Arbitrum releases AnyTrust mainnet Nova

According to official news from offchain labs, the new mainnet based on Arbitrum’s AnyTrust technology has been launched and will be released soon for developers to deploy applications.

Arbitrum’s AnyTrust technology is a new technology optimized for ultra-low-cost transactions. The main network established based on this technology is named Arbitrum Nova, similar to Arbitrum One, which is a chain built using Arbitrum Rollup technology.

With Nova running, Arbitrum now has two independent chains running that can support nearly every blockchain use case. Nova will be the go-to solution for gaming and social applications compared to Arbitrum One, which will continue to be home to DeFi and NFT projects.

At present, developers can already apply for access rights in the official channel, and after passing the access rights, they can start deployment.

The chain ID of Arbitrum Nova is: 0xa4ba (decimal: 42170). More documentation and other related resources will be rolled out in the coming weeks. After 2 weeks, it may be open to users.

Currently Arbitrum Nova’s priority is to ensure the stability of the chain and the continuous addition of new projects to foster a strong ecosystem.

Recently, Arbitrum’s Rinkeby testnet will also be migrated to Nitro. In the future, the Arbitrum Goerli testnet based on Nitro will serve as the long-term Arbitrum testnet. When Arbitrum One migrates to Nitro in the future, developing on both chains will feel exactly the same.

Nova is an entirely new chain with a different set of assumptions, designed for gaming, social applications, and more cost-sensitive use cases. The key technical difference from Arbitrum One is that Arbitrum One always keeps all transaction data on Ethereum, while Nova utilizes the Data Availability Council to achieve significant cost savings,

Transactions on Nova will have significantly lower transaction fees. While Arbitrum One is already 97% cheaper than Ethereum for many transaction types, Nova will cost significantly less.

Fully EVM compatible, Nova is ideal for projects with cost-sensitive, high transaction volume expectations, such as games where new items or currencies are minted frequently or social projects with many different levers for on-chain interactions. As these types of projects scale, the need to reduce transaction costs becomes a top priority, and supporting this need is what Nova achieves. As Arbitrum Nova matures, I will continue to make improvements to further reduce costs.

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