Baidu stands at the head of the new tide

Ultimately, the development of technology is still based on people, serving people, with people at the core.

It was still the winter of 2020, and in the weather of -20 degrees, the director team of Zhejiang TV and Baidu staff were talking about the National Tide together in a small alley by the Yuanmingyuan in Beijing. “A group of people wearing down jackets and shivering,” discussing the need to create a different, truly meaningful national tide festival in six months.

The cold wind was blowing outside the window, but the people inside the window were talking about “blood boiling”, recalled the meeting, the party director, director of the party activities department of Zhejiang TV program center Chen Xuewu said with some excitement. This party will overturn the previous single cognition of the connotation of the national tide, showing “people to a better life aggressive attitude” of the national tide.

Six months later, the Baidu Tide Gala will be held on the evening of June 12, 2021. When modern technology and historical civilization achieve cross-screen interconnection, and when the chapter of “National Planning and Livelihood” shows the life trend that people’s hearts and bodies yearn for, a story about the new national tide also officially begins.

The “Baidu 2021 National Tide Pride Search Data” shows that the attention of the national tide has increased by 528% in the past ten years, and the national tide of the new era has not only been limited to new national goods, but also includes the comprehensive rise of Chinese power behind various fields such as culture and technology.

Of course, the party itself is not the whole meaning of Baidu to do this tide ceremony.

In the past ten years, the connotation of national trend has become richer and richer, and the extension of “Baidu” has also become wider and wider in this decade. It is not only a search method, but also an AI technology capability that can carry and link the Boom Festival, and it has become an emotional link to reshape the new life connection between Baidu and the public.

When the national tide becomes a new way of life, through such a special party presentation, so that everyone can reacquaint a new Baidu from the party is the deep answer. To some extent, what Baidu wants to prove behind the Tide Gala is its determination to invest in life services, and to test whether Baidu has the ability to connect hundreds of millions of users with new life trends.

When the user search behavior and demand is no longer based on simple information acquisition as in the past, but want to search for a richer service experience, and ultimately realize the upgrade of consumer life, the significance of the search to become a super entrance to the new life services has become more and more prominent.

In this context, Baidu reconstructed the basic plate of intelligent search and built a new content and service ecology based on it.

Baidu is gradually becoming a high-frequency presence in people’s lives, and to some extent, Guochao is also a typical facet of Baidu’s penetration into lifestyle services.

Who is defining the new Guochao?
It is different from the traditional national trend party in the general sense.

Unlike a random party with the word “Guochao” on it, Baidu has a more profound interpretation of Guochao, and even its bundle with Guochao is tighter. The “Baidu 2021 National Tide Pride Search Data” shows that the new national tide has long been not limited to physical objects, but also the trendy output of national culture and technological pride, which is the national people’s overall confidence in China’s economic, cultural and technological strength.

To summarize, the new national trend defined by Baidu is that it represents both a trend, a cultural trend, and even a way of life.

As the world’s leading Chinese Internet search engine, Baidu has recorded the changes of the national trend in billions of daily searches. Yin Yingli, general manager of Baidu’s mobile ecology marketing department, told 36 Krypton that Baidu is doing two things at the core of the new national trend, one is to discover and the other is to promote. In the past decades of Internet development, search was once the most efficient form of access to information. Baidu’s search data has also become a weathervane reflecting people’s interests, where all preferences and concerns, all trends and lifestyles, are born.

A set of data can prove Baidu’s accumulation in the new national trend – Baidu has built 300+ digital museums, recorded 100+ non-genetic inheritors, entered 50+ cities, and attracted 100,000+ national trend creators, where countless users have established a connection with national trend culture… …Baidu has long been a core platform to promote the development of the new national trend.

Talking about the understanding of national trend, Chen Xuewu said, “Everything that helps people run to a better life and make our life, environment and country become better can be understood as national trend.” Chen Xuewu also mentioned that cooperating with Baidu for this gala, cutting, deconstructing and reorganizing from the thinking of the Internet, making the national trend into a message that more audiences can understand and easily perceive, will further promote the development of the new national trend.

The director team of Zhejiang TV and Baidu both have the same understanding of the new national tide, which also gives the Baidu Tide Gala a more profound interpretation.

At the scene of the Tide Festival, new trendy technologies such as AR, unmanned cars and intelligent hosts, which reflect China’s pride, were unveiled one by one, and Baidu search became the highlight of the whole scene. In addition, it is worth noting that the Tide Festival, whether it is the cross-screen interaction between the hosts Hua Shao and Yi Yi at the beginning of the party, Wang Jiaer’s “disappearance” and “return” at the party, or Zhou Shen’s choice of Chinese animation theme song performed on the scene. This also gives the party a better combination with Baidu, a company known for its technological innovation, in terms of presenting content.

Baidu stands at the head of the new tide

Baidu “Tide” ceremony site map

In fact, Baidu has long built a mobile ecology based on intelligent search fundamentals that will help the new wave grow.

In 2019, Baidu Search announced its strategic transformation into a mobile ecology business group, and in 2020, it will start to use “personification” and “service” as strategic support to build a new content and service ecology through Bajia, smart applets, hosting pages, long videos, short videos and We will build a new content and service ecology through Bajia, smart applets, hosting pages, long videos, short videos and live broadcasts, knowledge pendant and service pendant. The dual engines of “intelligent search + information flow” have also reconstructed a world where information, knowledge and services are ubiquitous and closely connected.

Yin Yingli told 36 Krypton that Baidu is a “rallying point” in the promotion of the new wave, and through an open content and service ecology, all parties can create a stronger connection, enterprises can more accurately meet the information and services required by users, and users have a stronger sense of access.

Today, everyone, from small individuals to large corporations, is looking for their own national values, and the new national trend elements have long been integrated into all walks of life. This trend further motivates Baidu to create a party that reflects the “Great National Tide” at this point in time.

Search, how else can it change?
The past decade has been a decade of redefining the new national trend. And this decade is also the decade of Baidu’s continuous development, continuous iteration, and continuous self-revolution.

Standing at a new historical point, the national trend is renewed, and Baidu’s brand connotation is being re-engraved by more users.

National goods, technological progress, cultural confidence, from Chinese space elements to ancient style and vintage …… In today’s new definition of national trend, Baidu encompasses all aspects of livelihood concerns, rather than simply a single vertical field, which requires Baidu to more accurately insight people’s needs and achieve satisfaction through the continuous upgrading of search technology.

Times are changing, users are changing, and Baidu’s services are also changing due to demand.

The first thing that Baidu did was to upgrade the intelligent search. Within Baidu, the trend of search has long changed, that is, the future of search will be ubiquitous “intelligent search”, mainly in the interaction of intelligent, intelligent content and meet the personalized needs of intelligent.

When Yang Di asked Baidu App “What is Wang Jiaer’s best sport” in Cantonese, Baidu App gave the correct answer of “fencing” in an instant. In addition, Song Yuqi also became a “math master” by taking photos and answering questions through intelligent search.

Another example is that users can open the Baidu App in their daily driving journey and wake up the map navigation, planning travel routes and other functions through voice search, and can also find hotels, restaurants and other places through it, intelligent search allows users to transcend the limitations of their hands. Previously it may be difficult to imagine, and even full of futuristic very science fiction technology, have become a fact.

On another level, the deeper upgrade of intelligent search is reflected in the fact that its core capabilities have been transformed into “search as a service”.

Baidu Group Executive Vice President Shen Yan also previously talked about, “from the service point of view, the original user search after the loss, Baidu does not care, the user has gone to other places, good or bad do not know.” And Baidu through intelligent search + small program, to provide users with a way to complete the service within the end, Baidu also has a stronger grasp of the quality of service delivery.

From the service system, Baidu mobile ecology has content distribution platforms on the horizontal, such as Baidu App, good-looking video, Aiki, etc., on the one hand, to help users solve the demand for information access, help users save time and increase knowledge through information distribution, on the other hand, through interactive entertainment to help users pass the time.

Vertically, Baidu mobile ecology has two kinds of pendant categories. One is encyclopedia, know and other pendants that provide users with knowledge, and the other is industry pendants, such as health, e-commerce, automotive and so on. For these key pendants, Baidu is not only the logic of information distribution, but has to build it from beginning to end. There is no strict distinction between the two pendants, but the knowledge pendants are more content supply, and the industry pendants are service supply, more industry closed-loop construction, essentially starting from people’s needs.

For example, during the epidemic, when everyone wants to get more accurate and effective information in the face of uncertainty, Baidu provides over 1 billion people with epidemic-related information through search + information flow every day. In addition, in addition to information and knowledge, users also need corresponding services, Baidu timely online consultation services, it is understood that during the epidemic, Baidu health knowledge science live more than 1,200, a total of 150 million people watching users.

At the Wanxiang Conference held in April this year, Baidu once again strengthened the strategy of “service” and “personification”, and announced the brand upgrade of Baidu App. We can obviously feel the choice of Baidu, Baidu App has changed from a tool of “something to search, nothing to see” to a comprehensive platform of content and services with more fireworks, and Baidu mobile ecology also pays more attention to humanistic care.

Mobile ecology reshapes the connection
Connection changes the relationship, and the relationship determines the model.

Baidu search has gone from being an important tool for people to search and get information to a service platform that penetrates into every aspect of people’s lives, and the connection between Baidu search and the public has become deeper and deeper.

Yin Yingli gave an example that there are many questions on Baidu search like “What kind of brand do I want to design with Chinese elements and the new era, and where should I start?” Such a long question. In the past, such content might not be answered for days. Nowadays, the intelligent search will make accurate identification and match the right person in the professional field to reply online. In the past, the process of many users asking questions slowly became a chatting process, and the process of answering questions became a process of solving problems for users.

At the same time, many national trend managers can also better exhibit and sell national trend elements and works through Baidu’s content and service system. After understanding, users can directly buy and communicate with the masterminds on the platform. Shen Shake also said at the Wanxiang Conference, “After the superposition of the ‘intelligent search + intelligent recommendation’ dual engine, it brings people the improvement of connection efficiency.” Yin Yingli also told 36 Krypton that the core of Baidu’s mobile ecology is doing the overall connection of people, information and services, to achieve a closed loop of services.

However, in many information, service pendant track there are also many companies with fine and in-depth operations, they are all competing with Baidu for the market, in this case, what is Baidu’s advantage?

In fact, since the transformation of Baidu Search Company into a mobile ecology business group in 2019, Baidu has complete thinking. At the beginning of the ecological construction, Baidu focused on building three pillars of business: Bajia, small programs and hosting pages, and used them as infrastructure to introduce more vertical resources, the most important of which is the “people”, that is, a variety of professionals. While building the three pillars of business, Baidu proposed the strategy of “personification” and “service”, and took this as the core to carry out in-depth extension.

If you think a word is wrong, how do you tell the creator? In the past, you could only tell Baidu, and then Baidu would find someone to edit it. Nowadays, the creator of each encyclopedia entry has a personal homepage, and users can follow and contact the creator directly.

Baidu’s development of live streaming is also a similar idea. For example, there are hundreds of millions of searches for national tide and medical issues every day. Baidu started from the user’s search needs, allowing users to communicate directly with doctors and professionals in chat rooms and live broadcast rooms, asking questions they care about, turning it into a demand-driven live connection process.

Baidu advantage is that the search is the process of direct expression of the user’s needs, can play the role of live appointments, direct connection services, logic is also because there is a live person behind the direct interaction.

Shen Shake has said, “personification makes the entire mobile Internet vibrant, full of fireworks, full of vivid communication”, every active in the Baidu mobile ecology of people, things, things are making people feel better about real life. The service-oriented strategy shortens the transaction chain of users and improves people’s consumption experience. Specifically to the national tide category of consumption, Baidu can focus the ambiguous information to more accurate products and services, create a smoother service closed loop, ensure the user’s experience and security, etc.

Zooming in on the vision, we can see that an open and diversified world of everything has been established in Baidu’s mobile ecology, in which all creators, developers, commercial organizations and users can get what they need and keep developing. As James F. Moore describes in The Decline of Competition: Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems, “Business ecosystems are economic communities supported by organizations and individuals, the organisms of the business world. Business ecosystems have their own organizational identity and are constantly evolving. Unlike traditional businesses, an organic community in which people and organizations can constantly interact, interdepend on each other, and evolve together in constant interaction.”

In retrospect, from search to intelligent search, from unmanned cars to AI technology, every technological innovation of Baidu represents the rise of a technological strength, which itself is also the practitioner of the national trend, leading people to forge ahead to a better life.

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