Asia’s first NFT physical gallery will open: May QQ avatars be valuable in the future?

Remember the “QQ avatar” that was popular for many years? Has anyone thought that a similar “portrait” will one day become a virtual artwork worth tens of millions? Someone thought that some QQ avatars might be valuable in the future?

According to a report by ChainNews, a professional media in the blockchain field, on September 5th, Start Art Gallery, the first NFT entity gallery in Asia in Hong Kong, China, will open soon. The gallery had recently bought two very popular works NFT ” encryption punk (CryptoPunk)” No. 8236 and No. 1970 series, the transaction price of about 4.5 million yuan. As one of the important collections of the gallery, they will be presented at the opening exhibition along with the rest of the NFT exhibits.


Number 1970 in the “CryptoPunk” series

When viewed on a computer or mobile phone screen, these two “heavy” works are just two simple pixel-style avatars. However, the price of 4.5 million yuan (approximately 700,000 US dollars) for two pieces is far from the highest price of this group of “portrait photos”-in June this year, Sotheby’s auction house sold more than 11.7 million US dollars. Number 7523 in the series.


No. 7523 of the “Cryptopunk” series sold by Sotheby’s at a price of approximately US$11.7 million

There are a total of 10,000 avatars in the “Cryptopunk” series. The reason why No. 7523 is expensive is that it belongs to the scarce “alien series” among the 10,000 avatars. The subdivision series has only 9 avatars.

Although in fact these 10,000 avatars all look the same, this is not the point-the point is: this group of small pixelated avatars is one of the most popular branch projects of the NFT artwork that we are just familiar with at the moment “PFP” “.

Cartoon avatars that can be mass-produced, a good business in the eyes of creators

PFP is the abbreviation of “Profile Pics”, which is the encrypted “portrait” image of personal accounts on social media. In short, it is actually quite similar to the early QQ avatars. The difference is that because of the attributes of NFT, PFP becomes a unique, non-copyable, encrypted image that belongs only to the purchaser.


QQ avatar that makes many people feel familiar and familiar

Although it also belongs to NFT (a circulation certificate based on blockchain technology, digital encryption art is born after being bound to the artwork), but the PFP project is different from most NFT works in several key aspects. : First of all, PFP projects are often made out of tens of thousands of batches at one time, like “cryptopunk” with 10,000 at a time.

Secondly, the PFP project is also more like traditional collectibles, because the “big head shot” format is very close to the stamps and game cards we collected when we were young, so it is easy to become popular among a wider range of people.

This kind of PFP project like “big head shot” makes full use of nostalgic aesthetics, and the style is somewhat borrowed from the popular animation programs of the 1990s and early 21st century, and now the main creators and buyers of these “big head shots”, It is also the group of children who watched the show back then.

Franky Aguilar, the creator of another popular PFP project “Sup Ducks”, believes that the way the PFP project is generated will attract a group of loyal buyers. “It’s like people have attachments to TV shows or cartoon characters. They associate a certain character with that character and remind them of themselves or who they want to be.”

Asia’s first NFT physical gallery will open: May QQ avatars be valuable in the future?

Franky Aguilar, creator of “Sup Ducks”

In June last year, Aguilar chose a cartoon duck image that he had painted for many years. By randomly choosing the shape of the duck’s head, he added differences in the shape of eyes, skin color, mouth shape, and matching accessories. Finally, Make 10,000 different duck heads. “The method of generating 10,000 unique images with a program is very simple.” He said.

Only 48 hours after being wound on the chain, this group of “Super Duck” avatars were all sold, and Aguilar earned a total of more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars. Soon, these works were sold out at a price several times higher than the original price.

In theory, if there are digital artists using QQ avatars as their creative subject matter in the future, through programming, 10,000 “new QQ avatars” with their own details and characteristics are designed and placed on the NFT platform. It may be sought after by digital art collectors, and even further aroused the interest of auction houses to bid high prices.

You should know that an important feature of NFT artwork most popular with creators is that when creating traditional artwork, the artist can only get a one-time payment when selling the work. After that, when the collector transfers the work again and makes a profit , It has nothing to do with the artist. But every time an NFT work is resold, the creator can get a certain royalty share again.

Therefore, we can borrow Aguilar’s words to summarize the PFP project-“This is really good business.”

Combines the excitement of stocks and the fun of building a brand

What really made NFT artworks “out of the circle” was the sale of a collage collection of digital visual artist Beeple’s “Everydays: Everydays: The First 5000 Days (every day: the first 5000 days)”. This is the highest price for digital art in the auction market so far.

In the second half of 2021, the PFP project has become the most eye-catching and key component of the NFT market, and its influence has already penetrated into the real art world. In addition to the first Asian NFT physical gallery mentioned at the beginning of this article, which collected two “cryptopunk” works, in July this year, the Miami Art Museum in the United States also collected No. 5293 of “cryptopunk”-this is also the first one NFT works entering the mainstream museum collection system.

“Sky price” will always attract attention, and auction houses that chase expensive lots have already tasted the sweetness of NFT. On September 17, Christie’s will also launch “No Time Like Present” online auctions in Hong Kong, China. This will be the first time an international auction house has launched NFT encrypted artworks in Asia.

Asia’s first NFT physical gallery will open: May QQ avatars be valuable in the future?

An introduction to the important works of “No Time Like Present” on the Christie’s website

The main items of this online auction include the three most popular PFP series including “cryptopunk”, “boring ape yacht club” and “Meebits”. The latter two are even the first trading venues outside of the NFT trading platform. Appear.

These three series are all from Larva Labs, the creative team of “cryptopunk”. “Meebits” is the latest project launched by Larva Labs in May this year. It is a 20,000 digital dolls randomly generated by a program.

Asia’s first NFT physical gallery will open: May QQ avatars be valuable in the future?

A list of some avatars of Larva Labs’ “Cryptopunk” series

Different from other series of flat pixels, “Meebits” is a three-dimensional shape composed of 3D squares, and has more character features, which can slightly reflect more “personality”. There are humans and robots in this series of images. The scarce one is the skeleton-the 3D skeleton “Meebits #6337” wearing a black and white suit is one of Christie’s key auctions this time.

Although it has only been online for less than 4 months, “Meebits” has become very popular in the NFT market-three weeks ago on the famous trading platform OpenSea , the transaction price of a “Meebits” has reached approximately 653,400 US dollars.

Professionals in the field of NFT believe that PFP has a “combining the excitement of stock trading with the pleasure of creating digital characters.” Because what the PFP project sells is not just an animated picture or a “big head shot”, but also all the commercial rights related to the collectors are provided at the same time, similar to an independent small brand.

Take “Meebits” as an example: the owner of the work can not only get a complete 3D model data package, but also set up animation for it according to their own preferences, and place it in any 3D scene such as a game. It can be said that there are many ways to play.

According to the latest news from The Hollywood Reporter, the famous Hollywood agency UTA (United Talent Agency) has signed a contract with Larva Labs for three NFT projects, and plans to use several encrypted art projects on behalf of Larva Labs in movies and TV. , Video games and publishing projects, and strive to further make the concept of NFT artwork “hot out of the circle.”


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