Arweave-based NFT Platform Verto: A Guide to Casting NFT

With the addition of JAY-Z, Snoop Dogg and Edward Snowden, NFT has moved from a niche to the mainstream this year. Even if the market drops, JPEG is also rising. Although this almost all happens on Ethereum , high gas fees and fierce competition have created demand for NFT on other chains.

We have already seen how Solana Summer took off with Arweave, but it also produced some native NFT platforms of Arweave, such as Koii and Verto. These methods of casting NFT are truly permanent and cheaper.

Verto is a place to trade various Arweave tokens, whether homogeneous or non-homogeneous. After the UI revision in April, the first NFT collection was launched in Verto Space. Now you can list specific items and your own collections.

A quick guide to casting NFT with Verto

Go to and connect your wallet (requires ArConnect). Click “Add” next to All, under Tokens and Communities:


Click “Casting Collectibles” at the bottom of the pattern.


Give it a title and description.


Click “Mint” to confirm and wait a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed. Wait a moment, and you will see the collection in the configuration file, listed as creations.


Note: As of now, Verto’s trading stations have ceased maintenance because they are transitioning to a permanent pure SmartWeave model. This means that the sale of collectibles is temporarily prohibited.

technical details

When you use Verto to mint NFT, what happens on the backend is the list contract interaction, which is a contract for Verto users to store all user identities, communities, and artworks on the platform.

This will link your Arweave wallet address with your newly minted NFT and your Verto identity, so that it can be displayed in your Verto profile as a collection you minted and owns.


Each NFT has its own SmartWeave contract, which is derived from the main source.


This source shows a Transfer function that can facilitate NFT transactions like any other token on the Verto platform.


Visit Verto to explore tokens and collectibles, or easily mint your own tokens and collectibles.

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