Behind the China-US dollar universe concept stock speculation, who holds the real ticket?

A butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon basin may set off a storm in the Mississippi basin. Zuckerberg said in May this year that “Facebook will transform into a meta-universe company within 5 years”, making the meta-universe concept a wealth code .

If you don’t see him, you hear his voice first, and the trend of the capital market will always precede the landing of the industry. In A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks, a large number of meta-universal stocks instantly became popular. There are “demon stocks” such as Zhongqingbao, which has skyrocketed for several months, and dark horses such as Nvidia , whose market value has risen by US$300 billion in a month.

However, we can still see the embryonic form of the meta-universe industry chain through the path of the market choosing concept stocks. New concepts are inevitably hyped, and which companies have the most real certainty?

Inventory of China-US dollar universe concept stocks: While “monster stocks” are rampant, while giants are in power

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. With the title of meta-universe concept, these companies are tools for creating a new world. Then, in A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks, which representative companies are sought after by the market?

A shares: Zhongqingbao, Tianxia Show, GoerTek, etc.

The meta-universe characteristic of A-shares is that both hype and industrial chain are emphasized, and software and hardware are in the same direction.

Zhongqingbao is a well-deserved concept leader of A-share Meta Universe. On September 6, it announced a simulated business meta-universe game “Wine Master”. Players can operate wineries online and finally pick up physical wine products offline. At one point, the stock price more than five times in early September.

Tianxiaxiu, as an established domestic celebrity new media marketing service company, introduced the 3D virtual social product Honnverse based on blockchain technology on November 18, which can accommodate users in 3D immersive virtual social activities. Since the end of October, it has harvested 7 daily limits in 17 days. In the software field, Tom Cat, Shunwang Technology, etc. also received the meta-universe bonus.

Compared with software concept stocks, Goertek, which is deeply engaged in hardware, is recognized as the leading hard-core stock of Metaverse. It is the world’s leading VR/AR all-in-one equipment OEM, a first-class provider of total acoustics solutions, and Apple’s “ fruits ” . ” Chain ” core member. Hearing and visual devices are still recognized by the industry as essential components of the meta universe. Similarly, industry chain targets involving smart hardware, such as Crystal Optoelectronics , Skyworth Digital, and Jiachuang Video , have also received attention.

Hong Kong stocks: Tencent, NetEase, B station, etc.

Hong Kong stocks are naturally the leaders such as Tencent that have attracted much attention , and the industry is also mainly concentrated in the Internet industry.

As a leading technology company in Hong Kong stocks, Tencent has naturally become a leader in the concept of meta universe. However, Tencent has maintained its usual caution. Although Ma Huateng and the end of 2020 proposed a similar “true Internet” concept, Tencent only stated in the Q3 earnings conference call that Tencent has the technology and ability to explore and develop Metaverse, and Metaverse is also Tencent’s big direction.

Similarly, NetEase CEO Ding Lei stated on NetEase’s Q3 earnings conference call that “On the day when Metaverse really comes, NetEase has the ability to quickly run away.” Beep beep Mile Mile “So one of the B station is really more suitable for the Chinese yuan cosmic company” CEO Chen Rui also said the yuan universe must be content ecological needs a self cycle. Game industry companies such as Xingdong Company and China Mobile Games, and social industry companies such as Chizicheng Technology have also received attention.

In addition, the speculation of Hong Kong stocks also does not lose A shares. On November 30, the Hong Kong stock Sun Hung Kai Company surged by 26%, and its trading volume hit a 7-year high. A major factor was the old news that it participated in the meta-universe platform The Sandbox on November 4 to deploy the meta-universe ecology.

US stocks: Roblox, Meta, Nvidia, etc.

With Facebook’s transformation and name change ahead, the US stock meta universe concept is the stage for giants, among which Nvidia and others are rushing all the way with a market value of hundreds of billions.

Roblox, the “Meta Universe First Share” that went public in March, has soared 54% on the first day of listing, and its share price has doubled so far. This company that provides a 3D virtual content development platform in reality is very close to the vision of Metaverse to create a virtual world. Similarly, the determination of Meta, which Facebook renamed to directly transform the meta universe, has given this social company special expectations. In addition, Microsoft is working hard in the commercial field, and Apple’s attitude towards AR is also regarded as one of the leaders of the future of Metaverse.

There is also a special kind of company in the U.S. stock market Metaverse, which is more responsible for the role of Metaverse “infrastructure”.

Nvidia, Qualcomm’s chips, computing power, XR and other solutions are indispensable keys to entering the meta universe. Nvidia has also risen continuously since October due to the concept of meta universe, and its market value has risen from 500 billion US dollars to over 800 billion. Dollar. Qualcomm’s XR chip currently occupies an absolute dominant position in the 2000-4000 yuan consumer-level VR all-in-one machine.

Unity and Epic are the world’s two mainstream virtual content development engine companies and provide platforms for content development. Currently, nearly 80% of VR content worldwide is developed based on Epic’s Unreal engine, and more than 70% of mobile games are developed by Unity engine. Epic has not yet been listed, but it was valued at US$28.7 billion after completing a US$1 billion financing to support the development of Meta Universe’s business in April this year. Unity is currently largely affected by the trend of game stocks. Doubled.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook intended to acquire Unity after acquiring Oculus VR in order to improve its hardware-platform-software layout, but it failed in the end.

The meta-universe ecology is composed of many parties, but there are only a few players who can really afford the word “indispensable”.

Behind the prevalence of concept stocks, who is the “Ding Fengzhu” of Yuan Universe?

In 2015, Zuckerberg described his interest in acquiring Unity in an email sent to the former CEO of Oculus. Zuckerberg believes that the future VR/AR ecosystem will be divided into three major components (from left to right) In order of importance): application/experience, platform service and hardware/system.

In fact, it is not difficult to see from the category of Sino-US dollar universe concept stocks that when transitioning from the XR field to the meta-universe field, the relevant ecological components have basically not changed. Zuckerberg still follows Zuckerberg’s original concept of software-platform-hardware. . However, from the perspective of stock market performance and market mainstream perception, the certainty of each ecological part may need to be “reversed”.

Zuckerberg’s cognition is more based on the mature ecosystem, in which the software layer is undoubtedly extremely plastic and pioneering. The current meta-universe concept stocks are concentrated in the fields of games and social interaction. The platform layer has only two major standards that dominate. Nvidia occupies a dominant position in the hardware layer, mainly because of its GPU accumulation, Qualcomm XR chip’s position is still stable.

However, today, when the meta universe is more of a trend and cannot form an exact industrial chain, who can hold this “wind” that rushes around?

Although the software and application experience level has more room for imagination, even if it is Meta-like turning around, it still cannot guarantee that it can achieve the longest development in a misty meta-universe field. Regardless of whether it is games or social, or even real meta-universe applications that have not yet been born, the greater their iteration space and development potential, the higher the uncertainty. This can also explain that despite the hype in the software field, the market view is still severely split.

At the hardware and platform level, because of its technical barriers , the company is scarce, so it has more certainty.

For example, Nvidia is already the world’s largest manufacturer of graphics processing and artificial intelligence chips. However, November 9, 2021 in the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2021), the announced To produce product road line upgraded to “GPU + CPU + DPU” “Three core” strategy. At the same time, its newly released “Omniverse” (Omniverse) platform is positioned as the “engineer’s meta-universe”, which is designed for virtual collaboration and physical-level accurate real-time simulation, and is benchmarked against Unity, Autodesk, and Unreal Engine under Epic.

In other words, for Nvidia, which has a technological moat, not only the virtual world needs to be built based on its technology, but the process of fusion of virtual and reality is also in its “hunting” range. This will further consolidate its position as an oligarch in the field of meta-universe.

Behind the China-US dollar universe concept stock speculation, who holds the real ticket?

(Picture source CITIC Securities)

In the hardware field, although few stocks can actually be put into production and occupy market share, the market has given them more long-term optimism.

One of the most important things to invest in is to choose a deterministic future. The success of software companies’ metauniverse is uncertain, but no matter how software companies make metauniverse, the required platform and hardware are unavoidable. This is the most basic certainty of metauniverse.

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