Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: Novice players can quickly get started and read this article.

The NFT game Axie Infinity earned $7.6 million in revenue last week, which is significantly ahead of other DeFi and NFT applications. What is the secret of it, we might as well find the answer from experience.

NFT game Axie Infinity announced this week that it has completed a new round of financing of 7.5 million US dollars. Investment institutions include Blocktower Capital, Konvoy Ventures, Libertus, and there are also big players such as Dallas Mavericks boss Mark Cuban and Collab Currency’s Derek Schloss. .

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

NFT games represented by Axie Infinity may soon usher in the next explosive period. How should we participate?

The core concept of NFT games is to “make money while playing”, but due to time or threshold constraints, many investors in the crypto circle are still in the wait-and-see stage. We believe that to step into the world of the Metaverse, you first need to be a player before you can become a qualified “indigenous people” of the Metaverse.

Therefore, MAO DAO has compiled a series of Axie Infinity game introductory guides for everyone, aiming to ensure the accuracy of the translation of the official introductory guide, adding some comments, and striving to be as comprehensive, accurate and easy to use as possible.

We plan to publish a series of articles related to Axies Infinity, including introductory articles, battle articles, land articles, breeding articles, assets articles, etc., and update the real-time information of selected land and Axies in the community in a timely manner. In addition, we will also organize links to other English originals and high-quality Chinese tutorials. New and old players are welcome to pay attention to MAO DAO and save this article in case of emergency.

What kind of game is Axie Infinity?

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

Axie Infinity is a digital pet world. Gamers can breed, breed, and trade fantasy creatures called Axies in this world. They can also use them to fight against other players. They can obtain game tokens by winning battles and completing necessary tasks. It is a very interesting and profitable game.

This series of guides will introduce you to important introductory knowledge such as preliminary preparation, Axies, gameplay and how to earn game tokens, and collect various information links for new players to use.

???? MAO DAO: Axies Infinity is an NFT game with a similar world view of “Pokémon”. It has a combat system, a pet breeding system, and a unique land and achievement system. The game has been migrated from the Ethereum main network to Roin. Sidechains. For more information about the impact of migrating sidechains, please refer to our previous article “Meta Universe Hitchhiking Guide: Axie Infinity In-Game Token Appreciation Logic after the Migration”

How to quickly get started with the Axie Infinity game?

Axies Infinity official website already has a detailed guide to get started. In short, if you have a Metamask wallet and register a Ronin sidechain wallet (remember to back it up), and use Ethereum to buy 3 Axies elf in the official market or Opensea, download After the game, you can start the “play while earning” journey!

  • Step 1: Create a Metamask digital wallet account, and recharge some ETH to the account. You can get ETH from exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Ouyi, etc. (We default that everyone knows how to use Metamask and recharge ETH, if not Need to make up lessons)
  • Step 2: Create a Ronin wallet account (Ronin wallet is a dedicated Ethereum side chain in the game, you need to create and back up the wallet again)
  • Step 3: Use Ronin Bridge to deposit ETH in Metamask into Ronin Wallet (remember not to directly deposit ETH from the exchange to Ronin Wallet)
  • Step 4: Buy at least 3 Axies from the Axie market (enter the Axie official market and choose to buy your 3 pets and prepare to fight! See below for specific Axies pet attributes)
  • Step 5: Log in using Metamask in the official market, set up an email and password, find the download link application given on the official website, open the page, and click “PLAY NOW” in the upper right corner to start the download (players can download it on their personal homepage View the Axies, land and transaction records you own)

???? The above download link can be found in “Axie Infinity Official Getting Started Guide”

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quicklyThe main interface after opening the game

Basic knowledge of Axie Infinity you need to know before getting started

What is an Axie elf?

Axie elf is a fantasy creature in the game and the core NFT asset in the Axies Infinity game. Players can use Axie elf to fight, collect and breed. At the same time, each Axie elf has different characteristics and attributes, which determine its role in combat.

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

Basic attributes of Axie elf

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

The basic attributes of each Axie include: HP, Morale, Skill and Speed. The total value of the Axies attribute of each elf is 164, and the maximum value of each basic attribute is 61. Different preferences determine whether the elf is more suitable as a “tank” or a “DPS” in battle. (Usually, the two most important basic attributes are “speed” and “hp”)

  • HP: HP refers to the maximum damage that each Axies can withstand before being knocked down
  • Morale: Morale can increase the chance of a final critical strike. The higher the morale value, the greater the chance of losing all the HP for the “Last Stand”.
  • Skill (Skill): Skills can increase the extra damage when the elf uses multiple cards “Combo” in a round in battle. The extra damage is calculated as follows: (attack power * skill) / 500
  • Speed: Speed ​​determines the attack sequence. The higher the speed Axie attacks first, the speed will also reduce the chance of Axie suffering a fatal blow. If the speed of two Axies is the same, the order of attack can be determined by the following rules: higher speed> lower blood volume> more skills> higher morale> lower identity number (the Axie identity in the picture above) The number is #2270).

The attributes of the Axie elf also depend on the two variables “Body Parts” and “Class”.

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly
  • Regarding Body Parts, each Axie has 6 body parts, namely: Eyes, Ears, Horn, Mouth, Back, Tail
  • Regarding Class, there are three categories, each of which has three attributes. Axies elves have 9 attributes, namely: “Reptile”, “Plant”, and “Dusk”. Dusk”, “Aquaic”, “Bird”, “Dawn”, “Mech”, “Bug” and “Beast”

What you need to know more about is:

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

1. Four body parts: Horn, Mouth, Back and Tail determine the skill cards that Axie can use in battle.

2. Four skill cards: each elf has four skill cards, and each skill card has different skill effects. On the right side of the card, there are two “attack power” and “shield value”. The values ​​are the damage caused to the enemy and the value of your own shield. When the shield is broken, the enemy’s attack will directly deduct the Axies elf’s health. If the Axie elf uses a card with its own attributes, it will increase its attack power and shield value by 10%.

3. Attribute restraint relationship: There are also rules of mutual restraint among various types in the world of elves, such as “creeping system, plant system, dusk system”, “water system, flight system, dawn system”, “mechanical system, insect system, “Beasts”, the three attributes of a certain category will be restrained by the three attributes of other categories, and 15% additional damage will be increased or reduced during battle. The specific relationship is shown in the figure above.

4. Same attribute gain: It should be noted that the total attribute value of the Axie elf is the sum of the basic attribute value and the attribute value of each body part of Axie. When the attributes of the body parts of the elves are the same as the attributes of the elves themselves, the Axie elves also add additional attribute values ​​of the elves according to the attributes of their body parts (see the figure below for specific basic attribute values), as follows:

  • Plant: HP +3, morale +1
  • Aquaic: HP +1, speed +3
  • Reptile: HP +3, speed +1
  • Beast: Morale +3, Speed ​​+1
  • Insect system (Bug): health +1, morale +3
  • Bird: Morale +1, Speed ​​+3

It is worth noting that the basic attribute values ​​of different types of Axie elves are also biased. You can check the following data to understand the specific basic values ​​of each attribute as a reference. Under normal circumstances, a certain type of Axie elf will have certain attributes, such as higher blood volume of the plant system and higher speed of the flying system (Bird).

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

A brief analysis of the combat system of Axie elf

If you are a fan of turn-based games like Legend of Sword and Fairy, you can definitely get started quickly with Axies Infinity. In short, the combat system of Axie elves can be understood as a turn-based card battle game in which one player wins by defeating 3 Axie elves of the other player. In each round, players must line up and strategically play skill cards to maximize their chances of winning.

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quicklyAfter logging in to the Axie Infinity customer service terminal, this cool main page will appear

We take the main page of the above picture as an example to briefly explain how to quickly get started with the functions in the game:

  • ADVENTURE: the mode of the player vs the system environment (the opponent is the monster controlled by the game program)
  • Athletics mode (ARENA): the mode of player vs player
  • Axies: Display the Axie pixies you have
  • Team (Teams): Display the Axie team you created, click to manage the team, replace, add, and organize Axie elf
  • Assets (Inventory): Display the game-related token assets such as AXS, SLP, ETH, etc. you own
  • Quests: Quests include daily tasks, weekly tasks, etc. Currently, there are only daily quests. You need to complete 5 victories in competitive mode + 10 victories in adventure mode + sign in to get 50 SLP rewards
  • PVP Arena: Currently in the 13th season of PVP Arena (PVP Arena Season 13), a season is held every month in the game, and players will automatically participate in the game season. At the same time, according to the rankings based on the number of players’ battle victories, the top 200 players will receive official rewards of different amounts of AXS tokens
  • There are several small buttons in the lower right corner, from right to left are: settings, friends, battle history, rankings

Brief analysis of the battle play in the game

Click on the ARENA or ADVENTURE mode to enter the battle. The following is the exciting battle interface!

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

The basics of combat you need to know include:

  • At the bottom left of the screen, 3 Axie elf skill cards will be listed in sequence. The small yellow ball on the left side of the screen will display x/10 tips, x is the number of cards you can play this round (each player can hold up to 9 skill cards)
  • Click on the card of each Axie elf, and the card will appear under the elf’s portrait at the top of the screen, indicating the cards played in this round (when the number of yellow balls on the left is 0, it means that no more skill cards can be selected)
  • After selecting the skill card, click “End Turn” on the right side of the screen to start the attack
  • When the number of cards allows, each Axie elf can choose multiple cards to attack, and there is a combo effect.
  • The Axie elf in the defensive position, try to use the card that improves the defensive ability every time (the small green shield has a high value)
  • Axie elf will have a red burning state after death, in this state, it can also perform “Last Attack”, which is “Death Strike”
  • The Axie elf is in a green flame state after death.

Briefly analyze the basic information of skill cards

Coin World-Axie Infinity Universe Hitchhiking Guide: This is enough for novice players to get started quickly

Axies Infinity skill cards include four basic parts:

  • Energy (Energy): Each card consumes one energy, which is the chance to play the card. Every player has 3 energy in the first round, and at the beginning of the second round, 2 energy is added every round.
  • Attack power (Attack): Refers to the damage value produced by the card when attacking the opponent.
  • Shield: Refers to the numerical value that reduces the opponent’s damage when being attacked.
  • Effects: Some skill cards have unique effects, please note that they are different from other abilities of the card.

According to data, there are currently a total of 132 skill cards, and each card has a unique effect. These effects and abilities can be roughly summarized into several types: increase attack power, restore damage, buffs and debuffs (such as increasing morale, slowing opponents, lowering morale, etc.), stealing energy, drawing cards, attacking the designated target Axie Elf and so on.

Of course, the skill cards of each Axie elf are not the same, and the specific use situation requires the player to continuously explore in the game. This is also one of the fun of the game itself.

Through the above content, as a novice player, you may have a general idea of ​​how to start the Axie game and start your first battle. Next, MAO DAO will continue to work hard to share with you more useful and fun Axies Infinity related strategies, please support us!

Since Axies Infinity has a huge fantasy pet world, we will continue to publish a series of tutorial articles covering all aspects of this world, and we will also update the community on the game’s observations and insights at any time. Players are welcome to join our MAO DAO community to communicate with each other and play together.

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