Arbitrum’s upcoming upgrade: What major changes will Arbitrum Nitro bring?

Editor’s note: Since the L2 network Arbitrum One was officially launched on September 1 this year, it has quickly gained huge appeal because of its cheap and fast user experience. As of the time of posting, the TVL (total lock-up value) in the Arbitrum One network has exceeded US$2.2 billion, and currently includes Uniswap , SushiSwap, Balancer, Curve, 1inch, MakerDAO, Chainlink, Cream Finance and many other dApps applications and tools. Deploy on the network. Recently, Offchain Labs, the development team of Arbitrum, announced that the network will be iteratively upgraded to the next version of Arbitrum Nitro . This article will give readers a glimpse of what kind of upgrade experience the upcoming Arbitrum Nitro will bring.

Summary : Today we are very happy to announce Arbitrum Nitro, it will be the next iteration of Arbitrum, and we have been researching it for several months. Arbitrum Nitro established in such WASM and Geth on such technology standards, so it is more compatible with the EVM Ethernet Square VMs), faster than our current technical order of magnitude faster . When it is ready, we will deploy it as a seamless upgrade of Arbitrum One.

Arbitrum's upcoming upgrade: What major changes will Arbitrum Nitro bring?

42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and all, and it is also the number of days since we launched Arbitrum One (note: the original text of this article was published on October 12) . What an incredible 42 days! We continue to be delighted at the speed with which Arbitrum has been adopted by many projects-including many of your favorite Ethereum projects and the thriving Arbitrum native dApps ecosystem . Arbitrum One has facilitated the launch of hundreds of projects, hundreds of thousands of independent user interactions, millions of transactions and billions of dollars in bridging assets. But as we pointed out when we launched the Arbitrum One network, this is just the beginning . Today we are going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: What’s next?

When building Arbitrum in the early days, one of the decisions we made was to focus on EVM compatibility and replicate the Ethereum developer experience . Arbitrum’s academic research can be traced back to 2013. Since then, we have been a pioneer in interactive fraud proof . Our design allows us great flexibility in designing an L2 platform that is fully EVM compatible. About 14 months ago, we started an exploratory research project to investigate whether we can build version of Arbitrum driven by the mainstream WebAssembly (WASM) architecture . The potential benefit is obvious: this will be a faster and more EVM compatible version of Arbitrum -because the existing EVM engine can run on WASM.

Over time, the project has transformed from a one-person research project to a full-staff production-level development work, and it is proceeding smoothly. Today, for the first time, we are excited to share what we have learned and what we are about to launch. Get ready, this is a big deal.

How will Arbitrum Nitro work?

The root of Arbitrum Nitro technology is a new prover (prover), which can perform Arbitrum’s interactive fraud proof on WASM code . This means that this L2 Arbitrum engine will be able to run on WASM, replacing the specially designed AVM (Arbitrum Virtual Machine) architecture we are using today . Since we are compiling Arbitrum to WASM, the entire system will be built and compiled using standard languages ​​and tools, which will replace the specially designed languages ​​and compilers we are using today.

Now let’s talk about the coolest part: we compiled the core of Geth into Arbitrum. Therefore, our currently specially constructed EVM emulator will be replaced by Geth , which is the most popular and well-supported Ethereum client.

The last part of the upgrade stack is a simplified version of our ArbOS components , rewritten in Go, and provides other things needed to run the L2 chain: such as cross-chain communication, and a new and improved batch processing and compression system for Minimize the user’s L1 cost .

Seamless upgrade

At this point you may ask: What do I need to upgrade my dApps applications and assets deployed on Arbitrum One? The answer is: nothing needs to be done! We will launch Arbitrum Nitro as a seamless upgrade to Arbitrum One , so there is no need to migrate anything . After the upgrade, existing dApps will still be able to run, and existing data and events will still be accessible.

Arbitrum is a production-level system, and our promise to users is that we will always do our best not to delete any state or restart the chain . One of the important features of blockchain is that your data is stored there reliably. We take this very seriously and plan a roadmap in advance to ensure that we can introduce upgrades while keeping the user experience uninterrupted.

In short, Arbitrum One will continue to run, and it will only go faster.

How fast is it? We need to conduct large-scale testing to obtain a reliable benchmark for performance improvement. We expect that the execution speed of L2 will increase by 20-50 times, and the cost will also drop significantly .

When will Arbitrum Nitro be upgraded?

Related development is proceeding rapidly, and the main components of the system (including the fraud prover) are already fully operational . In the next few weeks, we will have more discussions on the upgrade schedule. As with all our versions, we will work hard to ensure that the core functions of the system are complete and mature before deployment . We attach great importance to the responsibility to users, so we will not launch an imperfect system.

The first step in launching Arbitrum Nitro will be to launch an independent testnet , followed by upgrading the existing Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet , and finally we will promote Nitro as a seamless upgrade of Arbitrum One . We will continue to use multi-signature management keys for a period of time after the upgrade, but the function of the protocol will always be complete, and in fact, our fraud prover is already fully operational on the WASM infrastructure, and Will run immediately on the upgraded system. Arbitrum One will always have a fully functional fraud proof.

What should I prepare?

You should be excited already. We will greatly increase the capacity of Arbitrum, reduce costs, and provide developers with a development experience that is more compatible with EVM . Any one of them is exciting, and all these add up to be even more so?.

But the best part is that you don’t need to do anything but excitement! Developers can continue to develop on Arbitrum One, and users can trade on Arbitrum One as always. We will push some cool updates as you work.

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