Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Abstract: Analysis and research on user behavior and traffic of blockchain-driven games.

The DappRadar blockchain user behavior report will focus on the game this time. In this report, we will analyze global trends, including demographics and connectivity analysis, all of which are aimed at gaming dapps and the users in them.

The following report belongs to the new series of blockchain user behavior reports. A set of DappRadar reports aims to provide users with different perspectives of the blockchain industry, combining traditional behavioral financial analysis with blockchain indicators and indices. The document analyzes trends from the perspective of the blockchain industry, but also determines the modes of DeFi, NFT, and gaming space respectively.

By analyzing different indicators, we aim to understand the main patterns and trends that occurred in the blockchain industry last month. At the same time, we try to determine who are the main users of the blockchain and support the recent narratives that have been formed around the use of blockchain-based games in the industry.

In this report, first, we analyzed global trends, including demographics and connection analysis. Then, we dive into the game field to show how users from other fields, such as DeFi, turn their attention to game DApps. After that, we discussed that although the game to make money is important in emerging markets, it is not limited to these markets. Finally, we analyzed specific cases in important blockchains to further support reports on game usage.

Main revelation

The industry’s interest is shifting to games. The number of unique active wallets connected to gaming dapps has increased by 64% month-on-month, while the unique wallets of DeFi and NFT have only increased by 3% and 6% during the same period.

The United States has the largest blockchain audience with more than 121,000 users, and Asian countries also have strong influence.

Millennials (25-34 years old) are the most important group of blockchain users, with 37%, followed by Generation Z (18-24 years old) with 27%.

In August, 75% of DappRadar’s users were men. However, women began to make their mark in the blockchain industry.

Games and NFT dapps each generate about 41% of the click-through rate, while DeFi accounted for only 18%; as early as June, DeFi accounted for 54%, while games and NFT together accounted for 46%.

European countries like Austria and Spain are turning their attention to dapps that make money from games. This movement is closely related to emerging economies; 50% of Austrians and 40% of Spaniards visit DappRadar with game-related content To interact.


Industry Demographics

Support the growth of games and NFTs

Making money from games is not the patent of emerging economies

Game cases in BSC and public chains

The road to the future

Industry Demographics

The blockchain industry continues to grow every month. In August, on average, more than 2 million independent active wallets (UAW) interact with smart contracts every day. This figure is an increase of 18% compared with the figure in July, and a year-on-year increase of 883%.

In order to study industry behavior patterns in depth, we analyzed the 884,000 users who connected to DappRadar from August 1st to September 12th. As in previous months, the United States is the main audience, with more than 121,000 users, followed by four Asian countries (Philippines, China, Thailand, and Indonesia). The total number of users in the above four Asian regions plus India and Vietnam exceeds 262,000. Other countries with relevant audience numbers are Brazil (+35,000), the United Kingdom (28,000) and Russia (27,000).

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Next, we analyze the age range of the audience. Not surprisingly, millennials are the most important age group, followed by Generation Z. In August, people aged 25-34 accounted for 37.34% of our traffic, while users aged 18-24 accounted for 26.88%.

On the other hand, it is interesting that the number of people in the 45 to 54 age group has increased by 30% compared with the previous month, while the number of people over 65 has increased by 33% compared with the previous month. It is absolutely encouraging to see the increasing rate of participation of non-digital natives in the industry.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

In addition, by analyzing our 240,000 users, we found that 75% of users are male and 25% are female users. The blockchain industry attracts three times more men than women, although this difference has declined slightly since May.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Finally, according to DappRadar’s July network data, 50.8% of our users connect via computers, while 48.3% connect via smartphone devices. These figures are different from those shown last month, when smartphones were the first choice.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Although the geographic chart shows roughly the same regional concentration, the remaining indicators have slightly changed from the previous month. As expected, users aged 18-35 dominate, but it is encouraging to observe higher growth in the elderly population. It is also worth noting that the difference between men and women is slightly diminishing over time.

Although these indicators help us understand the performance of the industry, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of what is happening behind the blockchain scenario.

Support the growth of games and NFT

When analyzing the three major blockchain industries in detail, we can once again support the argument driven by games and NFTs. Since the game money-making movement and NFT space began to heat up in early July, most of the attention has been on this side of the chain. 

In order to get a more concise analysis and focus on the most important areas of the blockchain, we classify users into each area. In this way, we can determine trends based on the behavior of the audience.

Continuing the trend in July, we have observed that interest in blockchain games continues to increase . In addition, to support the huge interest in NFTs, the traffic driven by NFTs has also increased regularly since July. We can also observe that the dominance of DeFi in the past has dropped significantly.

In May 2021, 55% of DappRadar’s audience interacted with DeFi dapps, while the other 45% was evenly distributed to NFTs and games. In a blink of an eye, in August, the numbers have changed dramatically. DeFi dapps now account for about 18% of traffic, while games account for 45%, and NFT is close to 41%.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Blockchain games have a great intersection with the NFT space, because the items and even playable characters in blockchain games are represented by these unforgeable tokens. Therefore, analyzing the NFT space adds another layer of analysis from the perspective of the game.

August is the best month ever in NFT space. The United States, the country that is most interested in NFT, has also seen the growth of its NFT audience with a great advantage. The United States represents one of the most important markets in the world, with huge demand for sports, collectibles and souvenirs. Thailand, India and the United Kingdom are at the bottom of the rankings. The Philippines is also one of the leaders, most of its traffic comes from Axie Infinity .

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

In addition, Russia, a very important market, seems to be less interested in NFTs and gradually shifting to games, while maintaining their high interest in DeFi dapps. The whole world seems to be playing blockchain games.

In addition, we conducted an independent active wallet (UAW) analysis by separating the wallets connected to each dapp type. The analysis shows that the increase in game items is too large. Compared with the figures in July, game apps attracted 63% of wallets in August, an average of more than 747,000 UAW per day. From this perspective, DeFi grows by 3% per month, while NFT UAW only grows by 6% in the same time period.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

All in all, observing global trends helps us understand the big picture. In this case, blockchain games and NFTs have received huge attention. As gaming dapps transform their respective projects, we may begin to see other types of economies and regions participating in this field.

Axie is not only from the Philippines

Now, you probably have learned about the great success of Axie Infinity in the Philippines. This game’s money-making application has become a different source of income for its players and has become a topic of national concern.

Interestingly, the Philippines is not the country with the highest click-through rate on the Axie Infinity website. This place belongs to Thailand. This may be due to the fact that the app has created a high level of loyalty in the Philippines, so that some Filipinos are only interested in playing games.

In addition to Thailand, the United States, China and Brazil are also the countries with the highest click-through rates for the Axie Infinity app.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

These five countries are also the hit rate leaders for Splinterlands. The usage of the app has increased sharply by 554% month-on-month, attracting more than 187,000 UAWs in August, making it one of the most played games in the industry.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

In addition, when analyzing the regions where gaming DApps dominate, we observed an interesting finding. On the one hand, emerging economies are closely linked to gaming revenue, because revenue calculated in their respective gaming currencies exceeds their respective local currencies.

For example, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Venezuela and Cuba, have about 60% of audiences concentrated on games. In African countries, such as Nigeria, Gambia and Western Sahara, the dominance of games exceeds 57%. In the Middle East, such as Iran, Jordan, and Palestine, the number of game audiences in August has more than doubled compared with July.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

On the other hand, it is interesting to see European and North American countries start to turn their attention to the field of blockchain-based games. Almost half of Austrian audiences participated in dapps that make money for games, and 40% of Spanish users copied this behavior.

Countries like Iceland, Sweden, Canada, and Andorra have more than doubled their respective player audiences, while gaming enthusiasts in Germany, Italy, and Norway have increased by at least 67%.

The trend of making money from games is not limited to a certain region. In the recent surge, this usage is still common. On the road to mass adoption, access to as many countries as possible will be the key.

Game cases of BSC and other public chains

In our August industry report, we highlighted the case of BSC as the most used blockchain. The Binance-branded network attracted nearly 1 million unique wallets last month, of which nearly 40% came from a game DApp.

Looking further into the categories of BSC, we still observe the dominance of DeFi wallets, with approximately 425,000 independent wallets connected to DeFi dapps, and 279,000 interacting with BSC games. However, the analysis of monthly trends has supplemented the report of the game.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

DeFi users on BSC, including the leading dapp PancakeSwap and some other interesting projects, only increased their usage by 10.1% in August compared to July. On the other hand, the BSC game’s independent wallet increased by 152.8% in the same time period.

The case of Ethereum is no exception. The leading blockchain in terms of locked total value saw its DeFi usage drop by 17% on a month-to-month basis. A total of 59,000 independent wallets were connected to Ethereum’s DeFi application in August, compared with 71,000 in July. And based Ethereum game in usage over the same period increased by 17%.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Blockchain-based games are undoubtedly attracting more users. Splinterlands, a trading card game running on the Hive network is another example of user participation. The game dapp attracted an average of more than 183,000 unique wallets per day during August, an increase of 544% from the figure in July. This participation is supported by measuring click-through rates. In August, there were nearly 10,000 hit records related to Splinterlands. This figure represents an increase of 174% between months.

Behind the data: Looking at user behavior trends from GameFi’s traffic sources

Although the game to make money movement is something related to a specific blockchain, we are beginning to see positive trends in several dapps, no matter where the user is connected.

In summary

Behavior analysis helps to identify and understand the underlying patterns of consumer behavior, so as to better understand their rational decision-making. The analysis of DappRadar’s traffic sources once again confirms that the United States is still the largest market in the industry. At the same time, several Asian countries continue to participate in the industry.

As expected, millennials and Gen Z are leading the development of blockchain, although recent survey results in older age groups are indeed encouraging for wider adoption. We are also very happy to see the participation of female audiences increasing month by month.

August is a record month for NFTs. However, recent analysis confirms that play-and-money games are being used. DeFi summer feels like a distant memory, because traffic is being dominated by games and NFTs.

In terms of games, Defi old players are also participating. Nevertheless, observing European and American countries, such as Northern Europe, Germany and Canada, people are more and more fond of playing blockchain games. This is definitely positive news for this field, especially for more people entering to play. .

The next few months will be particularly important for the blockchain-based gaming field. Due to the imminent expansion, large venture capital groups have been exposed to some leading projects. While existing projects such as Axie Infinity further enhance its game mechanics, compelling projects such as Illuvium or Star Atlas are also preparing to launch in 2022. The game field will become one of the true cornerstones of the blockchain industry. 


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