Axie Infinity attracts market attention: chain games may become the next hot spot

During this period of time, the currency circle was a bit boring. The daily themes were mainly around DEFI, NFT, and layer2. Although the rebound in currency prices in the past few days has given some people the hope of a bull market, it has fallen. Obviously, the popularity is not as good as before, but the blockchain game has unexpectedly attracted the attention of many people, the most well-known of which is Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity attracts market attention: chain games may become the next hot spot

Why can chain games become popular

Like many projects, people don’t know why this chain game is so popular. In fact, before this, blockchain games belonged to a relatively small part of the industry, mainly because most people in the currency circle still focused on Projects and digital tokens, but few people settle down to play some games with poor experience, which also leads to the fact that chain games are not popular for a long time.

If we carefully study this round of bull market, we can actually find that from the first DEFI, then to DEFI+NFT, then to NFT, and then to NFT+games, until the current game, there is actually a certain degree of hype. Of the link. From this point of view, then chain games may immediately attract market attention.

The process of capital speculation also has time. When a hot spot is over-hyped, capital needs to find another hot spot, which is the previous value depression. So from this perspective, chain games will come sooner or later, and Axie Infinity It is one of the fuse.

Introduction to the development of chain games

Anyone who knows blockchain games should know that the first blockchain game was CryptoKitties. When CryptoKitties was first born, there was no NFT concept. At that time, CryptoKitties were ERC721 tokens with different This attribute has attracted many people’s attention. It was not until a few years later that ERC721 tokens were officially included in the NFT category, which means that NFT itself is actually a kind of blockchain game.

When the first chain game was hot, it was the peak period of EOS chain development. Since 18 years ago, the transfer speed on the EOS chain was very fast, and it was also known as the blockchain with the highest TPS at that time. DAPP also became popular. EOS chain The development and prosperity of the ecology and the popularity of some gambling have also attracted a large number of users to experience on the EOS chain. Although gambling fell in a wave, it has brought a large number of users to EOS. Since then, chain games have also begun. Prosperous, so some people began to pay attention to the development of chain games.

Since then, the chain games of Ethereum, TRON, Ontology and other public chains have ushered in a wave of growth. However, due to the early development of chain games, the experience of these chain games is not particularly friendly. On the one hand, It’s because the picture quality of chain games is poor, just like the pop-up page game advertisements we usually see. Many people in the game circle still regard chain games as page games. Some chain game developers even directly refer to traditional page games. Directly modify and modify, and then go online in a hurry. Even the development of some chain games is still based on fees. When users experience a certain level of experience, they need to pay. The increase in payment scenarios has also made some people gradually disappointed in chain games. Therefore, the chain tour has left a not-so-good impression on some people.

Axie Infinity attracts market attention: chain games may become the next hot spot

Crypto Hero

It is precisely because of this that chain games have gradually declined. Of course, part of the reason is also because of the arrival of the bear market. Many people are losing money and the market sentiment is not very good. Although some chain game manufacturers later produced chain games with better picture quality and good experience, they did not get better results due to market reasons.

Axie Infinity attracts market attention: chain games may become the next hot spot

Encrypted Three Kingdoms

It was also from that time (19-20 years) that DEFI applications on Ethereum gradually increased, and DEFI became an important development position for Ethereum. On the other hand, EOS, the inaction of BM made the EOS ecosystem fail to seize the development opportunities of DEFI, and then went straight. And then, today’s situation is formed.

Current problems in chain games

Although current chain games have aroused capital hype, they are actually not a mature industry. From the perspective of games, the current products of chain games are relatively monotonous, and there is no intuitive understanding from the user-oriented perspective.

For example, many chain games still mainly use wallets and computer clients as the entrance. This is actually not a good solution. On the one hand, most chain games that use wallets as the entrance are based on page games as a reference. The plot is simple and the screen is rough. It’s like a small game in 2007 and 2008. If the computer client is used as the entrance, it is clear that the best period of development has passed. At present, in the game industry, the development of mobile games is basically going downhill, while mobile games are developing rapidly and seizing the opportunity. Games should still be aligned with mobile games as the development model.

The second is the user group positioning of chain games. With the promotion of bull market funds, no matter what chain game is, if you just design a good token distribution model and plan, it may attract users’ attention and generate a certain money-making effect. But in this situation, only speculators are attracted, not real gamers. Therefore, when the market wind changes, these chain games may also fall heavily to the ground as the wind stops.

The real chain game players should actually be traditional game players, just like the real users of NFT should be art writers, not users of the currency circle, because most of the users of the currency circle actually make money. Come, just leave without the effect of making money, it is easy to produce a feather after the enthusiasm.

Analysis of the future development of chain games

In addition to the hype of funds, the current reason for the development of chain games is actually the development of blockchain technology. We all know that in 2018 and 19, chain games were mainly carried out on blockchains such as EOS. The reason is the high TPS of EOS, which makes it easy for players to interact on the chain, and the cost is also very low, which attracts developers to settle in one after another. Due to the limitation of TPS, the experience of Ethereum is not ideal. Most of the operations are actually not on the chain. Only some key operations can be queried from the chain. This is also a key bottleneck.

Since this year, many layer2 solutions have attracted the attention of a large number of users. For example, mixmarvel has its own mature solutions. In fact, chain game producers are constantly exploring and innovating technology. Therefore, from this perspective, the later chain Games may be developed with the help of layer2, and even a large number of layouts will be carried out on ETH2.0 in the later period. At that time, it was the highlight of the development of chain games.

The other is that the page of the chain game has indeed improved from the early days to the present. Some animated chain games are still easy to cause some people’s youthful memories. Some computer-side chain games also use 3D technology to enable users to experience To the feeling of some “large games”, it can be seen that from this aspect, chain games are gradually approaching mainstream games. In the future, some games that use somatosensory, such as AR virtual reality technology, etc., are also a direction for the future development of chain games.

The third is the combination with the meta universe. Meta Universe was proposed by Roblox, a US listed company this year. After Roblox went public, its market value quickly rose to 50 billion U.S. dollars, attracting the attention of large companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Nvidia. The concept of Meta Universe is simply a programmable In the virtual network world, in the blockchain, we can see it as a behavior of confirming and interacting with assets on the blockchain, which can be naturally combined with chain games, and it will also increase the future of chain games. Reality attracts users to experience, which in turn makes the game experience reach new heights.


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