Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

Looking around, some amazing new NFT projects are quietly emerging. While the “NFTs are finally dead” discussion has been buzzing in mainstream circles in recent weeks, creators and dreamers in the ecosystem are holding on, undeterred by all the noise.
I’m always looking for interesting work around NFTs and I’m always exploring new projects that impress me.
Wondering what they are? the following.

1) Archipelago

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

What it is: Created by Art Blocks enthusiasts, Archipelago is a customized NFT marketplace for all generative art. At the time of this writing, the project has been live for over a week, and in such a short period of time, the platform has already received a lot of praise for its strengths and unprecedented design elements.

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

Why it matters: When it comes to satisfying the nuances of the thriving generative art scene in the ecosystem, other NFT marketplaces leave a lot to be desired. In terms of specifically catering to the needs of generative art lovers, Archipelago will accordingly become a major hub of activity in the NFT space in the short term.

2) Astaria

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

What is: Astaria, led by former Sushi CTO Joseph Delong, is an upcoming NFT lending protocol that will use a novel peer-to-peer approach and center three types of stakeholders: assessors, borrowers and lenders.

Why it matters: The scene for NFT lending projects has been expanding over the past year as projects race to achieve product-market fit. There is a lot of demand in this area, and there are many projects addressing it, but no project seems to have definitively “cracked the code”. Astaria’s unprecedented design may finally represent a leap forward in this field.

3) good

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

What is: Bueno is a set of no-code tools for NFT creators, the project’s first flagship product is its NFT generator feature that allows you to upload artistic layers, such as Photoshop, and then simply customize the rules of your NFT series yourself and rarity. The project is also about to release a no-code smart contract deployment tool, so you can customize your art anytime and deploy your NFT contracts from the Bueno hub.

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Why it matters: Bueno’s tools will make it easier for non-technical creators to deploy their own advanced NFT projects, which could help the NFT ecosystem greatly expand in the years to come.

4) ClubNFT

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

what is it? ClubNFT is an NFT infrastructure project led by longtime crypto art expert and creator Artnome. Artnome personally lost many priceless NFTs due to the use of private servers for early collectibles. However, private servers are still used by many NFTs! ClubNFT is designed to help users check which NFTs are at risk of storage and back them up for later use.

Why it matters: People buy NFTs hoping to access them indefinitely. This is why many people will find NFTs lost in the future if they don’t take proactive solutions to back up their fragile NFTs now. ClubNFT makes this easy, and the platform is poised to facilitate the development of a resilient NFT ecosystem for years to come.

5) Spores

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

What it is: Spores is a music NFT mixer application built on top of the Zora protocol. The project allows users to remix music NFTs and then store these remixes as “Spores” on the IPFS data storage network.

Bankless: 5 Emerging NFT Projects to Watch

Why it matters: Sometimes, in all the hustle and bustle of web3, people lose sight of whether decentralized applications are really interesting. For me, Spores largely passed the fun test. One day I found myself playing on this project for over an hour just to settle down and enjoy the DJ bash of my little music NFT. I’d love to see more creative and delightful projects like this, and if Spores is an early sign, we’ll see more of them.

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