Bear Market Survival Guide: What other potential airdrop opportunities are there for L2?

I’ve been in the airdrop space for years, and back in October 2021, I tweeted about airdrop interactions for $HOP, $ENS, $PSP, and $COW. Now, I am going to compile all the airdrops I know so far for your reference.

The main focus at the moment is L2, the probability of issuing coins is extremely high, and Optimism has already taken the lead, you should prepare for other L2s. Let’s start with zkSync, Solana, Optimism, and Arbitrum.


The interaction is completed by bridging assets through Orbiter Finance or other cross-chain bridges. Set up the Argent wallet, complete the interaction with other applications on it, and complete a transaction on ZigZagExchange.


Install the Phantom wallet, deposit SOL, and complete the transaction on the wallet’s built-in interactive page. Participate in Friktion Lab and KatanaHQ, which is a derivative protocol, similar to Ribbon and Opyn. When participating in derivative interactions, pay attention to the safety of funds. JupiterExchange is a DEX on which several transactions are made to ensure the interaction is completed. Then enter AtrixProtocol, which is an AMM built on Serum to complete pledge/LP/transaction.


Although the OP’s snapshot has ended, the strategy still works. First bridge your assets through HopProtocol, a very good team supporting Polygon, Gnosis, Arbitrum. Then complete a transaction on PikaProtocol, which is a perpetual exchange, similar to DYDX, where you can long or short BTC, ETH and LINK. Complete an exchange on Kwenta and then participate in ClipperDEX, where you can trade or group LPs.


Although there is no clue as to whether there is a token airdrop, Arbitrum also posted another tweet on the day of the OP’s coin release, and the competitors are still so, keeping expectations for Arbitrum. Like Optimism, you need to bridge your assets through a cross-chain bridge, which can be done on Arbitrum’s official website, and then you can interact and explore more Arbitrum protocols. Here is a list of 56 projects participating in snapshot voting:

Bear Market Survival Guide: What other potential airdrop opportunities are there in L2?

Now I’ll get down to each protocol, including the chain they’re on, the community, and a simple strategy:


This is an on-chain derivative, and the team pioneered many of the things that are widely used in DeFi options today.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community: NFdXaE

3. Strategy: open a position on Squeeth; do LP on Crab Strategy


Invest in guaranteed DeFi. They have recently expanded into Arbitrum.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH, Arbitrum

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Pledge, borrow and manage your positions in the protocol.


Tool for managing stablecoin debt, integrated with MKR, LQTY, AAVE, COMP.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community:

3. Strategy: mint DAI, be careful not to be liquidated, and complete a transaction.


Liquidity management for Uniswap v3.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community: BY3 Fq2

3. Strategy: Provide liquidity (WBTC/WETH/USDC)


Money Obfuscator.

1. Owning chain: ETH, its own L2

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Obfuscate ETH in the protocol and send it to another wallet.


Powered by Gnosis Multisig.

1. Chain: ETH, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, BNB, Arbitrum, AVAX, Optimism

2. Community: AQD9 Qn

3. Strategy: Staking GNO in the protocol.


Derivatives of Optimism.

1. Chain of ownership: Optimism

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Deposit funds (sUSD, sETH, sBTC)


Cross-chain bridge, similar to HOP.

1. Owned chain: Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Immutable X, Boba, Metis, Starknet (Goerli)

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Bridging some funds through Orbiter.


DeFi Asset Kanban.

1. Chain of ownership: basically have

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Collect their NFTs, complete several exchanges through their platform, and complete the platform’s mission requirements.


It is also a DeFi asset board.

1. Owned chain: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aurora, AVAX, BNB, Fantom, Gnosis, Optimism, Polygon

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Complete several exchanges through the platform and hold their NFTs.


An NFT community, many protocols will airdrop Lobster holders.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community:…

3. Strategy: Holding Lobster

Clipper DEX

Multi-chain DEX.

1. Chain of ownership: Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Moonbeam

2. Community: Y2 jexyVBZ

3. Strategy: Provide liquidity and make several trades.


an AMM.

1. Chain of ownership: Ethereum

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Hold the NFT and complete several transactions.


Loan aggregator.

1. Chain of ownership: Ethereum, Fantom

2. Community:

3. Strategy: pledge FTM/ETH/BTC and lend stablecoins.


Web3 wallet.

1. Owning chain: Ethereum, BNB, AVAX, Polygon

2. Community: none

3. Strategy: Use the Swap that comes with the little fox wallet to trade several times.

Friction labs

DeFi derivatives on Solana.

1. Chain of ownership: Solana

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Pledge funds into their vaults and hold NFTs.


NFT aggregator.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Trading NFTs on their platform


DEX aggregator and has its own NFT marketplace.

1. Chain of ownership: Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB, Optimism

2. Community: UcvgtASR…

3. Strategy: Make a trade, hold its NFT.


Cross-chain bridge aggregator.

1. Owned chain: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Gnosis, Fantom, AVAX, Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonriver/beam, Celo, Fuse

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Complete several cross-chains.


Machine gun pool.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Deposit stablecoins/ETH/BTC and earn profits.


A multi-chain money flow protocol.

1. Chain of ownership: ETH

2. Community:

3. Strategy: Transfer funds to other wallets through the protocol.

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