At the moment when the Metaverse is hot, how should we experience the Metaverse “immersively”?

The Metaverse has gradually transformed from an abstract concept to a concrete one, and ordinary people can also enjoy it

The waste heat of Metaverse still hasn’t passed, and even a single spark will start a prairie fire. Metaverse itself has also moved from the palace to the private sector. We can see that some companies have begun the exploration of Metaverse, such as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom. Tianyi loves music culture technology, released the Metaverse bidding project, the procurement content is “Meta-universe digital human production”, and the B station, which is unanimously optimistic about the Metaverse gene, is also testing the Metaverse business named “Energy Chain”. 

Suddenly, something that was a concept a few months ago suddenly took more ground. Even NetEase Cloud Music , which just went on the market, also adopted the Metaverse way of ringing the bell. It’s really amazing. After all, such a big thing can be done now. Swordsmanship in the Metaverse seems to have more imagination in the future . 

These news sounds all sound very high, but it seems to ordinary people that the Metaverse is very far away, and there is not even much that can be actually touched. This is also a problem that many partners have recently raised when communicating with us. , So we try to explain how we can play the Metaverse from several dimensions ?

Of course, the fun discussed in this article is more close to the Metaverse concept itself. Perhaps it is not a complete Metaverse, and may even change in the future. But for the moment, these directions are enough for us to test the Metaverse. Next, let’s embark on the journey of exploring the Metaverse.

Start with collecting digital collections

Metaverse has a unique economic system that is independent and different from traditional fields. Its foundation is credible asset value and trustless identity authentication. All of these are inseparable from the support of blockchain technology, which is most easily perceived and obtained by users. It is a digital collection. 

As a unique, traceable and trustworthy asset, digital collections have set off a huge wave in 2021, and countless companies and individuals have entered this field. 

First, the NBA joined hands with Dapper Labs to launch the “new star card” NBA Top Shot, which swept the world in just one month. Later, Christie’s Auction House and Sotheby’s Auction House successively held NFT art auctions, and auctioned pictures of high-priced digital collections that shocked the world. Later, Tencent launched the NFT trading software Magic Core, and AntChain launched a series of digital collections such as “Dunhuang Feitian”. Even Sequoia Capital put the 2005 YouTube investment memorandum as an NFT auction. 

In a recent announcement by Sequoia Capital, “The rise of the blockchain echoes the rise of the Internet itself: the direct and free flow of information between people on the Internet has laid the foundation for the direct and free flow of value on the blockchain. Foundation. In the world of NFT, anyone can create digital assets and anyone can invest in them, which brings unprecedented diversity to asset valuation and trading .” 

If we consider the birth of YouTube is an important milestone in the Web2.0, then we have reason to phase channel number word collection is the core of Web3.0 turning point. The process of digitization will dilute the role of central institutions, and creators and network participants will reshape the Internet era and truly grasp the value of these digital collections. 

For ordinary users, the easiest and most efficient way for us to face emerging technologies is to maintain an insatiable curiosity to explore, learn and understand. At the same time, according to a research conducted by Zhongjing, the average annual return rate of Chinese art collections in 2018 was 26%, while that of financial securities and real estate industries were 15% and 21% respectively. The collection seems to be a good choice .

At the moment when the Metaverse is hot, how should we experience the Metaverse "immersively"?

However, everything has its two sides nature. In fact, in the long run, investing in alternative markets is more risky and less rewarding than investing in more mainstream markets such as stocks.

According to a study by Citibank , during the 33 years from 1985 to 2018, the annual return of the contemporary art market was only 7.5%, while the return of the stock market was close to 10%. Moreover, the current digital collection market is still relatively speculative and has relatively large price fluctuations. In this way, it seems that investing in digital collections is a risky thing.

So how should we view digital collections? Nadya Ivanova, a researcher at the French investment bank BNP Paribas once said,  There is a very important understanding of digital collections, that is, it is very new, and the market is still going through different market cycles to determine the true value of things. .

“As an entrance for ordinary users to participate in the Metaverse field, digital collections have universal value. We should treat digital collections rationally and participate in them selectively.

In any case, one thing is very cool, if you have a Porsche NFT, maybe in the future Metaverse world, you can drive the corresponding Porsche around the world, as an asset of the virtual world, the availability of digital collections is for us It brings more experience and fun beyond investment.

Based on this, it is an appropriate way to collect digital collections as the key to open the Metaverse world.

Experience Metaverse online games

As we said earlier, this round of Metaverse craze was caused by Roblox, the world’s largest game creation platform, and the first US stock market to be listed on the concept of Metaverse. To untie the bell, you must be a person who wants to experience Metaverse. Go and experience it on Roblox. 

Roblox is not only a game creation platform, which provides a lot of development tools, and these development tools are simple and easy to use . After a little study, even elementary school students can use these creation tools to develop their own virtual worlds, and design the gameplay and rule. At the same time, these created games can be launched on the Roblox platform for other players to enter and play. 

Now there are more than twenty million games on Roblox, where we can feel the different virtual world, can immerse themselves in a lot of knowledge based on the name of the animation (such as Naruto , JOJO, etc.), movies (such as DC, Marvel, etc.), reality (Such as historical sites, etc.) as the background of the virtual world (the “Squid Game” that was on fire a while ago also soon has a Roblox version of the game), and interact with others in another identity to experience the Nth different Life. 

Similar to Roblox games that can create many different virtual worlds, there is also “Minecraft”, which is also a sandbox game with over 100 million monthly active users and players can DIY their own world . ” My World” by Mojang Studios Marcus Persson (Markus Persson) was created to develop, but then in 2014, Microsoft acquired for $ 2.5 billion price. 

The tech giant Microsoft as the old company, now also an important early layout of the entrance area of AR yuan universe, the introduction of intelligent hardware Hololens representative in AR, and finished my world and Hololens the United States combined to together . Although it is still difficult to experience the AR version of Minecraft, you can first experience the current “Minecraft” and feel the joy of construction first-hand, as well as experience the creative world of other people.

At the moment when the Metaverse is hot, how should we experience the Metaverse "immersively"?

Of course, if you are not used to relatively simple modeling such as Roblox and Minecraft, then some well-made large-scale games are also trying the direction of the Metaverse. For example, the popular global construction + chicken game “Fortress Night” launched by the well-known game company Epic Games is constantly expanding more diversified gameplay, and gradually moving the original confrontation game to the Metaverse. Try the direction.

The Roblox, “Minecraft” and “Fortress Night” mentioned above are mainly about experiencing the rich virtual world with different characteristics in the metaverse, but the metaverse also has an important sense of immersion, from which the digital objects can resemble reality In the same way, any items and rights have actual value, and the virtual items that belong to you belong to you, and will not be destroyed and plundered by a centralized organization at will .

To achieve such a sense of immersion, the decentralization attribute brought by blockchain technology is needed. In this way, when we play games based on blockchain technology, our experience is more than just a game. Instead, I feel that I am experiencing another virtual world that is very similar to the real world, and I feel more realistic in terms of value and ownership.

“Axie Infinity” in blockchain games is one of the leaders. This seemingly blockchain version of the “Pokemon” pet battle game requires real money to buy battle pets from others like in the market, and these pets can be bred to obtain new battle pets , And can participate in PVP or PVE gameplay and get some Crypto tokens. The new battle pets and tokens are of real value and can be bought and sold to others.

At the moment when the Metaverse is hot, how should we experience the Metaverse "immersively"?

This is like buying pets from others in reality, and these pets can give birth to new pets, which can be sold to others to make money, or they can be used to participate in pet competitions to get bonuses. Therefore, when players play “Axie Infinity”, they can even make money. This gives rise to the recently discussed Play to Earn mode (earning while playing).

Just like the scene we have seen in the number one player, we can complete work or tasks in the virtual world and obtain virtual items with real value. Playing and making money is an indispensable mechanism for realizing the Metaverse scene .

Of course, the games introduced in this article can often only experience part of the Metaverse. The Metaverse is still in its early stages of development. It will take some time and the efforts of many people before we truly experience the original Metaverse games. . If you are still thinking about what the Metaverse will be like, you might as well experience the above games, maybe you will have some feelings.

Immersive with VR/AR

As 2021 is drawing to a close, the popularity of the Metaverse concept is still high. Many people call 2021 the first year of the Metaverse. And AR/VR also experienced the first year of VR in 2016, and it has never ushered in a flashpoint since then. However, since the epidemic, people’s life and social styles have changed, so AR/VR has once again appeared in the public ‘s field of vision, and it is also regarded as the entrance to the Metaverse. 

When Roblox went public, the eight elements of Metaverse were put forward in its prospectus, namely: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anytime, anywhere, economic system, and civilization. Immersiveness is one of the important features of Metaverse, and AR/VR is the necessary hardware for immersive experience. With the maturity of hardware technology and the expansion of platforms and applications, AR/VR technology has become a way to enter the virtual world. Important interface . 

Therefore, the immersive experience of the virtual world is definitely an important part of playing the Metaverse. 

Compared with AR, VR has more options and is more affordable. And VR has a wealth of application scenarios, such as games, movies, social, travel, teaching, etc., and games are the most and most important scenario for VR applications. 

For example, the horror shooting game “Half-Life” received a lot of praise during its 24 hours of official release . Statistics show that STEAM has a high praise rating of 97%. All items in the world of “Half-Life” can be used, and the smooth interactive experience coupled with the resolution like the real world makes the player feel as if they are in another real world. “Arizona Sunshine” is also a must-have game for zombie shooting. It combines shooting and adventure. It has been highly praised in terms of calmness, freedom, and design feel. 

In addition to this exciting shooting game, there are weapons, driving, sports games, as well as the 2018 phenomenon-level VR audio game “Beat Saber” (Rhythm Lightsaber). The gameplay is not only simple and cool. Lightsaber also allows players to experience a sense of the future. In general, VR games are a more direct way of experience .

At the moment when the Metaverse is hot, how should we experience the Metaverse "immersively"?

In addition, VR social networking is also one of the application scenarios of VR. Users can use their customized images to meet, perform activities and interact in the virtual world, and even invite friends to meet in the virtual space created by themselves, such as the recent fire “VRChat”. A VR social game.

Secondly, VR running and VR riding have also broken the traditional fitness methods. While experiencing the scenery around the world, while enjoying one-on-one teaching, it adds a lot of fun to the boring exercise. In recent years, the demand for home office has increased, and VR has also been used in online collaboration, design, learning, and education, forming a new way of interaction.

After 5 years of development and precipitation, there have been certain breakthroughs in the AR/VR field at the technical level. The weight of the device, the resolution of the screen, the user’s immersive experience, as well as the game content and cost performance have all been significantly improved. . To truly become the entrance to the Metaverse, there are still higher requirements for VR/AR equipment.

Although there is still a big gap from the landing of Metaverse, it does not prevent us from experiencing the charm of Metaverse in advance . After all, there are already many VR game experience stores in many first-tier cities in China, and it is even hard to find a ticket on holidays. If the readers who have not experienced it will not let go and try it offline, maybe this is a prototype of the Metaverse, and there is no need to learn too much, just like online games more than 10 years ago, but this time I didn’t write about it. “No entry for minors.”


Although we only introduced the current directions that the metaverse can play from three major directions, and even anyone can try it out, but looking at the development of the metaverse, whether it is digital collections or current metauniverse games, or occasionally already Very popular VR experience, they are still in its infancy or on the eve of the outbreak, but the emergence of experiential products like “Fortress Night” is enough to attract our attention. 

And as most of us will only experience by experience these new things to the universe yuan scene vision of the future, only to see the shadow of some of the future through fun playing these Metaverse direction , even in turn guide us to create Better Metaverse products, as the saying goes, practice leads to true knowledge, which is probably what it means. 

Looking forward to the development of the Yuan universe, we are still in the “early civilization”. There have just been some germinating seeds in this wild land. The land that the old cattle have cultivated still exudes a strong earthy fragrance, leaving us with time and time to try. There are still many directions. Going back to the original point, since this is a future direction, why is it not worth trying it now?

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