Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch invites bids for digital RMB marketing activities: more and more digital currency bids

Mobile Payment Network News: Recently, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch conducted a domestic public bidding for digital RMB marketing activities service projects.
According to the bidding information, in order to promote the digital RMB business, it is planned to provide service preferential activities for Bank of Communications’ personal wallet customers through red envelopes and full reduction activities. The Bank of Communications cooperates with third-party service companies to issue digital RMB red envelopes to individual customers through corporate public wallets or provide discounts, full rebates, and other preferential activities to provide corresponding preferential activities. After the event, the service fee will be settled according to the service fee rate of the total amount of the red envelope actually used by the customer (or the full discount amount).
Previously, Fujian Straits Bank released bidding information on digital RMB projects on its official website and a procurement platform, and external bidding for the construction of the digital RMB system, including the completion of the bank’s digital RMB wallet opening, redemption, and redemption functions by connecting with the city bank; or The operating institution completes functions such as upgrading personal wallets and managing public wallets, and constructing multi-dimensional smart contract application scenarios of our bank. However, after the mobile payment website reported, the official website of Bank of Straits has deleted the bidding information.
In January of this year, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank issued a bidding announcement for the access project of the City Yinqing Digital RMB Interconnection Platform, and conducted public bidding and procurement for the access project of the City Yinqing Digital RMB Interconnection Platform.
According to the Securities Times, there has been a substantial increase in bidding projects in the field of digital renminbi recently, involving Xiong’an, Zhangjiakou, Sanya, Suzhou and other places.
The Xiangcheng District Local Financial Supervision Administration of Suzhou City issued the “Announcement on the Negotiation and Procurement of the Suzhou Digital RMB Pilot Innovation and Development Conference”, calling it to seize the digital RMB pilot opportunity, fully display the phased development results, accelerate the gathering of high-end digital financial resources, and promote the city of Suzhou The digital renminbi pilot work has been carried out in depth, and it is planned to hold a conference on the innovation and development of the digital renminbi pilot in Suzhou.
Bank of China Zhangjiakou Branch issued the “Announcement on Competitive Negotiations for Digital RMB Personal Wallet Marketing Promotion Projects”, intending to carry out marketing campaigns such as “Digital RMB Payment Full Reduction” for individual customers, and expand the opening and use of digital RMB personal wallets for individual customers.
Bank of China Hebei Xiong’an Branch issued a competitive negotiation and procurement announcement for the “Personal Digital RMB’Experience with Gifts and Enjoy Digital Coins (Phase 2)'” project. In addition, the Sanya branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China recently issued an announcement on competitive consultations on digital RMB marketing activities.
With the development of digital renminbi pilots, designated operating institutions have begun to actively promote digital renminbi, and more and more non-operating institutions also want to join the digital renminbi ecosystem.
The following is the link and specific information for the bidding of Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch:

Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch invites bids for digital RMB marketing activities: more and more digital currency bidsSince the second half of 2020, digital renminbi red envelope testing activities have been successively carried out in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Beijing and other places. It is reported that in addition to the first batch of Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xiong’an and Beijing Winter Olympics scenes, the digital RMB will be added to Shanghai, Changsha, Hainan, Qingdao, Dalian, and Xi’an. At present, the “10+ 1” pattern.


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