Bankless: V God “Endgame”, an ethereum that can embrace all rivers

Abstract: V God participated in the latest issue of the Bankless podcast. He showed the audience the roadmap of Ethereum and planned a better future blockchain trend, aiming to make technology benefit everyone who wants to use it.

In the latest issue of the Bankless podcast, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin (hereafter referred to as V God) was once again invited to participate. He introduced an Ethereum roadmap consisting of 5 main steps, and this is very important for the follow-up of Ethereum. The survival and prosperity of China will play a vital role.

In order to achieve ultimate decentralization and fully optimize scalability, Buterin stated that Ethereum must create “more agile and lighter” blockchain data so that it can accommodate more users.

Bankless: V God "Endgame", an ethereum that can embrace all rivers

Roadmap shared by V God via Twitter

The first step is called “The Merge”. It is a comprehensive transition from PoW to PoS and will be completed in the first half of 2022. When asked when he thinks the merger will be completed, V God replied: “Maybe it will be completed in six months.”

The second step is called “The Surge” and aims to greatly improve the scalability, bandwidth and overall capacity of Ethereum, especially on zk-rollup.

The third part is called “The Verge” and it will allow more users to run the node. God V explained that this is essentially to make the entire network participation process as democratized as possible, so that everyone can access and use it.

Although Ethereum has made considerable progress in 2021, including the London hard fork and the introduction of EIP-1559 with the combustion mechanism, high gas fees are still an imminent problem.

According to V God’s description, with the help of the above two steps, the gas cost of Ethereum can be greatly reduced. “If more transactions can be processed on the chain, it means that there is more space, so there is no need to conduct the so-called gas war, and eventually the transaction fee for each user will be greatly reduced.”

When asked to comment on the progress Ethereum has made in the past 6 years. God V replied, “The current (progress) is only 50%. After the merger is completely completed, I can say that the progress can reach 60%. But once a complete sharding system is in place, the progress can reach 80%.”

Bankless: V God "Endgame", an ethereum that can embrace all rivers

V God also added that he estimates that it will take another 6 years to fully implement all the content described on the roadmap.

After the surge is “Verge” (Verkle Trees), which allows more users to run nodes. V God said that this is essentially “democratizing as many participants as possible, so that anyone and everyone who wants to verify the validity of the chain can access.”

Previously, in early December 2021, V God also published an article called “Endgame”, in which he described three potential solutions that Ethereum may adopt with Rollup as the core. In the article, he believes that all the blockchains will eventually merge together and become a huge blockchain. The article also introduces a tool that allows block verification in a decentralized and censorship-resistant manner.

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