BAYC crazy week: celebrities, giant whales blessed head portrait project turned into a “property class” world

Looking back over the past week, the avatar NFT market ushered in an amazing round of FOMO. After Visa announced the purchase of a CryptoPunk, the trading volume and turnover of CryptoPunks on the day reached a record high. There were 354 transactions in a single day, with a transaction volume of 27,821 ETH , or approximately 92.22 million US dollars. In the following days, the CryptoPunks floor price continued to rise and successfully broke through 100ETH.

Visa brought CryptoPunks to the spotlight, but this weekend, the biggest star may be Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

This weekend, BAYC publicly sold 10,000 Mutant Apes through Dutch auctions within one hour, raising a total of about 28,000 ETH, worth 96 million U.S. dollars. At the same time, BAYC also airdropped 10,000 bottles of Mutant Serum to its NFT holders to create a variant version. The serum is divided into three types: M1, M2, or Mega Mutant (M3). Retaining the characteristics of primitive apes, M3 serum creates completely different apes (more rare). It should be noted that for Bored Ape holders, getting the airdrop can mint additional new tokens while retaining the original NFT, which is double happiness. The BAYC team smashed 28,000 ETH at the speed of light, which also added some drama to this crazy weekend.

As of the afternoon of August 30, Opensea data showed that the floor price of BAYC was 43.5 ETH, and the number of wallets held reached 5,400; the floor price of MAYC was 7.42 ETH, the number of wallets held reached 7,400, and the transaction volume was close to 45,000 ETH.

In fact, BAYC’s carnival is not just on weekends. In the past week, BAYC has been doing all kinds of things. Below we will review the crazy week of the past and see how BAYC took off all the way with the blessing of celebrities and giant whales.

As early as August 23 (Monday), the YouTube big V with 23.4 million subscribers and the well-known rapper KSI announced on Twitter to buy a BAYC. Many people who “do not know the truth” began to ridicule: “I just right-clicked this picture and saved it, and it didn’t cost a penny, thank you.” Obviously, this is just ridicule. Finding this NFT on Opensea shows that the price of KSI was 25.4 ETH when it was bought, and the latest bid 7 hours ago has reached 38.25 ETH (the bid is generally significantly lower than the market price).

A crazy week of BAYC: celebrities, giant whales blessed, head portrait project turned into a "property class" world

KSI announced on Twitter to buy a BAYC

On Wednesday, celebrities continued to bring goods. The Spanish FC Barcelona midfielder Miraram Pjanic rushed in. This 17-year-old footballer of Bosnia and Herzegovina (a southern European country, once part of the Soviet Union) bought an Ape with a little Soviet touch, although this Ape is wearing US Army.

A crazy week of BAYC: celebrities, giant whales blessed, head portrait project turned into a "property class" world

Ape bought by Pjanic

On the 26th, a giant whale shot. Ape 9361 was acquired by a giant whale for 500 ETH ($1.6 million), breaking the highest price of the BAYC series. In fact, Ape 9361 is not unknown, it was sold for 55 ETH two months ago. Going back to earlier, looking back at history, Ape9361 jumped from 0.08ETH, to 1ETH, then to 55ETH, and finally to the current 500ETH, and there is a magical feeling. On the same day, less than one hour after the 500 ETH transaction was completed, there were 4 large orders with prices of 215, 397, 222, and 269 ETH. That is to say, in these few hours, 5 NFTs sold 1600+ETH.

A crazy week of BAYC: celebrities, giant whales blessed, head portrait project turned into a "property class" world

Ape 9361 worth 500ETH

Also on the 26th, DraftKings, an American sports betting company, tweeted about the NFT holdings of NFL superstar Von Miller, including BAYC, which also brought a lot of attention to the NFT field. And flow. On this day, the joint hats of streetwear brand The Hundreds and BAYC also completed the auction. In this charity auction, the pink corduroy hat NFT finally sold for 11.025 ETH. And this friend who took the photo of the hat changed hands and hung a price of 1111 ETH on Opensea.

A crazy week of BAYC: celebrities, giant whales blessed, head portrait project turned into a "property class" world

The Hundreds and BAYC joint hat

On August 28, Sotheby’s Deputy Director, Contemporary Art Expert and Digital Art Co-Head Michael Bouhanna announced on Twitter that the NFT projects Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) will be held on September 2 It will debut at Sotheby’s on the 9th. Sotheby’s official recommendation even changed the profile picture to a golden ape and a Shiba Inu, with a short animation.

A crazy week of BAYC: celebrities, giant whales blessed, head portrait project turned into a "property class" world

Sotheby’s tweets

Also on the 28th, NBA star Stephen Curry earlier bought a Bored Ape NFT wearing a thick floral suit for 55 ETH (about 180,000 US dollars) and joined the project’s Discord. Later, he also updated his Twitter avatar to his Boring Ape NFT, and posted a selfie in the Discord chat of the project. This news excited many NBA and NFT fans. Some netizens said: “From then on, Curry is the best in NBA history in my heart!”

Of course, the same important news on this day is that BAYC announced that it will airdrop mutant potions to Ape holders. Several big positives are superimposed, and the floor price of BAYC exceeded 10 ETH overnight, and even approached 50 ETH at one time. Many Ape holders have stated that they only slept for 2 hours that day.

On the 29th, BAYC completed the airdrop of the mutant potion, and MAYC was officially launched. As mentioned earlier, there is a rare potion Mega Mutant (M3) among the 3 potions, which also means that there are three types of MAYC produced. As everyone continued to buy or use potions to cast, the first Mega Mutant soon appeared, and the rush was immediately ushered in. Soon Mega Mutant sold a high price of 222ETH. Before long, Mutant#1796 was sold for 335ETH. Mutant#4849 was sold for 350ETH.

There is no doubt that the friends who got the Mega Mutant took off instantly. @Bosslogic is one of the few lucky ones who got the Mega Mutant potion, so excited to directly explode on Twitter. He linked this NFT to Opensea. So far, 1,300 people have visited it, and some people have already bid for 250 ETH.

A crazy week of BAYC: celebrities, giant whales blessed, head portrait project turned into a "property class" world

Mega Mutant cast by @Bosslogic

Mega Mutant makes people crazy, ordinary mutant apes are not so popular, and big celebrities directly scan the goods. Electronic artist 3LAU directly announced on Twitter that 41 mutant apes have been added to his collection. Under this tweet, there was envy, jealousy and hatred.

Open Opensea, we can also see that even the cheapest MAYC has a few likes. Calculated based on the current floor price of 7.42 ETH, all those who participated in the MAYC public sale (the price is about 2.7 ETH) have already obtained several times the profit. Based on the floor price, the market value of MAYC has reached 7.42*20000=148400ETH, which is about 470 million US dollars. What’s more, there are rare Mega Mutants!

The NFT carnival continues. More and more sports stars and hip-hop celebrities have become fans of BAYC. People rushing into the market with dozens or hundreds of ETH is as easy as spending dozens or hundreds of dollars. The onlookers could only directly call 666: “Damn it, it was really pretended by your rich people!”

Even MAYC 2.7ETH (approximately US $ 8700, about 55,000 yuan) of the auction price, it makes a lot of small investment discouraged. The panic buying of gas may also make the budget-conscious “proletariat” scatter away from the huge whales with rich wealth. BAYC/MAYC has become a game for the “property class” .

Do you say that there is a bubble in the avatar NFT? Probably there is.

The head avatar project is already the world of the “property class”, so what will it look like when the bubble bursts without the participation of a large number of retail investors?

It is possible that BAYC and MAYC will only become more expensive and farther away from small retail investors.


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