Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

If you are the operations manager of a company, and the company decides to spend 500,000 yuan for operations, you may have to hold 5 meetings, 50 phone calls, and work 500 hours in order to do it beautifully.

But in the Crypto world, the project decides to take out 1/4 or even 1/5 of the “equity”, which is worth tens of millions of dollars, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, but many of these decisions seem to be decided by the head.

Honestly, with such a big decision, many projects are indeed somewhat arbitrary and willful. However, there are actually some opportunities hidden in these small willfulness. The more capricious the project party, the higher the upper limit of opportunities.

A friend on Twitter today, Oar, also mentioned this, and it got me thinking. From Uni to today, large and small projects have been airdropped dozens of times. I always feel that it should be analyzed as a whole, so I have this random thought.  

Before we start, let’s talk about a premise – what is the purpose of the airdrop?

The answer is one word: “Attention”.

Those who have been immersed in the Crypto industry for a long time know what the most important thing in the Crypto circle is – attention .

The consensus mechanism is attention; Meme culture is attention; why other marketplaces can’t surpass Opensea now, because now Opensea has the most attention; why Musk bought Twitter, because Twitter is the easiest platform to get attention.

The purpose of the airdrop is the same.

Many people may have had this question before – why should a project give away tens of millions of dollars in free chips? Quite simply, to maximize attention. Only the most exaggerated gifts can take away the most eyeballs in the competitive world of Crypto.

The migration of Crypto native guys between apps is relentless. This has been repeatedly demonstrated, which is due to the different architecture of the address-DApp system vs the account-App system. Therefore, the only way for an app to retain these users is to keep gaining attention. Once you get attention, you get everything.

Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

Airdrops are for:

  • Get the attention of your loyal users.

Users have given a lot of support when the project is just starting, so when the project rises, it will give more feedback. This kind of touching and beautiful talk is the easiest to spread:

  • Get the attention of competitors’ users.

This applies not only to Defi, but to almost all human commercial activities. By giving you a few dollars, I will let you use my products and experience my beauty, so as to dig the corner of the competition.

So next, let us analyze one by one.

Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

In this round, it is undoubtedly $UNI that will start the airdrop era.

Uniswap’s airdrops can be described as simple and crude. One day, an announcement was suddenly made quietly. Any address that has used Uniswap before a certain day will be rewarded with 400 coins. If you have done LP, you will be given extra.

At that time, those who used Uniswap were basically early adopters of DeFi.

When Uni just entered the second level, it was only 2-3 dollars, and everyone joked that this was giving each person an iPhone. And these early DeFi players, even if they were sold at the opening, got the “iPhone” comfortably.

The spread of such a story is unprecedented, which is like the beginning of the era of great sailing. Countless people have brought Token from CEX to the chain, opening the hottest summer of DeFi.

I also took my 400 coins with the 1000 gwei handling fee and kept a small part until today. I am more scheming. These Unis are stored in the Compoud by me, which not only avoids taking them out, but also increases the weight of the account.

Of course, such an algorithm is indeed simple and crude, full of egalitarian ideas – everyone has 400 coins. Egalitarianism, even those who have not studied algorithms, will see its flaws. For most things in the world, egalitarianism is the least efficient, like a system like the People’s Society.

The second evolution of the airdrop belongs to Badger and 1inch. Badger is a BTC machine gun pool. At that time, all potential users such as WBTC, RenBTC, etc. were given airdrops; while 1inch used an upgraded version of Uni rules, and they gave it after interaction, but the amount was too small, or it would be banned after only one use. .

The two airdrops are also iPhone-level, and each project has sent out airdrops of tens of millions of dollars, and they have also gained corresponding communication power. Badger I got hold so far, but unfortunately 1inch missed, and missed twice in a row.

But you say, have they seriously thought about it? Probably not. The Badger plan, the official may think for an hour or two, the 1inch plan… I guess the project party only thought about it for 10 minutes, which is quite arbitrary.

But how to explain that they still achieve great results? Because the attention at that time was enough to explode. In the middle of a bull market, every day, even lying down, thousands of people enter the market scrambling to learn about DeFi.

Although I didn’t receive 1inch, the operation of this second airdrop of 1inch is indeed worthy of praise.

If the airdrop also has a business school, be sure to add this case to the classic teaching. 1inch It is cleverly designed with a wave of anti-wool measures.

After the first airdrop of 1inch, I think the vast majority of wooly people have never interacted with 1inch again. However, who can imagine that 3 months later, 1inch airdropped to traders again. This time, because of the departure of wool, it was accurately placed on many real users.

Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

(To say brushing wool, it is still an Indian brother)

The third evolution of the airdrop is actually DYDX

To be honest, after 1inch education, and after two educations, many people have begun to wake up. In particular, many friends who are full of wool skills have sensed business opportunities.

As a popular choice for airdrops, DYDX is naturally targeted by many wool brothers.

However, DYDX invented a relatively good thing called retrospective airdrop, which means that you are not qualified enough, you have to come here to continue trading, and unlock these airdrops through continuous trading.

DYDX got a lot of airdrops this time, and I also insist on digging the mines of the first and second phases. Although my secondary market trading results are not good enough, the DYDX mine I have dug is still quite fragrant.

It was also this opportunity that I, a non-trading user, moved all positions on CEX to the chain for the first time, and became a user of ZK+ order book DEX, because the experience of DYDX is really good Stunning.

In return, the DYDX team also made a lot of money through several rounds of brush trading. Sure enough, when the project has this diamond, through the airdrop, you can quickly harvest a real large number of porcelain live orders.

The fourth evolution of the airdrop I think is $Para. Frankly speaking, Paraswap was once considered the number one opponent of 1inch. Those who ambushed Para to issue tokens can line up from Shanghai to Suzhou. But after Para was officially announced, the controversy was huge, and the community was scolding. Let this 1inch be the strongest competitor and fail to get the token opportunity on fomo of the trading center.

It can be seen that Para’s airdrop plan was not decided in 10 minutes, but obviously its makers did not think deeply about its consequences. It is first and foremost “playing” everyone for a long time, always implying that there is an airdrop, the implication is that everyone can use it. However, the final airdrop rules were too strict – not only were a large number of wool parties kicked out, but even many real users were accidentally injured and did not receive anything, which directly triggered huge community complaints.

Seeing the community like this, the trading centers did not list it. In fact, it is difficult to say that it is a success.

Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

Next is $ENS.

In fact, the ENS algorithm is also very rough, but the effect looks good, which is due to the precise delivery.

For users with ENS domain names, the user portraits are very good, and many of them are not bad money owners. Think about it, because ENS domains really don’t have much use other than being cool, and it costs at least $100 in gas (many times more expensive than the domain name itself).

But where is the rudeness? It has 25% of the tokens all divided into early contributors. This 25% is like a head-scratching decision-the project is thinking after lunch one day, how much will it give? 1/4 Okay. Involving such a large amount of money, but I don’t want to do more calculations and deductions, and it’s a bit random to complain a little.

Of course, this wave of airdrops to ENS domain name users has received a lot of praise from degen people on the chain, which indirectly prompted $ENS to be tokenized by trading centers Fomo, and then multiplied by the east wind of Web3. Earn enough “attention”, the top scarce resource in the crypto circle.

Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

Finally, let’s talk about OPT.

OP’s airdrop algorithm, at least compared to earlier airdrops, is the most accurate one, and it balances wool and real users well.

Does airdrop welcome wool? It’s a matter of opinion.

The Wool Party spent a lot of thought and objectively brought some volume to the agreement. Many people try to use OP just to win an airdrop. This is due to the repeated education of Brother Wool.

One thing to say, the rate on the OP is quite cheap, especially after the recent upgrade, the experience is still smooth. Many users, even if the initial purpose is wool, only take this first step. Might also really translate to future OP users.

On the other hand, real users, a lot of old guns and Degen, are actually the only helmsmen in the current period of thin attention. If there is not enough to please the gang, it will be difficult to expand the overall volume.

OP airdrops several small designs to be commended, such as this one:

Optimism Active Users: Made at least 1 transaction with Dapps on Optimism in four different calendar weeks, this section will only select the top 20% of eligible “Optimism Users”.

The transaction takes 4 weeks, and the top 20% is selected. I am afraid that it is difficult for real users to be accidentally injured. At the same time, a small number of smart people in the wool party can also get it, which is a good balance.

Another example is the directional airdrop to the old gun on the chain:

Those who have voted for various protocols at least 5 times, or who have donated money to gitcoin in ETH, or who have signed too much. The user profile is well chosen (of course if it were me, I would have given an extra round to the top dozens of NFT holders such as Punk, Bayc, Azuki, and these people are also potential high-net-worth users).

Another example is the operation for competition:

Various users who have been to other L1 and L2 from ETH, the first 60% will also be airdropped. This protects real users and smart wool parties, and rejects ordinary wool that is just plain, simple to smash.

And more interestingly, why do you say it’s distracting? It sets six conditions, and if some accounts meet 4/5/6 conditions at the same time, they will make extra efforts to send more. These conditions are precisely what real users can easily achieve, while wool generally can only meet 1-2, but there are still consolation prizes.

Are crypto airdrops really unwelcome to the woolly party?

This is especially like the set effect in the game. The more components you collect, the more airdrops you get.

Different people have different perspectives on this matter. From the OP’s point of view, the wool party has 100 accounts per person, and an average of 200-300 coins; I, a real user, has 1 account, 4 conditions are met, and the set effect is collected, and I get 6800+, which is also equal to a dozen number. Both sides are relatively balanced.

This wave has actually earned enough attention. At present, there are no complaints in the community. It must seem that the following listings are relatively stable, so it is also recommended to earn airdrop textbooks for future reference.

Of course, this article is 3000 words long, and the reason why I look back is of course to look forward to tomorrow.

The competition on the L2 track is very fierce. When OP is released, Arb will not release the market and investors will push it to release.

Now that the friend business has been airdropped, Arb can only plan a bigger and more complex one. So missed the OP, don’t miss the Arb again.

Of course, I suggest that if you are not an airdrop hunter, it will be better to do your best to build a number. But I can’t guarantee this. There is no way to ensure that the official Arb and OP’s official meeting heroes see the same thing.

What conditions need to be met?

Everyone is guessing:

Have you met all of the OP’s requirements (5/6, 6/6)?

Are Arb bridges used?

Should I buy one or two NFTs on the treasureDAO on Arb?

Are all third-party bridges engaged? (For example, BoringDAO, which we invested in before, also told me recently that they and Arb jointly engaged in cross-chain bridge activities, such as Hop protocol)

Then is the DeFi with the top TVL ranking on Arb considering interaction? For example Sushi Uni Curve and AAVE etc.

Additions are welcome.

—-Dividing line—-

Of course, I still hope that everyone can really experience these L2s, especially those who haven’t experienced it yet.

I see that the current ETH2.0 posture will coexist with L2 for a long time. ETH2.0 provides a low-energy PoS mechanism and a fast confirmation mechanism, and uses dunksharding to achieve simple sharding. The expansion still depends on roll-up, but a series of updates can make roll-up more useful.

So get familiar with OP, Arb, Metis and ZK in advance, because these may really be the future of ETH.

Okay, this issue is written here, welcome everyone to make bricks! Mirror does not support comments, but I will reply to the comments on Twitter, basically I can reply!

I wish everyone a happy trip to L2 in advance, and also strive for everyone to bring back some souvenirs!

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