AVATAR in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual parallel world. To enter this world, you need a virtual avatar to appear instead of your deity. The English name of the avatar is AVATAR. Today we will talk about the history of AVATAR and its use in the Metaverse.

The Chinese public first came into contact with the term AVATAR in the 2009 sci-fi movie “AVATAR” by Cameron, whose Chinese name is “Avatar”.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

AVATAR comes from Sanskrit in ancient India, which means “descending” and “reincarnation” from a higher realm due to a special purpose, which is the meaning of the gods descending to earth.

In 1992, the famous American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson (Neal Stephenson) launched his science fiction novel “Snow Crash” (Snow Crash). The book describes an online world parallel to the real world – the Metaverse. All people in the real world have an avatar in the metaverse: AVATAR.

AVATAR began to gain popularity in the English-speaking world.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

AVATAR has gradually become a hot word in the computer world. Net names, online pseudonyms, and characters in computer games are all considered Avatar. In blogs, WeChat, and Douyin, we use various screen names to surf the Internet, post articles, and write comments. The avatars we use are all AVATAR, which is also the first meaning that many people know: avatars.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

If it is an English interface, AVATAR will be displayed here in the “avatar”.

QQ show also belongs to AVATAR.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

In 2009, Cameron’s sci-fi film “AVATAR” turned out, the global box office first, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time.

Why is this movie about alien stories named AVATAR?

The male protagonist, Jack, uses a complex set of equipment similar to a space capsule to “shuttle” his “soul” between the human body and the incarnation of the planet Pandora. The male protagonist spends most of his time using avatars for activities, and finally chooses avatars.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

At the end of the movie, Jack’s incarnation, as an undercover agent sent by humans, led Pandora to successfully resist the human invaders and defended freedom, belief and homeland. In the minds of Pandora stars, Jack’s incarnation is of course AVATAR, a god descended to earth.

Technically, Avatar uses a lot of animation and computer-imaging stunts. Those who are engaged in these jobs are all computer experts, and it is a natural choice to use a familiar name in the computer industry.

The choice of AVATAR as the title of the film is undoubtedly very successful, not only revealing the main points of the story, but also further sublimating the theme, achieving the most natural fusion of philosophy, religion and modern technology.

After Cameron’s sublimation, AVATAR has been upgraded from the “avatar” of the computer world to the second meaning: avatar, which is also closer to its Sanskrit meaning.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

No word describes the concept of “avatar” better than “avatar”.

In our existing metaverse platform, how is it set up to use AVATAR? Let’s take the Sumnium Space metaverse platform (hereinafter referred to as SS) with the best immersion as an example.

The SS platform can log in via web, PC and VR. Let’s start with the simpler web login.

You can choose the system default AVATAR, as shown in the figure.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

This default AVATAR is too plain, and it has nothing to do with his appearance. If you want to show a more realistic and beautiful image, you can design your own avatar on the virtual AVATAR production platform realplayer.me.

After sampling with the camera, the realplayer.me website will generate an initial AVATAR based on the photo, and then you can modify the skin color, face shape, mouth shape, eye color, eyebrows, hairstyle, hat, glasses, clothing, etc., and save it when you are satisfied.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

Then choose to replace the AVATAR in the SS platform, select CUSTOM (custom) in the pop-up window, enter the realplayer.me account to link, and you can use the designed AVATAR after success.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

The realplayer.me platform has linked 50+ platforms that require avatars, including metaverse platforms: SS, CYBR, Mona, VRchat, etc., game platforms: SIDEQUEST, tribe XR, twiggle, office software: meetinVR, Twin World, real VR, etc. Wait.

If you log in from PC and VR, AVATAR production requires two collaboration software: blender and UNITY, adding a motion system to allow AVATAR to walk and jump, and to open mouth synchronously when speaking, etc.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

You can make multiple AVATARs for different scenarios, or make NFTs for sale in the market.

You can make any character you like as your own AVATAR. For example, you can be a quiet beauty.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

Can also be made into an angry bird.

AVATAR in the Metaverse

It can even be made into any image you want, such as TV people, antenna people, vegetative people… It is not the outside world that restricts us, but the wall in our thinking.

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