Arbitrum Odyssey officially launched: How to participate quickly and efficiently?

At 1:00 on June 22, Beijing time, Arbitrum, the Ethereum expansion plan, officially launched The Arbitrum Odyssey event.

During the 8-week event, users will learn about some of the top dapps currently on Arbitrum by performing on-chain tasks. While participating in the event, users can:

  • Support for promising scaling solutions
  • Build personal L2 skills
  • Collect iconic NFTs
  • May be eligible for the Arbitrum token airdrop

The Arbitrum Odyssey is an ecological experience reward program organized by the Ethereum extension program Arbitrum. Users interact with the Arbitrum ecological protocol voted by the reward program to complete specific tasks, that is, they have the opportunity to obtain NFT rewards designed and issued by Project Galaxy and encryption artist Ratwell. .

Week 1: Cross-chain Bridge Week

The first week is the “Cross-Chain Bridge Week”. Users who bridge ETH to Arbitrum through the cross-chain bridge within a week can get NFT at the end of the first week, and the users who use the most cross-chain bridge will get rewarded NFT. As the name suggests, this phase will focus on projects used to transfer funds to Arbitrum. Users need to pass any of the following cross-chain bridges/cex during the period from 13:00 EST on June 21 (1:00 on June 22, Beijing time) to 24:00 on EST on June 27 (12:00 on June 28, Beijing time). ETH to Arbitrum. The first NFT can be claimed after the cross-chain bridge week. Users of the cross-chain bridge with the highest usage rate will receive additional NFT rewards.

The 19 projects are as follows:

  • Across
  • Banxa
  • Bungee
  • cBridge by Celer Network
  • Connext
  • deBridge
  • DeGate
  • Hashflow
  • Hop Exchange
  • Mosaic by Composable Finance
  • Mt Cape
  • Multichain
  • oPortal by BoringDAO
  • Exchange Rank
  • Router Protocol
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • by LI.FI
  • Transak
  • VarenX

Qualify for your first NFT

Users transferring ETH to Arbitrum using any of the above items during the Cross-Chain Bridge Week will be able to collect The Odyssey’s first NFT rewards after the week is over. Claim address:


However, any user who uses the bridge that facilitates the most cross-chain activity will also receive a second NFT reward during the Cross-Chain Bridge Week. For example, if Connext facilitates the most ETH to Arbitrum transactions between June 21st and June 28th, users who use Connext during this period will be able to earn a second NFT reward for the campaign. 

Currently, Hop Exchange is in the lead, according to Dune Analytics.


It is worth noting that we have seen cross-chain bridges such as Hop Exchange and Synapse have launched native tokens, so users can use other cross-chain bridge protocols that have not issued tokens as an alternative for potential token airdrop rewards in the future project.

The few projects currently participating in The Odyssey’s Bridge Week – such as Bungee, deBridge, LI.FI, Composable Finance, etc., have not issued tokens yet. This increases the likelihood of trying out these items during The Arbitrum Odyssey event. If these projects eventually choose to distribute tokens based on past activity, it will potentially help users earn airdrop rewards in the future.

Weeks 2 to 8

After the cross-chain bridge week, users need to complete 2 separate tasks from 2 projects each week. More details will be announced each week as the event progresses.

The Arbitrum Odyssey event schedule:

Week 1: Cross-Chain Bridge Week

Week 2: Yield Protocol, GMX (June 28-July 5)

Week 3: Aboard Exchange, Tofu NFT (July 5th – July 12th)

Week 4: Uniswap, Apex (July 12-July 19)

Week 5: 1inch, Izumi/Yin Finance (July 19-July 26)

Week 6: Dodo, Swapr (July 26-August 2)

Week 7: Treasure DAO, Battlefly (August 2-August 9)

Week 8: Ideamarket, Sushi (August 9-August 16)

While Arbitrum may still have a long way to go before it is fully developed, it already has around $2 billion in total value locked (TVL) and has become an early leader in the L2 dapp scene. 

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