Arbitrum Nova experience

The mainnet migration plan of Nitro that has been longing for and thought about is about to be carried out on 8.31, which means that the restart of Odyssey is also coming, and everyone can roll it again.

Another very important milestone for Arbitrum is Nova

Nova is said to achieve ultra-low transaction fees through a new security model that relies on the Data Availability Council (DAC)

Mainly to support games and social applications.

In fact, the gas is really low, 0.0000 a few e

It is almost universally recognized that Arbitrum issues coins, and airdrops are inevitable. As for the weight, everything is possible

The following is my experience with Nova, for reference only

1. Metamask configuration network Arbitrum nova

Open connected wallet

Arbitrum Nova experience

2. How to recharge ETH into nova

Via the official bridge: about gas 1u

It takes 7 days to transfer in, and it takes 7 days to transfer out like arbitrum one

Arbitrum Nova experience

Through a third-party bridge: The transfer in and out is always a bit expensive, but Orbite is relatively cheap, a few U




3. Application

Official application list

But the ones that can be used at present should be Sushiswap, Rpcswap, tofuNFT

I only used 2 DEXs, and I haven’t tried tofu yet. Overall, the depth of sushi is much better

Sushi   Rcp

GAS: 5-10 environment

The gas previewed by Sushi is similar to the arbitrum one: 0.000 a few E, but the actual authorization is 0.00000 a few E, and the interaction is 0.0000 a few E

Rcp is 0.0000 a few E

Depth : Pool data is similar, swap data is very different:

Arbitrum Nova experience

Arbitrum Nova experience

Arbitrum Nova experience

Arbitrum Nova experience

It is recommended to do some swap, pool, compare the data of the next two platforms when interacting, choose the best, it is likely to change with the depth of the pool

About TofuNFT, I will check it out later and update it later

After reading the feedback from the official DC users, there are still some problems with Nova. It is recommended that everyone experience small amounts and multiple frequencies.

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