• Gome’s involvement in the Metaverse: set as the most important strategy, has recruited talents to set up a project team

    In the situation of strong enemies and many entrants, Gome still needs to face huge challenges in order to succeed. Recently, Jiemian News reporter exclusively learned that Gome has set the Metaverse as the most important strategic direction. The general manager of the Metaverse project has been hired in June and is actively recruiting talents. A person familiar with the matter told Jiemian News that the Metaverse project may be partially launched in early July. In addition, public information from the workplace social platform Maimai shows that the business scope…

  • The world’s first AR contact lens, the entrance to the Metaverse is really open this time?

    Crazy contact lens plan, the movie dare not shoot like this The world’s first AR contact lenses, small lenses “see through” the vast world? . In the movie “Ace Agent”, the protagonist wears glasses and can instantly enter the “second space” invisible to others, and conduct AR video conferences with agents from all over the world. When I naively thought that this was the ultimate imagination of human beings for the holographic future, a company in real life made me understand what is called “reality is always more magical than…

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  • Arbitrum Odyssey officially launched: How to participate quickly and efficiently?

    At 1:00 on June 22, Beijing time, Arbitrum, the Ethereum expansion plan, officially launched The Arbitrum Odyssey event. During the 8-week event, users will learn about some of the top dapps currently on Arbitrum by performing on-chain tasks. While participating in the event, users can: Support for promising scaling solutions Build personal L2 skills Collect iconic NFTs May be eligible for the Arbitrum token airdrop The Arbitrum Odyssey is an ecological experience reward program organized by the Ethereum extension program Arbitrum. Users interact with the Arbitrum ecological protocol voted by the reward…

  • Wyvern: 1st-Order Decentralized Exchange Protocol

    Wyvern is a Tier 1 decentralized exchange protocol. Compared with other protocols, such as Etherdelta, 0x and Dexy, they are of order 0, that is, each order specifies the transaction of two decentralized assets. And Wyvern changes the order to a predicate that specifies a state transition, that is, defines the order as a function that maps the manufacturer’s call, the counterparty’s call, and the order unit data to Boolean values. Any asset or any combination of assets representable on Ethereum can be exchanged through Wyvern orders. In this way, any commands…

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  • Fake Wallet Panoramic Tracking: Deeply Revealing the Fake Wallet Fishing Industry Chain

    foreword Xiao A recently received a text message about the exchange’s activity, so Xiao A entered “xx wallet official” in the browser, clicked on the link at the top, downloaded the App – created a wallet – transferred assets, and completed it in one go. After a while, Xiao A received a notification that the transfer was successful, and the balance in his wallet app – ERC20-USDT worth 10 million US dollars – was reduced to zero. Little A realized later that this app was fake and downloaded it to the fishing…

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  • Metaverse scenario application exploration report (2022)

    Metaverse, translated from the English word Metaverse. The term appeared in 1992 in the book “Avalanche” by American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson. In the book, Neil Stephenson creates a three-dimensional digital space that parallels the real world, where people communicate and entertain themselves through “avatars”. “The sky and the earth in the Chaoyuan Domain are pitch black, like a computer screen without any image display. It is always night here, and the streets are always gorgeous and dazzling, as if they are beyond the laws of physics and money….

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  • What do you think of Ethereum’s “Rollup-centric” future?

    Rollups solutions must prioritize reduced execution costs, cross-layer interoperability, and user privacy. key takeaways To alleviate current scalability issues, Ethereum is moving towards a “Rollup-centric roadmap” that combines the best on-chain and off-chain scaling solutions. Ethereum’s on-chain scaling solution, danksharding, provides ample data space for the vigorous development of L2 (Layer 2) scaling solutions such as Optimistic Rollups and ZK-Rollups. Both Optimistic Rollups and ZK-Rollups have their drawbacks: most Optimistic Rollups have long withdrawal waiting periods between tiers; while ZK-Rollups tend to be computationally intensive and cannot provide seamless composability….

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  • 50 Projects 7 Major Sections Quick View Gitcoin Donation Web3 Social Ecological Wheel

    The Web3 social track is booming, with 50 selected projects from 7 sectors including social communication, social network, DID, reputation, and creator economy. Written by: Mask Network Gitcoin , an open source software and community donation platform , has launched its 14th round of donation activities from June 8 to 23. Users can use the platform to fund outstanding open source software teams. Mask Network is very excited to host the first ever Web3 Social Ecosystem donation event with a $50,000 bounty. After several rounds of review, 50 projects were…

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  • Crypto Pragmatist founder: Crypto governance has failed

    In the early days of this bear market, I spoke to a crypto protocol expert who became a good friend of mine. At the time he looked tired and pessimistic, eager to vent his concerns about the state of the industry. In addition to predicting Luna’s debacle months in advance, he had some ideas I hadn’t really thought about before; most of them had to do with cryptocurrency governance. The concept he came up with was that we treat a cryptographic structure as a behemoth that is actually only as…

  • After the era of PLAY TO EARN ends, blockchain games will bring real changes to the game industry

    Research summary With a large number of venture capital pouring into the blockchain game track and a large number of entrepreneurs devoting themselves to creating blockchain games, we are glad that the industry has received widespread attention, but also see more and more chaos. But the early stage of each industry change must be accompanied by a large number of bubbles, and the founders who can truly grasp the core of the industry change in this bubble have the opportunity to create real value. What is the core innovation of…

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  • How to break the boundaries between NFT tool platforms and NFT trading platforms?

    Summary: The decentralized NFT trading protocol is to NFT Market what AMM is to DEX. The core needs in NFT trading are liquidity and price, so the real moat of the NFT trading platform should be based on the liquidity and price advantage when commodities are sold. The aggregator that changes the pattern only solves the problem of scattered NFT pending orders as a front-end traffic portal, and does not fundamentally solve the liquidity problem. It is not the next trading platform or aggregator that is most likely to solve…

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  • USDC is chasing USDT, the market pattern of stablecoins is quietly changing

    In the past two months, all the signs in the crypto market have damaged investor confidence: the collapse of the Terra stablecoin UST, the run on the cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius, the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital is facing a crisis, and so on. As the prices of various Tokens plummet, cryptocurrencies are entering a new round of cold winter. Under the general bearish sentiment, in order to avoid losses, investors are more willing to convert part of their gains in the bull market into stablecoins to survive this difficult crypto bear market. At this time, the two…

  • Web3.0 Revolution and the Road of Development with Chinese Characteristics

    The era of Web1.0 has become a thing of the past with the continuous development of mobile communication technology, and the era of Web2.0 is also being divided up by a number of Internet giants, and the traffic and market are gradually drying up. Whether it is based on the need for information technology upgrades or to save the global economy that has been plagued by the epidemic and continues to slump, the capital, market and technology fields urgently need an industrial revolution to inject new momentum into economic growth….

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  • Who was selling bitcoin when the crypto market crashed?

    Miners, Bitcoin spot ETFs are all selling Bitcoin when the market is down. In just three days last week, Bitcoin (BTC) investors experienced their largest ever real loss (transaction realized loss), according to data from Glassnode, a blockchain data analysis service. Selling BTC led to investor losses $7.3 billion. On June 18, the price of BTC hit a new low of $17,700 for the year, which is also the first time it has fallen below $20,000 since 2020. So, who sold BTC in the downside of the crypto asset market? On…

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  • The Hitchhiker ‘s Guide to Ethereum (Part 2)

    Part 1: The Road to Danksharding Part II – History and State Management Here’s a quick review of some basics: History – everything that has happened on the chain. History doesn’t need quick access, you can put it on a hard drive. In the long run, history is 1 of N honest assumptions. Status – A snapshot of all current account balances, smart contracts, etc. Full nodes (currently) all need to have state in order to validate transactions. State is too big for RAM, and hard drives are too slow (state is put in…

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  • Indian Web3 “Great Leap Forward”

    Compared to Japan, India appears more likely to be the “dominant” of Web3, known as the next-generation Internet. This month, two “heavy players” in the capital market expressed their preference for India. On June 14, Sequoia launched a venture fund of about 2 billion US dollars in India, which immediately refreshed the record of Sequoia’s annual investment scale in India. It is reported that some of the funds will be used to expand investment in the Web3 field; On March 19), Binance executive Tigran, who has invested heavily in Web3, revealed…

  • The past, present, future of the Metaverse: How will UGC ignite the Metaverse?

    The digital space we live in today has changed a lot since the early days of the internet. The next big evolutionary shift is rapidly unfolding, with many of the world’s largest tech companies announcing their intention to create what’s called a “Metaverse.” As venture capitalist Matthew Ball describes it, “[The Metaverse] is an embodied internet consisting of a massive and interoperable network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds, with virtually unlimited number of users synchronized and continuously experience a sense of personal existence.” Unlike previous iterations of the internet,…

  • How is the performance of blue-chip NFTs in the crypto bear market?

    Introduction: The most valuable and potential blue-chip NFTs generally recognized by the market have fallen rapidly in the past week. Since the NFT market is mainly priced by ETH, and its price has continued to drop close to 1,000 USDT in the past week, the valuation of NFT has also fallen at an unprecedented rate. The crypto market has taken a huge hit since June 11. Cryptocurrencies saw a broader sell-off on Sunday after data showed U.S. inflation hit a fresh 40-year high. The record high inflation poses a major…

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  • Detailed explanation of three mainstream cross-chain technical solutions

    With the vigorous development of blockchain technology, a large number of blockchain projects have emerged, and blockchain networks with different characteristics and different application scenarios have been formed. The increasingly rich combination of technology stacks supports the vigorous ecology of the blockchain, but it also causes heterogeneity between different projects, making it difficult for the transaction data and economic value it carries to flow freely within the ecosystem . The chain has gradually become the rigid demand of the industry . The so-called cross-chain refers to the realization of secure information exchange and…

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  • Siba Media enters the Metaverse and is still a fan economy + social platform

    On June 10, Fang Siba Media, the operator of the domestic idol girl group SNH48 GROUP, announced the restructuring of its core business and corporate structure. Its holding company was also renamed Meita Holdings, and its core business will also be transformed into a WEB3.0 and XR Internet era. An immersive and interactive social Metaverse – the META Metaverse. “Siba” other than Siba Siba Media, which is attacking the Metaverse, wants to create another “Siba”. In Siba’s blueprint, a cyberpunk-style national tide city-Hua Rong is the foundation of the entire…

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