Asset Interaction Takes a New Step in the Cryptocurrency Wave, Focusing on CTB Bull Value Creation

CTB wants to create a truly decentralized, completely open, fair and distributed free financial and wealth management ecological platform.

Asset Interaction Takes a New Step in the Cryptocurrency Wave, Focusing on CTB Bull Value Creation

The entire digital currency market goes through bulls and bears, there are peaks and valleys, and a portion of industry players, when experiencing industry bulls and bears, are choosing between risk appetite and risk avoidance. Faced with the price trend of bitcoin, which has gone up and down along the way, owning bitcoin is not a foolproof solution for most players. Discerning players have come up with ways to rely on emerging digital currencies for stable returns and have gained acceptance. One of the first of these to be launched is the emerging digital currency bull coin, CTB.

The rise of DeFi is actually a large-scale exploration and attempt to land blockchain financial applications. After accurately detecting the cryptocurrency market, CTB took the lead in embracing the new technology of Defi, promoting innovation for all, using algorithms with distinctive characteristics of the times and strong relevance, taking the pulse of the times and empowering the Defi financial value ecology, creating a tenfold, hundredfold or even thousandfold increase, renewing the new wealth creation myth of the cryptocurrency market, thus advancing the process of the cryptocurrency market.

According to the official news, CTB platform will open the function of “pledging CTB to dig BNB” on June 30, CTB Token is a decentralized volatility protocol, which is now online on the main network board of Pancake V2. CTB Token adopts an innovative structured risk control mechanism and liquidity supply mechanism, which attracts the Chamber of Commerce 3 million dollars of additional investment to provide pledged mining capacity for CTB crypto assets, all tokens in the user’s wallet under this model, and 100% decentralized; holdings are automatically earned. 5% of the 10% fee is locked in liquidity, and 5% is allocated to CTB holders in proportion to the CTB holdings. Each person holding CTB is a block super node. CTB wants to create a truly decentralized, completely open, fair and distributed free financial ecological platform.

CTB draws on advanced business concepts to gain revenue from its services. It breaks down the information barriers between traditional organizations to realize the development mechanism of integration and integration and increase the flexibility. Through community-based operations to build an interactive platform, take various forms of multi-channel interaction, full communication and circulation of information, and increase cohesion. CTB Token is freely initiated by a group of traditional Chamber of Commerce DeFi fanatics, CTB community people come together due to consensus, complete community start-up, no priority parties of interest, CTB is a community consensus coin with soul and ideas, community people voluntarily based on The community voluntarily adds to the project based on their own talents. Since its release, CTB has formed a large and creative community that can meet the requirements of decentralization, but also has better anonymity, and also supports tamper-proof instant transactions, i.e. CTB combines the advantages of decentralization, borderlessness, anonymity, security, and convenience.

On the road of DeFi + community autonomy integration, CTB’s design is full of innovation and points to see. At present, CTB Token is online TP wallet, now recruiting 100 community volunteers, 200+ active users in each community, including WeChat group and Telegraph group. Hold 100 million CTB can apply for community leader, after elected successfully, each community leader can get 1 trillion CTB reward, total reward is 100 trillion pieces. Contract address: 0x5d94da1519770dee80f41b648697d07e4d8b4230.

The 21st century is the era of the Internet, global information is changing rapidly, business opportunities and crises coexist, if you do not know how to identify, do not understand the world economic pulse, you will not have a chance with this wave of wealth. The sign of the information age is the full integration of various industries with the Internet, which is changing everything in the kingdom of entrepreneurship and even silently devouring the dreams of people who need to struggle for a lifetime! Perhaps you do not believe in these, but this has become an indisputable fact opportunities and challenges coexist, how to fight the new wealth defense war in 2021? How should ordinary people seize their own wealth opportunities? The answers to the questions you want to know are all here — Bull Coin CTB, a very interesting and current coin. With the development of CTB, it will be on the head exchange one after another later on, when CTB will have better liquidity performance, and we look forward to the prosperous development of CTB together.

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