Arbitrum One will migrate to Nitro on August 31st

On August 5, according to the official news from Offchain Labs, the date of Arbitrum One’s migration to Nitro has been confirmed on August 31.

At present, relevant projects and developers can start preparing and testing contract matters.

August 31st marks the one-year anniversary of Arbitrum One, and at the end of July, the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet has completed its migration to Nitro. The whole process went very smoothly.

Nitro is a major technology upgrade for Arbitrum, and the entire stack of Arbitrum Nitro has changed dramatically, improving the experience of building applications on Arbitrum.

On August 24th, a shadow fork migration will be scheduled as the last dress rehearsal before the Arbitrum One migration. A shadow fork is a parachain running a mainnet that replicates the state of the other chain and still receives incoming transactions from the main chain. The shadow fork is migrated to Nitro after the replication is performed.

Arbitrum Nitro, ready in April, is Arbitrum’s most advanced rollup stack, which can dramatically increase throughput and reduce fees.

Arbitrum is on average 90-95% cheaper than Ethereum, and Nitro will reduce the cost even further.

At the heart of the Nitro stack is a new prover that performs Arbitrum’s classic interactive fraud proofs on WASM code. This means that the L2 Arbitrum engine can be written and compiled using standard languages ​​and tools, replacing the custom design languages ​​and compilers we use today.

In normal execution, validators and nodes run the Nitro engine compiled to native code, and switching to WASM if something goes wrong requires fraud proofs. The most interesting part is that Nitro compiles Geth’s core directly into Arbitrum. Therefore, the EVM emulator can be replaced by Geth.

A stripped-down version of the stack containing ArbOS components, rewritten in Go, which provides the rest of what is needed to run an L2 chain: cross-chain communication, and an improved batching and compression system to minimize L1 costs.

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