Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

Editor’s note: Non-Fungible Token (NFT) was born in 2017. It is a unique, non-reproducible, and non-tamperable encryption tool built on the blockchain. It is common in the field of virtual art. 2021, also known as the “Year of NFTs”. This article comes from compilation. The author introduces the story of the well-known toy manufacturer Mattel teaming up with Cryptoys, a digital toy NFT platform, to preempt the layout of NFT.

Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

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Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Xers (born between 1965 and 1980) probably have fond memories of their childhoods.

At that time, most boys played with Hot Wheels small metal toy cars and raced on circular tracks that were not particularly strong, and girls liked to have many American Girls on the table. ) doll while cooking on a Fisher-Price polyethylene resin toy stove. However, the experiences of their children’s generation today may leave different memories.

Now, 12-year-olds may still be playing with Hot Wheels, but they’ll be driving them across simulated mountains halfway around the world; some may still be playing with American Girl dolls, but they’re mostly virtual Fight hordes of pixelated jungle creatures in the mission and defeat the big boss at the end.

In this era, with enough imagination, and on the basis of the cooperation between traditional toy maker Mattel and digital toy NFT platform Cryptoys, the above scenario is possible.

On June 10, the Cryptoys platform announced a partnership with Mattel. Some of Mattel’s most popular iconic toy IPs, including Hot Wheels Toy Cars, American Girl Dolls, Thomas The Tank Engine, Polly Pocket, Barbie, and Master of the Universe (Masters of the Universe), etc., may become playable avatars on the Cryptoys platform, but there is no definite news about which IPs can be prioritized on the platform.

These avatars will be sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and will debut in the “Metaverse” of the Cryptoys platform. The Cryptoys platform is an NFT platform launched by digital studio OnChain Studios and has received strategic investment led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. In addition, blockchain game service provider Dapper Labs also participated in this investment.

The Cryptoys platform is built on the Flow blockchain. The carbon footprint of the Flow blockchain is greener and allows NFTs to circulate on mobile phones, tablets or desktop mini-games. You can think of it as Zynga, a social game developer in the Web3 space. On the platform, you can create personalized skins and eventually develop original games and create your own rules based on the open source blockchain infrastructure, which is, of course, a goal the platform is working towards.

Cryptoys co-founder and CEO Will Weinraub said that the main feature of the Cryptoys Metaverse is that it is an ecosystem of casual games, where casual games are similar to Bejeweled ( Bejeweled and Doodle Jumps, which together have a combined global player base of about 3 billion.

“We’re not working on a Web3 version of Warcraft,” Weintraub said. He also mentioned that the development cycle of such immersive role-playing games can take several years, and there may still be high financial and technical barriers for gamers.

In contrast, if licensed, for example, after licensing the Bored Ape Yacht Club (a collection of 10,000 unique cartoon apes created using generative art), Cryptoys would be able to build a platform within a few months. A small game can be launched where the user just needs to tap the screen to catapult the angry monkey out and traverse various obstacle matrices (you can think of it as “Angry Monkeys”). If it is Web2, you can play these games directly through the browser.

Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

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But it’s worth noting that Cryptoys and Mattel have entered into a partnership in the hope of joining forces to explore the “future of toys” and what the future of toys will look like in an evolving world.

Last June, Mattel became the first toy maker to launch an NFT. In November, it teamed up with the WAX ​​blockchain to launch a Hot Wheels model car NFT, which sold out within an hour of launch.

In January of this year, Mattel’s famous toy IP Barbie also collaborated with French luxury brand Balmain to launch ready-to-wear, accessories and three unique Barbie NFTs. It is now the first toy company to partner with Cryptoys.

Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

A Barbie doll NFT launched by Mattel and Balmain. Image credit: Business Wire

“There’s no question that the field is expanding,” said Richard Dickson, Mattel’s president and chief operating officer. “We want to lead the way in changing the toy industry in both physical and digital…  …Our business guides us toward where the consumer is, and that includes things like Cosmos and NFTs.”

In other words, little kids might not pay $50 for a mannequin to play in the bedroom, but they might pay $50 for an NFT that turns into an avatar in a virtual world.

avatar world

Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

Image credit: Cryptoys

In the previous article, despite the metaphor of Cryptoys as social game developer Zynga, Weintraub described Cryptoys as the Web3 version of Nintendo – you can think of the platform as a game console, in-game Avatars are understood as game cartridges, each of which unlocks a unique set of character-specific games.

In addition, these next-generation avatars can continue to change. Cryptoys has assembled an artificial intelligence team to help you continuously nurture the brain development of your NFT avatar and empower it with the skills it learns from interacting with you.

In the game world, your NFT avatar can evolve from a combat rookie to a super soldier. Maybe one day, there may also be a secondary market formed around god-level NFT avatars.

But for now, Cryptoys is focusing on what’s coming next, as well as several other licensing collaborations. It will also launch NFT avatars for several original characters (cat, corgi and panda). According to the Cryptoys official website, in some specific scenes, these NFT avatars also wear scientific research white coats or karate robes, black-rimmed glasses, and some wear roller shoes on their feet and pilot helmets on their heads.

Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

Image credit: Cryptoys

At present, there is no clear information on the nature of the games designed for Mattel’s iconic IP, but there are rumors that these games are similar to classic web games, including arcade games, carnival games, puzzle games and parkour games.

While Mattel’s products have a reputation for being toddler-friendly, Cryptoys requires all players to be 18 or older, given the issues associated with owning NFTs and digital token wallets. Ultimately, however, it will also provide underage players with a parent-controlled digital token wallet.

Since the beginning of 2021, as the sale of profile avatar NFTs has begun to take off in the market, it is foreseeable that playable Metaverse avatars will also develop into one of the hottest areas. However, this is not something that can be achieved overnight. In the past six months, many companies have begun to explore and try in this field.

Barbie opens the door to the Metaverse

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“Interactive NFTs are a whole new level of sophistication. The whole development requires the help of a game engine like Unity or Unreal, and you also need the help of 3D modelers and texturers to conceive the experience around these characters, after all , they can’t just stand there and do nothing,” Weintraub said.

Some groups of gamers have made it clear that they are reluctant to accept NFTs. According to a survey data released by FandomSpot, a fan group data research website, in a survey of more than 2,000 gamers around the world, more than two-thirds (69%) of the respondents were not interested in NFTs and expressed very little interest in NFTs. Hate NFTs.

In addition, the NFT layout plans of leading game developers such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have also been firmly resisted by many gamers. These facts are stumbling blocks that hinder the development of playable Metaverse avatars.

However, Weintraub said that for now, a new boom period is on the horizon, which could take the cryptocurrency out of the current bear market and into the next bull market.

“Next year, I believe that many of the projects that received financing during the first bull market two years ago will start to see the light. At that time, we will witness the arrival of a wave of entertainment projects and digital art around NFTs.” He said, “It’s definitely going to take a while to get there.”

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