Basic strategy and interaction goals for ambush Arbitrum airdrops

Layer 2 will see an influx of projects and users in the coming months.

Optimism announced the details of the airdrop a few weeks ago. zkSync confirmed their token on the official website. We have already seen two of the big four Layer 2 (Arbitrium, Optimism, StarkNet and zkSync) launch tokens. The turntable will then turn to Arbitrium and StarkNet. Although the news has not been confirmed, it is very likely that both protocols will use their own native tokens in the future. Now that airdrops have become a standard part of token issuance, if Arbitrium launches a token, how can you make sure you are eligible for the next big airdrop? 

Preparing for the Arbitrium Airdrop

We speculate that Arbitrum and StarkNet will announce their own token strategies soon. StarkNet released an alpha version, while Arbitrum is in beta, and currently Arbitrum is the largest Layer 2 based on its $2.7 billion TVL, so Arbitrum’s token plan is likely on the schedule.

Basic strategies and interaction goals of ambush Arbitrum airdrops

In April 2022, Arbitrum creators Offchain Labs announced an 8-week initiative inviting users to participate in the top projects in the Layer 2 ecosystem and win free minted NFTs. I speculate that the participants in this project may be on the user list for a future Arbitrum token airdrop. If you’ve tried Layer2 before, or Offchain Labs has taken snapshots (or times), use Arbitrium in the near future and maybe be lucky for an Arbitrium token airdrop, or increase your token distribution.

There is also the dApp layer to consider. There are no startups launching their own native tokens on Arbitrium, so below I’ll cover some tips for using Arbitrium, the basics of the Arbitrium Odyssey initiative, and some Arbitrium dApps.

Arbitrum airdrop basic strategy

Basic strategies and interaction goals of ambush Arbitrum airdrops

First, you have to transfer funds to Arbitrum and use the network.

Using the Arbitrum One Bridge may be a good opportunity for new users to get an airdrop of Arbitrum tokens.

We recommend that you:

1. Add the Arbitrum network to the wallet via Chainlist;

2. Send ETH or ERC20 token from Ethereum using Arbitrum One Bridge;

3. Search Arbitrum One Portal, find a Dapp, and invest funds, such as Balancer liquidity pool.

Airdrops of Optimism OP tokens will involve multiple users, and cross-chain bridges such as Hop Protocol may be considered on a regular basis. Alternate back and forth between Arbitrum and Optimism for some Layer 2 activities, etc. This may increase the probability of getting more OP and Arbitrum native tokens.

Preparing for the Arbitrium Odyssey Initiative

Basic strategies and interaction goals of ambush Arbitrum airdrops

Arbitrium Odyssey may be involved in future retroactive Arbitrium token offerings. For now, this is for sure, and following up on the project for 2 months will be a bonus for getting more token airdrops.

What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is an initiative that gives users access to Mint-free NFTs designed by Tubby Cats NFT artists Ratwell and Sugoi. In exchange, users can try out specific projects on Arbitrium for specific weeks. Offchain Labs explained:

Basic strategies and interaction goals of ambush Arbitrum airdrops

The dApps to be included in the program have been voted on by snapshots. The Odyssey initiative will begin this month with the following schedule:

Week 1: Bridge Week

Week 2: Yield Protocol and Hashflow

Week 3: Aboard Exchange and TofuNFT

Week 4: Uniswap and Apex

Week 5: 1inch and Izumi/Yin Finance

Week 6: Dodo and Swapr 

Week 7: TreasureDAO and Battlefly

Week 8: Ideamarket and Sushi

During the showcase, try the above apps (specific tasks listed each week) at Arbitrium to receive associated free minted NFTs, collecting all 12 will unlock the final NFT grand prize. The first week will reward users for trying one of the nearly 20 Arbitrium-compatible cross-chain bridges that were broadcast live today. Users who try the cross-chain bridge with the most traffic this week will also receive additional NFT rewards.

Offchain Labs has yet to announce an official release date for Odyssey, which is scheduled for mid-May. Follow the Arbitrum Twitter account or join Discord to keep up with the latest news.

12 Arbitrum dApps to watch, unpublished

There are currently some dApps that provide Arbitrum support, but no coins are issued yet. Whether the projects below will roll out token economic strategies, or whether these strategies will be Arbitrum-centric, you might consider getting a sneak peek at Layer 2 in the near future.

The following dApps are recommended:

Across — L1 and L2 bidirectional cross-chain protocol

Risk Harbor — Web3 Risk Management Marketplace

Cozy Finance — DeFi Deposit Insurance Protocol

Zapper — Web3 Asset Management Platform

Zerion — Popular Web3 Asset Management Platform

Slingshot — L2 Decentralized Exchange

Gnosis Safe — Multi-signature transaction solution

Hashflow — Cross-chain exchange protocol

Volmex — protocol for creating implied volatility derivatives (not available for US users)

Orbiter Finance — Cross-Rollup cross-chain protocol (TVL is relatively small)

Preddy Finance — Derivatives vault protocol (smaller TVL)

Twister Cash — A fully decentralized, non-custodial protocol designed for hybrid FRAX algorithmic stablecoins — Tornado Cash fork (advanced users only)

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