Arbitrum will be officially launched in late August

A few weeks have passed since our last update. During this period of time, we have put in great efforts, just to make Arbitrum One arrive as scheduled. We have provided access to the main network for more than 400 projects, and dozens of projects have been successfully deployed. We know that end users have been eagerly looking forward to using their favorite applications on Arbitrum. Here, we are excited to announce that Arbitrum One will be available to users later this month. That’s right! Just in August! (No doubt! It’s 2021!?).


Arbitrum will be officially launched in late August


According to our fair launch strategy, all Arbitrum projects that have been deployed have the opportunity to be open to users together with Arbitrum One. If you follow us on Twitter or join our Discord channel, we have done our best to push you the information of the completed projects. However, we know that there are too many activities. In order for everyone to follow up on Arbitrum’s developments in time, we will launch a portal before Arbitrum One goes live, so that users can easily and quickly access every application and service provider on Arbitrum. .

Arbitrum One will soon be open to all users, which is a crucial step for us, the projects deployed on Arbitrum, and the entire Ethereum community. When deciding when to go live, we have to weigh multiple factors. In the past few months, we have been working hard to coordinate the deployment of hundreds of projects and bridge many popular stablecoins and other token projects to Arbitrum. Our core team of engineers worked tirelessly to ensure the stability, performance and security of the network and realize the required functions. Although there are many things we can do to expand the ecosystem and improve performance, we believe that the time has come to open it up to everyone just by completing the functional enhancements we are doing.

We have not yet decided on a specific launch date, but it will be announced soon. We hope to inform developers and users in advance so that everyone has enough time to prepare. If your project has not been deployed yet, please hurry up and see you when Arbitrum One goes live. During the period before going live, we will shift the focus of our work from new functional requirements to final testing and due diligence.

However, our work is far from over. After Arbitrum One goes live, we will continue to work hard to direct more projects to Arbitrum, further improve Arbitrum’s performance and reduce costs, and also complete a long list of functional requirements. If you are interested, please click here to apply for a position in our company. We are a team full of vitality and passion for technological innovation, and we are recruiting talented engineers to join us.

Next, say something serious.

Layer 2 is still uncharted territory, and our aim is to build a Layer 2 network safely and responsibly. Arbitrum is still in the early stages of development, and we are currently taking protective measures in the process of running Arbitrum. Although we will do our best to ensure the normal operation of Arbitrum, we always put safety as our top priority and ask users to be prepared for downtime and interruption. Over time, such incidents will gradually decrease.

Mainnet beta. As we discussed in the previous article, we will retain escalation control over Arbitrum in order to continue to improve Aribtrum’s performance and quickly respond to various security incidents or unexpected behaviors. We hope that users remain vigilant and promptly report any unexpected behavior to our team. We will also announce the detailed bug bounty plan later. To be honest, we will continue to refer to it as a beta version until the system is fully decentralized.

“Deceleration zone”. We will set an initial cap on the amount of activity, and then gradually increase the cap over time. Please note that if it is close to the upper limit, congestion may occur in the system, and the handling fee will increase until the transaction volume decreases. We have not yet decided on the parameters, and we are also considering the best trade-offs, and we will announce the details soon.

Get in the car! The era of Ethereum Layer 2 has arrived, and the opportunity is indispensable. Soon, Arbitrum will allow the Ethereum community to interact with almost all popular applications (including many new applications) at a lower cost and ultra-fast response speed. We look forward to working with you to achieve this milestone.


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