Before the Coinbase NFT platform goes live, learn about the NFT projects of its team members?

On October 13, Coinbase announced that it will launch the peer-to-peer NFT market Coinbase NFT at the end of the year, officially entering the NFT field.

As the world’s most influential cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase’s entry has attracted widespread attention from the industry. Up to now, more than 1 million emails have applied for its NFT platform waiting list, which is evident.

For NFT players, in addition to leaving their mailbox and waiting silently for the platform to go online, they can also figure out and discover Coinbase NFT’s preferences and some hidden opportunities from its official website and official Twitter.

Take the Coinbase NFT platform webpage as an example. In addition to the huge and eye-catching Slogan of “Create, Collect, Connect” and the option to join the “waiting list”, we can also see some NFT works and the names of creators, such as Ghxsts , 3LAU, pplpleasr1, these are creators who are already well-known in the NFT field.


It shows that the creator and IP of the head of the NFT field are valued by Coinbase. Today, Hashmasks announced that it will become the release partner of Coinbase NFT and will list the series of derivatives on Coinbase NFT, which actually illustrates this point.

NFT project of Coinbase team members

Of course, these are not the focus of this article.

On the official Twitter of Coinbase NFT, we found a set of pictures with a very special style of banner location. The official Coinbase NFT push is also annotated in the signature on the homepage-the banner position works from @jeremybooth.


Following the name, we were pleasantly surprised to find that @jeremybooth is a product illustrator of Coinbase and an NFT artist. The third picture from the left in the banner position is @jeremybooth’s NFT project-Boshidos NFT.

In the team member introduction section of Boshidos official website, we can see that in addition to Coinbase’s illustrator @jeremybooth, there are also two Coinbase engineers, and another member is a product designer of the online payment platform Stripe.


At the moment when anonymous NFT projects are popular, Boshidos can be said to be a team with a very bright background.

Coinbase’s illustrators and engineers initiated the work, and the work appeared on the official Coinbase NFT official recommendation. It is unknown whether the future will be “close to the water platform first month”, but keen NFT players have already begun to act.

What is Boshidos (Bushido)?

First question, what is Boshidos NFT?


This is an avatar NFT project based on the Ethereum chain with the theme of Japanese Bushido culture, a total of 8888 paper-cut style samurai NFTs. According to the difference in rarity, samurai are divided into five types: Gokenin, Goshi, Hatamoto, Shogun, and Daiymo. Among them, Daiymo is the rarest, with only 8 in total.


In addition to Boshidos NFT, the team previously launched Sashimono NFT (Samurai Flag). There are a total of 8 types, with a total of 888 samurai flags representing different moral principles. Including: loyalty, courage, honesty, benevolence, courtesy, righteousness, self-control, reputation.


The samurai flag Sashimono has been given great rights on the Private Mint of the Boshidos NFT project.

Players with Sashimono NFT can obtain the qualification to cast 2 Boshidos NFT in advance before the public casting. Different Sashimono also represents the possibility of final Mint to different rarities. In addition, each Sashimono provides access to the Bushido Guild. The guild will develop its own community legend, storyline, etc. In the future, Sashimono will be regarded as a utility token for this mechanism.

Like many NFT projects, the Bushidos project team set up an interesting story background for these seemingly brave warriors: the warriors will take on the arduous task in the blockchain world-protecting the decentralization of the blockchain And prevent FUD. If you are interested, you can read the full version of the story about the samurai breaking into the blockchain world on the official website of Bushidos after reading the article.

All in all, the ultimate goal of Boshidos is to develop an active creative community around samurai legends and cultural themes.

How to participate?

How to get these Boshidos NFT?

Like many NFT projects, Boshidos NFT sets up two Mint methods, one is Private Mint mentioned above, and the other is Public Mint for speed and gas fee.

Private Mint’s time is set on October 20th and 21st, and Public Mint’s time is October 22nd. (The specific time has not yet been announced by the official)

In addition to players holding the samurai flag Sashimono NFT, OG Bushido (Top 100 Discord members) and community contributors can also get the opportunity of Private Mint, but each address can only Mint 1 Boshidos NFT.

For players who want to participate, there is no opportunity to become OG Bushido and community contributors, so buying the Samurai Banner Sashimono NFT and the opportunity to obtain Private Mint have become the choice of more people. This is also the reason why the floor price of Sashimono NFT on OpenSea rose from 0.3 ETH to 1.8 ETH (currently 1.2 ETH) in just a few hours after the release of Coinbase NFT news .

However, from the data of Owners, the number of addresses of the holders of Samurai Banner Sashimono has not changed much after the news of Coinbase NFT. It only increased from 477 to about 481, indicating that the number of new players entering the market is limited. The floor price is too high.

Roadmap and how to play


In addition to Mint’s information, the official also released the project’s “casting milestone” plan, that is, the project’s roadmap, gameplay, and benefits for NFT holders.

1. The team will vote one Bushidos every sky to the community for 7 days. Every Sashimono holder will get a .nft domain name for free.

2. After paying the freight, the holder will get a t-shirt with Bushido printed on it. Every Bushidos holder can also get a .nft domain name for free.

3. The Bushidos team will initiate a charitable donation determined by the community’s vote. At the same time, Bushidos will open an online store on

4. 12% of the funds raised will be kept in the Bushidos vault.

5. Players with Boshidos NFT will get an airdrop of katana at the end of the year, and Boshidos with special rare attributes will have the opportunity to get an airdrop of two katana. At the same time, a comic book about Bushidos was opened.

The above mentioned are only the things that the team will complete in the first season of the project. 

In the second season, the team will customize the name and background story of the holder’s Bushido, create high-definition downloadable Bushido images, sell the project’s ERC20 tokens, launch offline cross-industry cooperation activities, and announce what they already have Conceptually designed the second set of NFT products.

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