Behind the first year of the Metaverse: investors helpless speculators “take over”

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In 2021, the three astronauts who arrived in space looked at the blue homeland from the Chinese Space Station and read aloud Ba Jin: “I know, the rapids of life will never stop…” Then they performed a backflip. Looking back at this year on the blue planet, among the difficult human life and the endless change of the times, there are also many people who have moved after “weightlessness”.

The year-end plan of the scale “arrived in 2021”, to record the stories that have left a small foreshadowing for the transformation of the times. Among them are English teachers who have moved to the chessboard after the “double reduction”, some professionals who have left Internet giants to redefine their careers, individual investors who have been trapped by the “Metaverse” boom, and rethink their fatherhood after experiencing the difficulties of parenting. Second child father. Like space astronauts, ordinary people will set off again after several difficult but finally completed arrivals.

In 2021, no one will know the Metaverse.

When many people don’t understand what the Metaverse is, whether it is an investment elite or ordinary people, it seems that they will inevitably be involved in this wave. In foreign countries, Facebook announced that it was renamed “Meta”. Zuckerberg claimed to be transformed into a Metaverse company within 5 years. In China, Tencent and ByteDance have successively deployed related industries, bringing goods expert Luo Yonghao into the market, and entertainment star Junjie Lin 120,000. U.S. dollars buy virtual land…

Is Metaverse the wealth code for this year or some time in the future?

Investor chase

“To be honest, no one can resist the trend.”

Shuangqi (a pseudonym), a primary market investor, has been focusing on investments in semiconductors and other scientific and technological fields, but this year was also confused by the emergence of the Metaverse concept.

“According to my personal understanding, many projects in the field of technology and hardware now incorporate the concept of Metaverse, but VR/AR-related projects have existed as early as five or six years ago .”

Shuangqi told the author that investors decide whether to invest in a project depends on “what is the core”, so he himself would not care too much about the “blessing” of the concept of Metaverse.

“However, sometimes you can’t resist the entire industry trend.”

Shuangqi saw a case at the end of 2020. “In fact, it was an early project for VR head-mounted display equipment. At that time, we gave a valuation of one million .”

“The most funny thing happened. In the second half of this year, the Metaverse concept was on fire. Some peers directly gave a valuation of tens of millions .” Shuangqi said.

Shuangqi explained that this will make investors feel very embarrassed. Generally, there are few entrepreneurs who are willing to give less money to investors. “However, no matter how optimistic we are about that project, we will not be able to invest more than we know .”

According to statistics from the third-party platform Enniu, there were significantly more investment cases disclosed in the Metaverse field in the second half of this year than in the first half of the year, and there is a gradual upward trend.

Behind the first year of the Metaverse: investors helpless speculators "take over"

The change trend of the number of investment events in Metaverse (Source: Eniu Data)

According to Shuangqi, there is a certain delay in the disclosure of investment events. Although the data of the third-party data platform may not be accurate, the trend of the data can be seen in a certain way.

“However, we are in this awkward position. If people in the same industry value a project in this way, your strength alone cannot reverse the changing trend of the entire industry .” Shuangqi said.

Not only the primary market is going crazy, but the Metaverse concept stocks in the secondary market are also very active.Since September this year, the Metaverse concept stocks have performed very hotly. The share price of Zhongqingbao, which was jokingly combined with the concepts of Metaverse, game and liquor, rose by more than 300%, from a low of 12.4 yuan/share to 42.63 yuan/share. Yishang showed that it once achieved 5 boards in 7 days and was called The share price of Goertek, the leader of A-share Metaverse, also hit a new high, reaching 58.43 yuan per share at one time.

Shuangqi said: “Regardless of whether the Metaverse is really popular, we can only actively or passively choose to embrace it.”

Struggle with “leeks”

“You can say that I am a leek.” Dongxue (pseudonym), who was still investing in digital currency last year, chose to pursue the Metaverse again this year, but she is now very distressed.

Dongxue said: “I told you last year that some of the messy coins I bought myself could not be cashed out at all. This year, there are reports in the circle that domestic control will become stricter, so I will take all that can be shot, and I will leave. Up.”

On October 13, 2021, Binance, the largest virtual currency trading platform in China, issued a notice: In response to national policy requirements, it will delist the CNY trading zone from December 31, 2021. At the same time, it will check platform users and withdraw from the Chinese mainland market. Prior to this, the other two major domestic virtual currency trading platforms also chose to withdraw from this market.

Dongxue said that he probably bought more than 100,000 yuan in digital currency, and when he finally left the market, he also cashed out more than 50,000 yuan. “But I’m not reconciled. After all, there are people around who have become multi-millionaires with a principal of 100,000.”

“So, after the digital currency couldn’t be hyped, the friends in the circle mentioned the concept of Metaverse and told me that this might be a new way.” Dongxue said.

Dongxue told the author that she didn’t understand what Metaverse was at first, and her friends who fought in digital currency recommended some books to her. “Anyway, those books are not expensive. They recommended them to me and I bought them.”

Behind the first year of the Metaverse: investors helpless speculators "take over"

Metaverse related books (Source of screenshots: Xiaohongshu)

According to Dongxue’s introduction, she probably glanced at these books, and really didn’t see “the way”. “It feels that a lot of the content in the book is too illusory, more like a summary of information, which is not helpful for me who just want to make money.”

According to public information, the book “Metaverse” was published by China Translation Publishing House on August 1, 2021. The authors are Zhao Guodong, Yi Huanhuan, and Xu Yuanzhong. Among them, Zhao Guodong is the secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance. The original focus of research happened to be the blockchain.

Dongxue said: “Later, I bought the Metaverse course again, and it feels similar to the book I bought. If you ask me if it will be useful in the future, I just want to ask a rhetorical question, do you think there are really some people now? Can you define what is the Metaverse?”

Behind the first year of the Metaverse: investors helpless speculators "take over"

 Metaverse related courses (screenshot source: get)

Take Chen Xu’s “Metaverse 12 Lectures” on “Get” as an example. The data on this platform alone shows that there are currently about 71,000 people who have joined the study. The original price is 49 yuan. This course has accumulated income. Nearly 3.5 million yuan.

Dongxue said: “So, after a long lap, my choice is to use the money to chase the so-called concept stocks of A shares. The ending is obvious, chasing higher and trapping on the top of the mountain.

Xiangzhe (pseudonym), who also chased the concept stock of Metaverse, told the author that he chased it after seeing this thing rising fiercely. ” Although I don’t understand the logic of Metaverse, I have been trading in stocks for so many years, and many low-priced stocks have no logic at all. I think the concept is just starting from the beginning .

Dongxue said that since the investment in digital currency failed, due to a shortfall, he felt like a fly without his head, eager to find a new target back and forth. “To put it bluntly, it is impulsive and anxious, but there is nothing to do, it is just to carry it out.”

The future has come?

Rowling (pseudonym), an analyst at JP Morgan, told the author that at present, the so-called Metaverse’s industrial layout is actually very rudimentary.

According to her view, there are currently about five types of companies that actually deploy Metaverse: one is technology companies that cut in from the social field, such as Tencent, which try to cut in from the relationship between people; the other is to act as a platform for docking. Such companies, such as Facebook, Zuckerberg has renamed this company Meta Plateform, hoping to complete the relevant ecological layout through cooperation with upstream and downstream companies; third, game companies, such as Roblox, this type of company has innate Ecology can be regarded as the embryonic form of a “universe”, and then various technologies, even civilizations, are filled in; fourth is pure hardware company, such as domestic Goertek, which makes VR/AR related equipment; fifth is other Various companies, including the concept of rubbing.

Rowling also added that in fact, this classification is not complete, it can only be said to be based on the existing forms.”To be honest, science and technology are developing so fast, do you think these existing so-called Metaverse companies have strong market barriers or technical barriers?”

Based on this judgment, Rowling believes that in the near future, more competitive players are likely to appear in this field.”The so-called Metaverse is nothing more than a concept. If there are phenomenal products that can drive the industry, the pattern will easily change .”

On December 23, 2021, the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article titled “Metaverse: Deep Focus on the Development Goals of the Next Generation Internet | How Metaverse Rewrites Human Social Life”, suggesting that there is no such thing as ” The single technology of “Metaverse”, the “Metaverse” is a combination and upgrade of various existing technologies, which can be understood as “3D version of the Internet”. Although Metaverse has pointed out the direction for the future of the Internet industry, there is also a big bubble in Metaverse.

Behind the first year of the Metaverse: investors helpless speculators "take over"

 Screenshot source: the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Rowling also predicted that with the continuous update of 5G and even 6G technologies, AR/VR and other related technologies will develop rapidly, and the brain-computer interfaces that have appeared now will also be quickly improved, hardware and software will promote each other, and new ones are likely to emerge. Industry landscape.

“But if you ask me if I want to invest in Metaverse, I can only say that, whether it is an investment institution or an individual investor, I want to choose a clear target now. This is a difficult thing to say. Because of Metaverse The prospects are too broad, so broad that you can’t make a choice at all .” Rowling said.

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