Baby goes home to eat, blockchain helps combat child trafficking

“14 years and 57 days later, he is a head taller than my mother and brought me souvenirs. He is the Sun Zhuo we all have been searching for for so many years…”

On December 6, Sun Haiyang, the character prototype in the movie “Dear,” posted the above text on his Weibo, indicating that his abducted son, Sun Zhuo, has been found. The gratifying ending is over.

Sun Haiyang and his wife hugged their 14-year-old son

Sun Haiyang’s journey is over, and there are many “Sun Haiyang” behind him still on the road.

Disappeared children

In February of this year, the “Global Human Trafficking Report” released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime showed that the proportion of children in trafficked persons is on the rise .

The report also shows that from 2004 to 2018, the total number of detectable trafficked persons has increased and the composition of victims has changed. Among them, the proportion of adult women among the victims dropped from 74% to 46%. The proportion of children rose from 13% to 34%, among which girls rose from 10% to 19%, and boys rose from 3% to 15%.

In China, according to “China lost population White Paper (2020),” estimated that in the past year, the country every day about 2739 people once lost, lost the year up to one million people, including minors accounted for 7.4%.

Behind every number is a long, heartbreaking journey to find a child.

And those children who were abducted were either sold to remote mountainous areas, or forced to engage in illegal activities, or forced to wander around to collect money for criminals. They were dragged out of their original lives, and most of them fell into the swamp of misfortune.

In order to reduce the occurrence of tragedies, and effectively prevent and combat human trafficking crimes in accordance with the law, in April this year, the Office of the State Council issued the “China’s Action Plan against Human Trafficking ( 2021-2030)” . The plan provides policy guidance on how to rescue and properly settle trafficked victims, how to promote the physical and psychological recovery and return of trafficked victims to their families and society, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.

Although there are policy guidance, it is still impossible to completely avoid the occurrence of human trafficking cases. When human trafficking occurs, the most urgent problem is always how to find the victims quickly?

Blockchain lights the way home

In the past, limited by the level of technology, there was a single way to find people, and they could only rely on people to find people. Parents walk the streets and alleys by themselves, post missing persons notices, and hand out flyers on the spot… This kind of method is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack, which is less efficient and often results in unsatisfactory results.

With the rapid development of science and technology today, emerging technologies such as blockchain, face recognition, and artificial intelligence have gradually penetrated into various fields, and they are also shining in the field of tracing people. “Internet tracing” is replacing “people tracing”, opening up a new mode of tracing: by taking the missing location as the center of the circle, and calculating a set of information to promote the rules of time and space based on information such as walking speed, driving speed, and high-speed rail speed. The APP pushes tracing information to the whole people, greatly improving the accuracy rate.

Baby goes home to eat, blockchain helps combat child trafficking

Internet technology has greatly increased the recovery rate of lost children

The Internet tracing model has the advantages of real-time release , release at any time , and long-term release . It enables the families of lost persons to stay home, quickly retrieve relative tracing information published in various places, improve the efficiency of tracing , reduce the cost of tracing , and let “find a needle in a haystack” “Become a “precise finding of people.”

However, the way of using APP to push tracing information also has its limitations. First of all, family members of the lost need to go to each platform to register and publish separately, which greatly wastes time, and it is easy to miss the “golden 72 hours” of finding people; on the other hand, when the lost child is retrieved, timely news cannot be guaranteed on all platforms. Synchronized, missing persons notices are still posted online, which will cause a waste of resources.

Blockchain, as an emerging technology with the characteristics of decentralization , full openness, transparency and traceability , and collective maintenance , can effectively solve the above problems.

First of all, blockchain technology can achieve data cross-validation and supervision , thereby building a data sharing platform. In the tracing scene, the blockchain cooperates with civil affairs, police and other related agencies to establish a nationwide data sharing platform for the prevention and search of missing children. This platform allows each parent and police officer of a lost child to become a node on the chain. Anyone can upload information about the lost child and broadcast it to all nodes on the chain, breaking data islands, achieving timely synchronization of information, and greatly reducing communication costs. , Improve the efficiency of tracing people.

Second, the blockchain has distributed storage technology . This means that the digital records written to the blockchain cannot be tampered with or forged . All information about missing children, including names, birth certificates, fingerprints, DNA, etc., are stored on the chain, which can effectively avoid information errors in the process of tracing people.

In addition to data credibility, blockchain technology can also guarantee data privacy and security . The blockchain-based tracing data sharing platform will obtain an exclusive cloud storage space after the consent of various nodes such as hospitals and schools. The cloud storage space will form an unchangeable encrypted ID for the child’s basic identification information, so that the child While the information can be identified by the outside world, personal sensitive information is absolutely protected, so as to avoid permanent physical and mental harm to the child after the child is retrieved.

As a national high-tech enterprise , Wanglian Technology has a strong sense of mission and social responsibility. In-depth technical research, optimization of products, and actively promote the successful implementation of blockchain technology in various scenarios, responding to the needs of the country and the times. Based on proven technology block chain has launched a Vonetracer block chain traceability platform , using chain blocks to the center of the distributed management accounting, computer new applications point to point transmission mode, the consensus mechanism, encryption algorithms, intelligent contracts and other technology, The product process is fully traceable, and traceability services have been provided for many industries such as agriculture, food, medicine, industry, and art. Wanglian Technology will continue to promote the successful implementation of blockchain technology in the tracing scene, reduce the cost of tracing, speed up the efficiency of tracing, and reunite heartbroken families as soon as possible.

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