dispatching orders and managing the head of the group below. When the business is good, I can do it in one day. The income is tens of thousands of yuan.”

According to the unit price of each user’s purchase of collections is 20 yuan, then Zhao Liang’s income of 10,000 yuan means that his offline team leader pulls new users to make more than 20,000 valid purchases on various platforms that day.

Zhao Liang said: “If you want to do it, I can also let you be the head of the group. Only when you are the head of the group will you get a commission. The head of the group can set up a group leader by himself, and the higher-level head of the group is responsible for distributing the commission.”

After more than half a year, Zhao Liang has accumulated his own experience. It is best for the head of the group to establish his own community and operate it for a long time. When there is a new order, the head of the group first registers on the new order platform, and uses his invitation code to invite other users to register in the group. The users who register with the invitation code are considered as newcomers drawn by the head of the group. In addition, if the community operates well and the activity is very high, the platform will also give a certain amount of reward red envelopes every month.

In the “Battle of a Hundred Regiments”, “paying money to buy users” is the best choice

As long as there is a platform, there will be a commission. This is the consensus of all the heads of the Tibetan delegation, including Zhao Liang.

According to the incomplete statistics of “Lianxin”, there are currently nearly 200 digital collection platforms in China, and the number is growing rapidly at a rate of more than one per day.

According to reports from The Paper, the domestic digital collection market will reach nearly 80 billion yuan in 2-3 years.

Industry analysts said that at present, almost all industries are entering the field of digital collections. Although this market is huge, the competition between platforms in terms of high-quality users and high-quality IP has begun, and a “hundred regiment war” is starting.

Users are the foundation that supports the platform. For emerging platforms, there is often the embarrassment of not being able to sell digital collections. Faced with this embarrassment, many platforms have to “buy out” themselves, or directly operate the background to “sold out”. Therefore, “paying money to buy users” has become a necessary means for emerging platforms, and increasing the commission ratio is also one of the means of competition.

For some well-known platforms with relatively stable users, it is also necessary to compete for high-quality users, because high-quality users will not be limited to a certain platform, but will flow between platforms.

Recently, the unique art and fantasy collection of the digital collection platform have launched a new competition.

Huantang launched a newcomer welfare activity, and new users who registered with real names will receive an airdrop; while Unique Art launched an invitation activity, users who invite more than 5 valid users can get a blind box airdrop. Valid users refer to real-name registrations and hold at least 2 users of digital collections.

In the WeChat group, users have mixed discussions on this. Some users believe that the effective user rules given by Unique Art are too “ideal”, it is difficult for users to invite effective users, and “no one is willing to pull new ones”. Some users also believe that the platform airdrops are of higher quality and may attract effective users. There are also people who think that the threshold for new creations is low, and it is more user-friendly.

At present, most digital collection platforms adopt a low-price strategy, and the price of the collections sold for the first time is far lower than the market price of the second-hand market or private transactions by users.

Industry analysts said that the low price strategy is that the platform will give profits to early users, and use this to ensure a stable growth in the number of users in the competition. For users, whether the platform opens the secondary market and the transfer function, this is all. Means “early dividend”.

One daigou earns 100 yuan, and digital collections give birth to alternative “businessmen”

Due to the existence of “early dividends” and the serious information asymmetry between the platform and users, a large number of businessmen like Zhao Liang, the head of the group, have been born.

At 12:00 on April 25th, in a WeChat group, Zhou Yi (pseudonym) sent a message: “14:00 XX platform XX collection fare 100”.

All friends in the group know that this is a notice to grab digital collections on behalf of others. The group owner of this WeChat group is Zhou Yi, and all the users who have been pulled into the group by him are users who need to purchase digital collections on behalf of others.

Unlike Zhao Liang, Zhou Yi is engaged in the “purchasing” business of digital collections. Interested purchasers need to inform Zhouyi of their account number and password in advance. When rushing to buy, Zhouyi will send a link in the group. Users can click on it and refresh to see the current rush purchase status of the user’s account. If the order is pending payment, the rush purchase is successful. , the user can get the collection after paying. Zhou Yi earns a purchasing fee from it.

Zhou Yi said: “We operate with integrity, and we will keep the user’s account and password confidential. The group is full of old customers, and everyone trusts each other.”

Around September 2021, Zhouyi began to snap up digital collections on various digital collection platforms, and then resell them on the second-hand market for profit. However, with the entry of a large number of players and the participation of “scientists”, digital collections have become increasingly difficult to grab.

The so-called “scientists” in the industry refer to programmers who help others to snap up scarce digital collections by writing code.

As a result, Zhou Yi found his current partner “scientist” Wu Lan (pseudonym), Zhou Yi was responsible for pulling people, taking orders and paying attention to the sales of major platforms, while Wu Lan was responsible for writing code.

Zhou Yi said that the “fare” is floating. According to the number of pieces in the collection, each piece is between 10 yuan and 100 yuan. It is determined according to the difficulty of the rush to buy. The popular platforms are difficult to rush to buy, and the fees are also higher, generally 100 yuan. Yuan or so. Regarding the income of purchasing agents, Zhou Yi said that it is inconvenient to disclose.

The long-term stability of users is what Zhouyi values ​​most. In addition to purchasing, Zhouyi also provides second-hand transaction guarantees within the group for free: the buyer first transfers the funds to Zhouyi, and after the buyer confirms the receipt of the seller’s collection, Zhouyi transfers the funds to the seller.

Zhou Yi said: “There was a situation in the group where the buyer paid but the seller did not give away the collection. In fact, the money was not much, so I kicked the seller out of the group and compensated the buyer myself. Old users, second-hand transaction guarantees are easy to do.”

Zhou Yi believes that such occasional “compensation” out of his own pocket is not a loss, and he values ​​the impact of second-hand guarantees on his community, “Doing second-hand guarantees can activate the atmosphere within the group, enhance mutual trust, and then promote my purchasing agent. Business.”

As the platform becomes formalized, it becomes more and more difficult for “businessmen” to do

Due to the popularity of the overall digital collection market, unlimited business opportunities are nurtured in every corner, and a group of businessmen like Zhao Liang, Zhou Yi, and Wu Lan have filed in. They are either grouping together to airdrop, or complaining for users to “fight counterfeiting”, or Providing guarantees for second-hand transactions to earn handling fees, or reselling digital collections to earn the difference… They are active between the platform and users, and while they are struggling to dig gold, they also make the entire market bigger and bigger.

But in the final analysis, Zhao Liang and the others took advantage of the information gap in the early development stage of digital collections. And these “businessmen” sang the opposite stage.

“I don’t like them making so much money, forwarding and pulling new links everywhere, and coaxing other people to become their new targets, which is disgusting.” Xiao J (pseudonym) said.

Xiao J is a college student. At the beginning of this year, under the introduction of his roommate, he also became a “businessman” of digital collections. Xiao J purchased a platform account through a certain channel, “a few dollars each”, and then spent a lot of money. Accounts are airdropped on different platforms. In addition, Xiao J also helps users to find the direct registration method of emerging platforms from time to time, skipping “pulling new links”.

Xiao J all said jokingly: “I have been in the industry for so long, and I have learned a skill to find an official public account.” Through this little skill, Xiao J united a group of emerging players of digital collections to share experience and information in the WeChat group.

However, Xiao J’s business has become increasingly difficult to do recently, and various platforms have become more and more formalized. Registered users require real names, and even require binding bank cards. more difficult.”

On April 13, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association, and China Securities Association jointly issued the “Initiative on Preventing NFT-related Financial Risks”, calling for curbing the tendency of NFT financial securitization and preventing the risk of illegal financial activities.

Before that, WeChat has carried out rectification work on the digital collection platform, and a number of well-known digital collection platforms have jointly issued a self-discipline convention, calling for the prevention of malicious hype and the joint construction of a benign industry development ecology.

At present, almost all of the Shuzang platforms require real-name authentication of users, and severely crack down on accounts that use illegal technological means to snap up purchases, ranging from restricting use or purchase to permanent bans.

With the development of the industry becoming more and more perfect, Zhou Yi said that it is becoming more and more difficult to do daigou. On the one hand, the “scientists” are too introverted, and the competition of “scientists” from big factory platforms such as Whale Scout and Magic Nucleus is too fierce, so they have to switch to emerging small and medium-sized platforms. On the other hand, recently, various platforms have attacked “scientists” more and more frequently. Many user accounts participating in purchasing agents in the group have been “hacked”, and the number of purchasing agents has decreased a lot.

Zhao Liang, head of the delegation, said: “All platforms love and hate ‘businessmen’ like us. Without us, many emerging platforms would not be able to attract enough new users, and the hype of collections is also a means of attracting new people. However, too crazy hype and panic buying really make the platform a headache.”

Zhao Liang said: “These businesses can’t last for a long time. If you can make some money, you can make more money.”

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