Attack of the SubGift, the wild hope of the future

Using SubGift as an example, the SWOT method is used to look at the prospects and development of a project and decide whether to hold it for the long term or speculate on it for the short term.

Attack of the SubGift, the wild hope of the future

The thing is this, because recently I do contract burst, serious losses, plus the NFT concept is hot, I started several coins are set, every day open the wallet to check the account balance, blood pressure is a little out of control, now speculation coin investment project must carry antihypertensive drugs, or the body can not top.

The world of coins – into the SubGift, the future of wild hope frankly speaking, as in the NFT concept lost a lot of money in the editor, finally can not help but diss the next project, when the project said good value investment we get rich together, on the car after the door welded all the way to the waterfall block can not be stopped. In order for everyone not to be as miserable as I, I after blood tears summed up, sorted out a how to evaluate the future prospects of a project how, whether it is worth investing.

Take the current NFT ecological SubGift of Boca as an example, I will teach you how to objectively analyze the good and bad of a project, and I hope you will learn so that you do not have to pay tuition everywhere like I did.

S advantage

SubGift’s advantages are very obvious, based on the NFT ecology of the big hotspot wave card, as if born with a golden key, so in the birth background here, SubGift is considered the forefront of the industry, in OpenSea, Rarible, these are still with the help of the ecology of Ether, for GAS led to circulation too low headache, SubGift is not only compatible Any smart contract platform using WASM can be perfectly integrated with SubGift. The underlying highly compatible design makes SubGift free from the restriction of the tenure of Poca parallel chain slots, and SubGift services across multiple WASM platforms will circulate in the Poca-wide ecology and share the interoperability with Poca parallel chain.

This is the advantage of SubGift, in my opinion, is also the biggest advantage, Ether a fly, the high GAS makes the editor himself for NFT also a bit discouraged, and even a lot of people say, the higher the price of Ether, the faster NFT die, is suffering from the GAS problem can not be solved. And SubGift, based on its own high compatibility and scalability, solves the impact brought by GAS, which is a gospel for retail investors, we can reduce the cost to participate in NFT, and for developers, it is also a gospel, the traffic sharing in the whole area of Polka will greatly promote player mobility and activeness.

Polka-based SubGift opens up a vast high liquidity market and brings more possibilities for the development of the industry. For the whole industry, the advantages of SubGift are epoch-making.

W Disadvantages

NFT price anchoring problem in my opinion is one of the challenges facing SubGift. SubGift ecology provides a one-stop service for NFT casting and trading, but where is the value anchor point for NFT cast by users in SubGift? And who decides? That is to say, I casually cast my NFT in SubGift, as long as there are people to buy it, my auction price on the shelf to reach the sky is allowed, but ultimately the meaning of the NFT issue in what? Speculation or value?

In fact, this price anchoring problem is not only a problem of SubGift, but also a problem of many NFT platforms, and SubGift, as a newly introduced project, is a bit weaker in terms of endorsement, so it will seem more passive on the topic of price anchoring.

At this time, if that NFT platform takes the lead in setting the NFT value standard, then it will greatly grasp the industry discourse, and currently, SubGift is lacking here.

O Opportunity

Bitcoin is leading the blockchain to break the circle, and as a big hotspot in the blockchain, SubGift will be much hotter with the momentum of the wave card, and depending on the ecology of the application killer wave card, SubGift can tell more attractive stories in the future, and it must be said that this is the opportunity that the NFT platform of the Ether system is eyeing.

At the same time, many NFT platforms are competing with each other on the Ether platform due to their early start, while the development space full of opportunities for polka can better cultivate SubGift’s ecological formation.

With the hotspot of Polka and the cultivation of Polka ecology, SubGift will have a strong story in the future, and only if the story is well told can it be recognized and survive in the capital market.

T Threat

SubGift is involved in the whole chain of NFT industry, so there is a big problem in SubGift in the future, if this problem can not be solved will directly lead to SubGift platform is difficult to develop in a bold way.

That is, the copyright of digital assets, which can be coded as smart contracts for blockchain transactions may be binding from a technical point of view, but the legal enforceability is a difficult question to answer. When a user casts NFT at SubGift and that NFT flows into the marketplace for trading, it is captured by Xiaoming.

The question that exists at this point in time is: what is it that Komine actually does that is useful? Is it a string of data from the SubGift ecology? And where is this data actually stored? And if Xiaoming bought something that was proven to be a pirated copy, how can we tell?

As the SubGift ecology spans a wide range, one can easily face these ubiquitous digital copyright issues. If it only provides transaction services or casting services, then it does not need to worry too much, but as SubGift provides a full chain of services, in which it is easy to have some disputes because of the copyright of digital assets.

The blade of Damocles hanging over SubGift’s head, is it a knife to stab the enemy? Or will it break its own back? All this is debatable under the invisible hidden danger.

SWOT Summary

SubGift’s problem with digital rights is that its ecological front is too broad, and it is unable to grasp the value of NFT’s discourse. In a comprehensive comparison, SubGift’s own advantages and opportunities far outweigh its own problems and threats.

Due to SubGift’s background and backing issues, it makes its future road in the capital market is still long, there are many wonderful stories can be made up to investors and leeks, and this is also decided the future SubGift’s lifeline will be long enough. There are relevant reports show that in the next, the NFT market valuation is expected to exceed $ 1 billion, the entire lobbying around NFT is also excited, SubGift itself will solve the biggest problem of the current NFT platform – the problem of low liquidity, then it is likely to become the focus of the industry in the future, with background backing, can With a background backing, storytelling, and technology that breaks through the industry, do you think the future capital will become SubGift’s fans?

Coin World – Attacking SubGift, the future of wild hope

Of course, the analysis of SubGift is just an example. Through swot analysis, we analyze the rationality and future market expectation of a project, and then derive the future prospect and development to decide whether we should hold it for a long term or short term speculation.

Only by mastering these basics can we maximize the profitability of our investment and avoid being cut in the next project. After all, buying a stock does not also depend on its annual report and P/E ratio, right?

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