Avalanche Summit Hackathon Winners Announced

The Avalanche Summit was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain from March 22-27, with a hackathon hosted by the Encode Club during the summit on March 25-27.

Sponsors of the hackathon include Ankr, Chainlink, Coinbase Wallet, Adventures Dao, Axelar, Covalent, Dexalot, Hacken Club, LayerZero Labs, Wowswap, and the Avalanche Foundation.

On March 28, Encode Club announced the winners of the hackathon on Twitter.

Golden Finance has compiled a list of award-winning projects for readers to investigate.

Avalanche Foundation Grants: OracleEVM, SubnetX, subnet.center, AEVEREST, zkID, $20,000 each

Ankr funding: ANKR Endpoints, $2500

Aventures Dao Funding: Treasury Contract and YieldPool NFT, $5000 each

Axelar funding:

1st place: CrossChainSwap, $2500

Second place: Solidity Network, $1,000

3rd place: Skia Safe Wallet, $500

Covalent API Bounty Winner Ruby, $1000

Chianlink funding:

1st place: Avert Transfert, $2,500

Second place: TheAttik, $1,500

3rd place: MatchMe.NFT, $1,000

Covalent funding:

Bounty 1: MatchMe.NFT, Babalaunch, $1000 each

Bounty 2: Ruby, WowSwap Probabilistic Liquidation Bot, $2000 each

ExpiryDator and Skia Safe Wallet, $500

Dexalot grants:

1st place: Dexalot MarketMaker, $5,000

Second Place: Mathieu’s Dexalot Bot, $2,000

3rd place: Sujen’s Dexalot MM, CryptoConquistadoras, and Solidity Network, $1,000 each

Hacken Club funding:

1st place: Tokenfreaks, $2,500

Second place: DEFYCA, $1,500

LayerZero Labs funding:

Best Overall Project: Float Capital, AnyDAO, $10,000 each

Best NFT Project: Octo Bridge, $1,000

Wowswap funding:

WOWSwap Probabilistic Liquidation Bot, $5000

Coinbase Wallet funding pending

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