Befriended “Avalanche” to explore the development of the Metaverse industry

“A few days ago, the author of “Avalanche”, Mr. Neil Stephenson, and my partner, Mr. Peter Visenes, announced the official launch of the Metaverse infrastructure project Lamina 1 in New York. Wu Ying said: “As an investment in this project Man, I’m excited to start a new venture with some of the world’s top minds.”

Forming “Avalanche” Brainstorming

A lot of people have been talking about Neil Stephenson lately, and everyone knows that Neil coined the term Metaverse when he wrote the book Avalanche 30 years ago. Like many others, I have known Neil since reading Avalanche. To be precise, I am a fan of Neil; in fact, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Google founder Larry Page and PayPal founder Peter Thiel are also Neils. Er’s fans. Whenever a Metaverse entrepreneur talks to me, I ask, “When did you read Avalanche?” I firmly believe that in a world of innovation, it’s the imagination that drives us forward .

Peter Visenes, co-founder of the Lamina1 project, is also a partner in our venture capital fund. Peter is a pioneer in crypto assets, he is a top cryptography student at Brown University. Peter is a tech geek, and his brain is flooded with new ideas every day. Peter has created many firsts in the field of blockchain. Together with Tim Draper, the founder of DFJ, he created the world’s first crypto asset institution; Peter also created the world’s first blockchain non-profit Sexual organization, advising various governments; Peter is also the world’s first ASIC encryption node manufacturer. His never-ending mind influenced the early crypto world.

There are also many outstanding partners in the luxurious team of the Lamina1 project. Mr. Tony Parisi is a pioneer of Web3D and virtual reality technology, he participated in the development of international standards for virtual reality, and is also the creator of the virtual reality modeling language. Mr. Ronnie Abovitz is the founder of the world’s leading spatial computing company, and his surgical robotics company MAKO is listed on NASDAQ. Ronnie has twice been honored as a Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum.

Our investment perspective

As governments and industries pay more attention to the Metaverse, our views on the Metaverse have become clearer and more explicit. At present, it is urgent to build a Metaverse infrastructure with a forward-looking strategic height.

Lamina1 is the world’s first verifiable low-carbon Metaverse infrastructure. With the rapid development of technology and the explosive demand for computing power, power security is a basic condition for the operation of our society. Climate change is a global problem faced by mankind. Carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases have soared, posing a huge threat to the ecosystem. The Chinese government has also proposed related goals such as carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Lamina1 will adopt a new technical model, which can not only efficiently complete massive and complex calculations, but also reduce the corresponding power consumption, and realize the real low-carbon blockchain underlying infrastructure.

I often ask myself “what can the Metaverse really bring to our lives?”. After I graduated from university, the country was waiting for a lot of business. I went to the United States with 30 US dollars to study. From entering Bell Labs to returning to start a business in China, from the commercialization of PHS to the listing of UT Starcom, I was lucky to catch up with the opportunity of reform and opening up and The favor of the times. Today, I also hope to use the technological form of the Metaverse to help the people around me, especially those young people in small towns, so that they can go out of town and collaborate and produce with young people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen; The country gate, communicate and create together with young people around the world. The Metaverse will bring more employment opportunities, create space, exchange places, and countless business opportunities in new formats. This is the Metaverse I work for.

In 2021, the domestic e-commerce transaction volume in China will exceed 10 trillion yuan, and the cross-border e-commerce market will also reach 10 trillion yuan. As a big manufacturing country, China is transforming into a big country of commodity innovation. How to better connect sellers with buyers; how to improve buyers’ feelings about products; how to help sellers understand the real needs of buyers; these series of problems need to be solved urgently. I believe Lamina1 can help buyers, sellers, manufacturers, platform providers, suppliers and many other groups to create a communication and interaction platform that transcends the concept of geography to ensure the operation of e-commerce in a safe, efficient, low-carbon and safe manner.

Lamina1 is also a Web3 application paradigm. In the past 20 years of Internet history, there have been a lot of conflicts of interest and entanglements between technology giants and ordinary users. In 2021, China promulgated the Personal Privacy Protection Law, which clarifies the rights of personal information and data; personal data, the means of production, is supported by clear legislation. Internet giants are also looking for better business models with data owners. Lamina1 will aim to protect personal data and intellectual property rights, clarify the relationship between data producers and users, and make data assets easy to realize, so that AI can really take effect and stimulate economic vitality.Lamina1 will be committed to promoting the development of the digital economy.

China’s innovative power is indispensable

During the 40 years of reform and opening up, I have been fortunate to participate in many fields such as network communication, Internet, mobile Internet, 5G and digital economy in the construction of the motherland. As an entrepreneurial veteran and investor, the next step will be to introduce the Lamina1 project to China, allowing Mr. Neil Stephenson and Mr. Peter Visenes to burst out more new ideas and innovations in the vast Chinese market, As the world’s largest Internet group, China is an indispensable major force in the world.

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