Based on digital collections to construct the content world hole One Yuan Code Exhibition Yuan Universe “Grand Picture”

In 2021, with the development of the NFT concept and the development of VR\AR and other technologies, the metaverse concept will come into reality. As far as virtual reality is concerned, Metaverse has an infinite stage; for participating users, Metaverse represents an unbounded imagination; for each company, the destiny of the Metaverse era has just begun to be written.

The meta universe is to project all people and things in the real world to the cloud world through digital means. In this brand new world, you can do anything you can do in the real world, or you can do things that you can’t do in the real world. Behind the meta-universe world is not only the construction of the technical level, but also the potential to change the existing social methods.

According to Roblox , the first unit of the meta universe, the meta universe contains 8 major elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system, and civilization. The realization of the above elements needs to rely on the support of technologies such as VR, AR, Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain, and NFT.

We have seen domestic A-share listed companies embracing the “metauniverse” collectively from all angles. The Internet giant Byte Beats 9 billion to hit the metauniverse, and Facebook does not hesitate to change its name to focus on the development of metauniverse…Metauniverse has already been regarded as the next generation of the Internet. The new form is a concrete manifestation of the digital future, which is a subversive innovation. It can be said that who can take the lead to seize this track means that in the future it will have more power to speak and become an important entrance connecting the real world and the virtual world. The Dongyi Yuandian platform, backed by Digital Video Group, has already obtained admission tickets and is the first to enter the “sea of ​​stars” in the metaverse.

NFT digital asset operation platform linking the real world and meta universe

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is an application system based on blockchain, which represents the ownership of unique things, such as digital land, digital art, digital clothing, music, in-game assets, etc. NFT can give digital assets the characteristics of flexible transactions, making virtual world items as accessible and convenient as real world items. If Metaverse can provide users with rich consumer content, NFT can anchor the value of digital assets, generate a true digital economic system, and make Metaverse truly operate.

In an interview with Golden Finance, Liu Chuanlin, the person in charge of Dong Yi Yuan Dian, described the cause of the establishment of the platform. As the leader of the digital video group’s exploration of new directions, the Dong Yi Yuan Dian team has been focusing on the attempts of new technologies and new models. As a listed company on the world’s leading video technology service platform, Digital Video has been committed to video technology, encryption technology, 5G technology, AI technology, payment technology and other fields for a long time, and has always focused on the research and commercialization of the content field. In the early days of the rise of NFT in China, digital video has already begun its layout and technical reserves, and at the right time it will incubate the digital collection platform of One Yuandian.

When talking about the name and brand of Dong Yi Yuan Dian, the person in charge also explained the meaning behind the name of Dong Yi Yuan Dian. The homophonic sounds of Dong Yi Yuan Dian 0 and 1, explore the boundary between reality and virtuality from 0 to 1, opening up the meta universe. The gate, creating a new world, that is, creating a hole in the sky, with groundbreaking and origin. Yuan is the beginning of everything. Dian represents classic digital collections. From the name, it can be seen that Dong Yi Yuan Dian has determined the cultural attributes and value attributes of each collection from the point of creation. Dong Yi Yuandian tries to make artworks, cultural and creative products, and various IP resources into digital collections, and make them accessible to users through new technologies. The original intention of the development of the Dongyi Yuandian platform is to use digital collections as the asset framework to create digital content with collection attributes, build a diversified digital collection community, and enter the meta universe with content links.

At the same time, for the digital collection platform, the core competitive advantage of becoming a platform company in Metaverse is the size and quality of IP. Backed by digital video, the Dongyi platform not only has cutting-edge content production, content security, content transmission research and accumulation, but also has a complete 4K/8K ultra-high-definition, VR/AR, digital copyright protection and other own core technologies, and always Focus on the research and commercialization of the content field. It can be said that Dongyiyuandian has the ability to quickly integrate rich and high-quality cultural, sports, and entertainment IP resources, and circulate among different groups such as public welfare, technology, culture, and music in the form of digital collections, and promote to a wider meta-universe application scenario. .

The long-term development plan of the last hole One Yuandian is to build the underlying infrastructure of the universe (ultra high definition, low-latency transmission, lossless compression, Etc.), build a mature content platform with digital copyright protection technology as the security boundary, realize the commercial operation of digital collections with payment license as a compliance guarantee, and finally continue to build application cornerstones (social/gaming) on ​​the Dongyiyuandian platform , To truly build a complete commercial meta-universe ecology, form effective competitiveness, and advance to a wider range of application scenarios. Therefore, Dongyi Yuandian is also regarded by the group as one of the future strategic directions, and it is also an important part of digital video to construct the meta-universe ecology.

Promoting the ecological value potential of cultural collections with technology

Golden Finance understands that Dongyiyuandian has already launched two phases of the project. The first phase of the project “A Tree’s Voice Charity Activity” was initiated by Beijing Digital Video Software Technology Development Co., Ltd. and China Green Carbon Foundation’s Little Guardian Special Fund. At the same time, it unites people’s reading, supplemented by music creation by Xiaoke, Hu Yanbin, Dong Dongdong, Hao Yun and other environmental helpers, and uses blockchain technology to create an emerging green public welfare propaganda model of public welfare + technology + music, forming the final digital collection. It is worth mentioning that the “Sound of One Tree Public Welfare Activity” also promoted the dual-carbon concept of national carbon neutrality and carbon peaks. The entire network of the event reached 3 million people, and the number of clicks on the Dongyiyuandian platform reached 100. Million person-times.

In addition, the second phase of the Dongyiyuandian project creates a collection of creation series. The project is divided into three chapters: incubation, exploration, and creation. Through extraction, collection, and acquisition of different chapters, the rights and interests of subsequent projects are unlocked. The project is currently underway.

The person in charge of Dong Yi Yuan Dian pointed out that the creation series uses abstract techniques to express the process of exploring the new world, which is in line with the current meta-universe thinking, and also conveys the cultural attributes of Dong Yi Yuan Dian in the meta-universe. Through the power of science and technology to spread culture and ideas, build a platform that emphasizes influence and culture. The follow-up hole Yiyuandian will also continue to make efforts in music, technology, traditional culture, such as museums, art galleries, and intangible cultural heritage tracks.

In addition, Digital Video, the parent company of Dongyi Yuandian, serves the media industry, and Perfect Star, a subsidiary of the group, is responsible for the production of film and television dramas, covering many super-large IPs. This is also an important content to support Qiyuan Universe in the future. At the same time, the person in charge of Dong Yi Yuandian also revealed that he is currently contacting well-known artists to prepare for the subsequent development of digital collections. At the same time, Dong Yi Yuandian has released a content recruitment plan for the society, and hopes to cooperate with more IP parties to build high value. Digital collection platform.

It is worth mentioning that the investment companies of the Digital Video Group have currently invested in 33 companies and built 7 directly or indirectly listed companies. At the same time, they have accumulated numerous industry resources and provided effective support for the follow-up development of Dongyiyuandian.

Fair pricing standards for digital collections and flexible and tradable market mechanisms

In the past period of time, digital collections have continued to be popular, and some large institutions and companies have also begun to actively deploy NFTs. However, some problems inevitably arise in the development of digital collections, such as infringement incidents such as marking artwork or even counterfeit works without the consent of the copyright owner, and digital collections during the “bubble boom” period are enthusiastically sought after by the market, and their true value is exaggerated, etc. problem.

In this regard, the person in charge of Dong Yi Yuandian pointed out to Golden Finance analysis that compliance and stability are the prerequisites for the long-term development of the digital collection market. At present, many digital collections on the market lack a unified valuation standard and a fair pricing system, resulting in “sky prices” hot speculation. Although this kind of behavior can make short-term profits, in the long run, it will hurt the artists and the platform. It will eventually hurt the users and even kill the entire industry. Therefore, in this regard, Dong Yi Yuandian set up a whole set of Mature system for management and control.

First of all, the first two phases of the Dongyiyuandian project were conducted in the form of free sampling in order to promote public welfare culture. At the same time, digital collections on the Dongyiyuandian platform currently prohibit over-the-counter transactions and malicious speculation. For the subsequent pricing of digital collections, a complete calculation method has also been constructed, which takes into account the value of the artwork itself, the influence of the copyright owner, the in-depth evaluation of additional rights, and the comparison of competing product prices, and finally forms a fair market price to ensure the stability of the platform. sustainable development.

For a market with efficient resource allocation, its property rights must be clear, exclusive, and operable. The blockchain technology in the digital economy era brings perfect proof of property rights for digital artworks. To ensure the stable development of the market, it is bound to face the supervision of relevant agencies.

Compliance is a key part of promoting the healthy development of platform standards. Dong Yi Yuan Dian also attaches great importance to this. The person in charge of the platform revealed that Dong Yi Yuan Dian adopts the Baidu super chain, and the project strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations of our country in terms of gameplay. At present, only the primary market is opened, and the focus is on the development of enough numbers. The collection and content will win with stability, and finally realize the one-to-one mapping relationship of the meta-universe. In addition, in terms of security, it has also followed a series of rules formulated by the content copyright protection (DRM) to ensure that the user’s identity is unique, the ID can be authenticated, and the content security protection is achieved. At the same time, a series of compliant payment methods are set in the payment method to trace All transactions on the chain ensure the accuracy of each capital flow.

According to the technology maturity curve established by Gartner, any technology or new concept needs to go through five stages: budding period, bubble period, trough period, recovery period and mature period. The concepts of NFT and meta universe cannot be completely constructed overnight. Dong Yi Yuandian is also ready for this. The project leader pointed out that the real goal or meaning of blockchain technology is not only to bring a digital collection, but the additional rights and interests behind it. With reasonable rights and interests, the digital collection market will continue to maintain its popularity and achieve a thriving development. The meta-universe with digital collection as a link will be a long-term plan of 5-10 years. We are not afraid of the cold winter, and even say that we will embrace the cold winter in an open form, because only the market can effectively test its rationality. I believe that as people’s cognition changes, the entire industry will develop for the better, and we are well prepared for long-term development.

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