Be wary of the “Musk religion”: an experiment in manipulating human nature

Musk is conducting a horrific experiment in the manipulation of human nature and human group behavior.

Be wary of the "Musk religion": an experiment in manipulating human nature

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on social media that Tesla was suspending payments in bitcoin, citing concerns about the environmental impact of the rapidly increasing frequency of fossil fuel use in bitcoin mining and trading. On the same day, all virtual currency prices plummeted: Bitcoin fell more than 5% daily, “dogcoin”, which Musk single-handedly pushed up in price, plummeted 15%, and ethereum also took a huge hit.

Musk, who was once a strong supporter of virtual digital currencies and drove the prices of Bitcoin, Dogcoin and Shiba Inu Coin (shib) and other virtual currencies, including “aircoins”, skyrocketing in a year with a single sentence, word or even an emoji on social media, making countless people rich, once again pressed the Enter The company’s main goal is to make the people who believe in the direction he is guiding evaporate a lot of wealth in an instant. He has taken it all away at the drop of a hat; he has turned it all around at his own will – something that should make any sane adult in this world break out in a cold sweat.

Musk is looking more and more like a “saint,” and everything he does seems to have unparalleled legitimacy and vision for the future: Tesla and SolarCity are creating a cleaner, greener world, SpaceX is harboring a plan for human migration to Mars and dreams of space. Starlink connects everything, and the addition of bitcoin, ethereum, and even dogcoin is a far-reaching revolution in “decentralization”. …… Even this stoppage of bitcoin payments for Tesla cars is for environmental reasons. “Musk has been advocating Bitcoin for over a year, and while he’s been using Bitcoin payments to drive up Tesla’s stock price, he may have forgotten that Bitcoin mining and trading creates a lot of fossil fuel emissions. He also built electric cars and solar panels for over 10 years, or maybe he didn’t know until today that the production of photovoltaic cells also creates a lot of pollution …… Anyway, if he says it, you believe it, it’s spiritual.

It’s time to unmask Musk’s deism.

Musk has manipulated the value and price of a host of virtual currencies, as well as Tesla’s stock price, by virtue of social media and on his own. He has made many people rich overnight and stripped many people of their assets overnight. He sent out a “dogge” dog coin and it immediately became unstoppable. He said, “We are looking for a Shiba Inu” and the Shiba Inu coin shot up in response. He made himself the master of all virtual currency values, and a group of people followed his lead and went into a frenzy. He then clouds a statement that knocks the price of virtual currency down, leaving these people cut and damaged or even out of pocket. Will he continue to pull up the price of virtual currency? I think so. Because what he wants is never to satisfy the desire to harvest leeks to make money. He is conducting an extreme experiment, an extreme experiment in how far he can compel his fans and believers to follow his direction and go through fire, and thus how far he can dominate the wealth, sorrow, happiness and even life and death of a large number of people in the world.

This is a dangerous experiment, and a horrible one.

There is no doubt that virtual currency is the easiest bait to manipulate this horrible experiment. Unlike traditional state-issued fiat currencies, virtual currencies, which are often referred to as alternative digital currencies (crypto currency), appear to have “decentralized” properties, and are not in the hands of a single country or government, and therefore appear to have some kind of It is not in the hands of any one country or government, and thus appears to be “revolutionary”. However, unlike the “general equivalence” property of traditional money, the property of alternative currency is largely based on social constructs – its distribution and transaction form is closer to the form of social media accounts posting information and spreading it through interpersonal relationships. This leads to the problem that it is easy for someone with super social network influence to manipulate the price of an alternative currency. If I say you’re worth something, you’re worth something, if I say you’re up, you’re up, if I say you’re down, you’re down.

Right now, that manipulator is Musk. It exposes the mirage of “decentralization” of alternative digital currencies as so easy to dissipate. Under Musk’s easy manipulation, a group of people’s money, sadness, happiness and life and death are speculated as K-line charts, and after several rounds of repeated falls, most people will fall into it and believe in Musk’s “greatness”, “prophet” and omnipotence. In this way, alternative digital currencies have become a highly centralized tool – not centralized by a country or an organization, but centralized around the will of a single person. It is hard for a sane minded person to believe anymore that this is a reflection of the progress of human society – with the exception of Musk’s loyal followers.

Yes, there is a large number of Musk loyalists in the world – not excluding some Judas-like opinion leaders in the cryptocurrency world who take advantage of Musk’s “innovation” banner to cut leeks, but the vast majority of them are good and innocent. However, the vast majority of them are kind and innocent, have good hopes and visions for the future of mankind, and are convinced that the revolution of science and technology will infinitely broaden the boundaries of human dreams and imagination. But the fact that this treasure is bet on Musk is a merciless mockery of their goodness and good vision.

Musk is cloaked as an “inventor” and a “dreamer” – a label that has been popular for 10 years. After all, the Tesla sedan is the world’s highest-selling electric car, SpaceX has successfully launched a number of recyclable space rockets, and Starlink sounds somewhat exciting. After all, Musk isn’t a con man who gets his money from PowerPoint.

However, that doesn’t mean Musk is really someone who invents a lot of new things and pushes his dreams to the limit. Musk didn’t start Tesla, just like he didn’t really start PayPal, he was an investor in Tesla, later expelled the founder to become CEO himself, and has since made himself the actual founder of Tesla. It’s not like the world didn’t have electric cars before Tesla. BYD did the same thing on the other side of the Pacific before Tesla sedans achieved mass delivery.

Musk wasn’t the first to launch a recoverable rocket into space, either. He founded SpaceX, the first private company to launch a rocket into space, but that’s not enough to justify SpaceX’s and Musk’s own accomplishments in aerospace technology. After all, all of SpaceX’s rocket launches have been more like a PR marketing exercise on a massive scale. If the rocket explodes, the chicken soup of “believe in the future” and “believe in your dreams” will sweep through social media; if the launch is successful, just the word “didn’t blow up” will make Musk’s Fans will be ecstatic. As the inventor and dreamer who was named “Iron Man” and “Martian”, Musk has been threatening to land on Mars for more than 10 years, but the rockets that SpaceX has launched successfully over the years have been too close to the Earth’s atmosphere and too far from Mars. To be fair, SpaceX’s actual contribution to human space endeavors is not comparable to NASA, the Chinese National Space Administration or the Russian Space Agency, yet it has reaped more flowers and applause on social media. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, which also launches rockets and vehicles from private companies, has received far less applause, even though Blue Origin has been launching rockets as well.

After all, “building rockets” is an aphrodisiac for people who pretend to love innovation, and Musk is the tweaker of that aphrodisiac.

Unlike Steve Jobs, the real inventor and innovator and founder of Apple who died 10 years ago, Musk’s “inventions” are a combination of crumbs and mud that are hard to pin down. Jobs never looked to the stars, but he was the inventor of the personal computer and the real smartphone, and of the business model in which digital music and software were bought and traded in stores. Jobs never talked about anything that didn’t concern him, and spent almost all of his time inventing the next generation of products; he didn’t take to social media to pace himself about anything unrelated to Apple, preferring instead to talk to himself and engage in meditation and spirituality. Jobs had no intention of becoming an opinion leader, but he became a deserved opinion leader – a fundamental difference between him and Musk.

Musk’s status as an opinion leader is something he has worked tirelessly for years to achieve. Musk’s rise to fame as the “Iron Man” occurred in 2012, and it’s hard not to see Musk’s death at the end of 2011 as the result of the “iconic vacuum” in Silicon Valley that was filled overnight as the result of a carefully crafted public opinion. As an ordinary programmer, Musk was not really involved in the development of Tesla’s battery and body design, nor did he have much substantive involvement in spaceflight technology, while he spent no more time on social media and celebrity variety shows carrying his own goods than Trump, who lost his re-election as president of the United States six months ago.

There is a generally human law – people usually emphasize that they have those things they actually lack the most, while trying to hide what they desperately care about. From Tesla USA to China, from Musk himself to Tesla executives in China, the favorite claim is that they are really focused on the product and not willing to engage in marketing. This actually provides a good perspective on what Musk and Tesla really care about. After all, when the iPhone 4 had the “antenna-gate” incident, Steve Jobs quickly held a short press conference to explain the bug and immediately fixed it, despite saying “it’s because you’re not holding it the right way. The problem was fixed immediately. In contrast, Tesla has been obsessed with the “wrong way to apply the brakes” for Model 3 owners worldwide, but has never tried to fix or adjust the product, which is not its concern after all.

Tesla won’t apologize because it can’t apologize. Tesla can’t apologize because Musk is incapable of making mistakes. Musk can’t make mistakes because God can’t be wrong.

For 10 years, everything Musk has done has been along such a path. Everything he does seems to have an indisputable legitimacy and sense of future; every idea he advocates seems to be full of innovation and dream elements; every appearance and performance he makes in public is a strong proof that he is a geek, a revolutionary who is committed to breaking all shackles. However, he is a speculator, an ambitious man who wraps innovation and dreams in a dangerous game of manipulating human nature and the behavior of the minds of the faithful, a tyrant who makes himself the center of the world in the garb of a 1960s American West Coast hippie.

When bitcoin is connected to payment for the purchase of a Tesla, when dogcoin is connected to crowdfunding for the funding of SpaceX’s landing on Mars, many people will think it’s so cool they’ll get all teary-eyed and go crazy over it. However, the whole bitcoin paying Tesla thing is something Musk can write off on a cloud. The use of dog coins as a “cosmic currency” for the expedition to Mars is a game of chance. But bitcoin has gone up and down, dogcoin has gone up and down, and the game of manipulating human nature and crowd behavior has succeeded, in the name of innovation and dreams. Those who see Musk as a prophet rather than an ambitious man, those who see alternative digital currencies as tools to liberate humanity rather than gold equivalents, and those who see Tesla cars as holy relics rather than tokens of mobility, have been captured by Musk.

Musk’s actions today show us that an individual with the characteristics of a “theocracy” can be packaged in the name of technology, innovation and dreams, and that many people who are well educated, have advanced scientific and technological knowledge and are in an advantageous position in the distribution of wealth in society cannot resist this “In fact, intellectuals, businessmen and scientists who lack faith have traditionally been the targets of a high rate of attraction to groups and individuals with “theistic” attributes.

In China, we have even more reason to be wary of and curb the spread of “Musk’s theocracy.

There is no doubt that Musk has gained a lot of “believers” in China – this is even the base of Tesla’s Chinese fan base. Tesla’s degree of “rice-circle” in China is a direct projection from Musk, the “love bean”. And when the love bean is deified, things change.

If the “Musk deism” spreads, the strange theory of “why can’t China produce Musk” will be very popular, and the idea that “Musk should give more lessons to Chinese entrepreneurs” will be quite marketable. The rumor that “China’s new energy cars are besieging Tesla’s Bright Top to force Tesla out of China” will be widely circulated. To be fair, China may really need Steve Jobs, but it doesn’t need Musk. There are too many people in China who are trying to be Musk, just not as “smart” as Musk. Chinese entrepreneurs don’t need Musk as a teacher either, and with Tesla’s turnover and internal governance, it’s not worth emulating at any level. Tesla’s problems in China are an extension of its global problems in China, not a new problem created because of China; the ulterior rumor that “Baidu forced out Google” 10 years ago is resurfacing on Tesla, and the meaning behind it is too long. The implications are too deep.

Of course, China will not accept a “god” who is keen to manipulate the value and fervor of alternative digital currencies in order to kidnap people’s attention and beliefs, whether it is Musk or Nusk.

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