AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

Taqtile is a Seattle-based augmented reality startup that works with corporate clients on software-based job training. On September 19, 2022, Taqtile announced that it had successfully raised $5 million, which will boost its overall recruiting and marketing efforts.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

The 55-employee company is understood to have developed an AR app called Manifest that runs on professional headsets, including Microsoft’s HoloLens and Magic Leap. Currently, customers across six continents are using Manifest for training and other on-the-job purposes. It is worth mentioning that Taqtile began research and development in related fields as early as 2011, and its early stage was mainly for mobile APP development, and then turned to the XR field.

Taqtile CEO Dirck Schou Jr. “Taqtile continues to see strong adoption and accelerated deployment of Manifest across all industries, including defense, manufacturing, transportation, aircraft MRO, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and more,” said a statement. Taqtile’s global partners are absolutely critical to our mission and this financing will allow us to better support and nurture our partner ecosystem. “

About AR Education

In fact, Taqtile’s main business is very pure, which is AR training. As a very forward-looking new field, it has also undergone several years of research and development and cultivation in my country, and is currently in a rapid start-up stage.

From the perspective of XR industry insiders, AR training is the integration of AR technology into vocational education training, creating a training scene that integrates immersion, interaction, and fun, and effectively solves the high investment, high loss, and difficulty in the traditional teaching and training process. Difficult to reproduce and other problems, assist teachers to optimize the teaching process, improve students’ learning experience, truly synchronize theory with practice, and empower the high-quality development of contemporary vocational education.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

In addition, we have had several contacts with experts in the field of education in the past. In their eyes, AR education can visualize and visualize information. In addition to the vocational training mentioned above, it is also suitable for education of all ages, including AR early education, AR primary and secondary education, and AR higher education. , AR vocational education and AR corporate training. Most importantly, AR education has many unparalleled features and advantages over traditional education.

2. Five advantages of AR education

1. More intuitive teaching content and methods

As a member of the XR field, the content presented by AR is three-dimensional, and its integration with the real world is becoming more and more perfect, and the vivid, intuitive and vivid content is very conducive to students’ memory and understanding.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

With the help of AR, people’s learning process can be upgraded from traditional paper, blackboard, 2D video jump to immersive experience. In high-tech fields such as physics, chemistry, and aerospace, the abstract content that exists in a large amount will become lifelike.

2. Greater Participation and Interaction

When learners participate in AR education, they will not have to struggle with memory, but experience the learning content anytime and anywhere, and personally participate in and understand the knowledge points.During this process, students will instinctively associate their own life, experience and common sense, thus greatly improving learning efficiency.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

From a professional point of view, the essence of AR education is to emphasize “reality”, and to build a set of learning methods and learning theories on this basis, so that students can experience knowledge points through their own glasses, ears, hands and brains. And thus avoid the huge sense of restraint brought by traditional education.

3. More entertainment

In fact, since more than 10 years ago, many domestic and foreign education experts have begun to study the relationship between games and education. As we all know, even the most naughty and tired students will be highly focused when facing various games. The research results after several years have also proved that in many learning situations, games are a fast and effective way of learning, and its effect is far superior to traditional teaching methods.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

In this context, the visualization and interactivity of AR becomes extremely advantageous. First of all, it can naturally design gamified teaching content, and make it entertaining, greatly enhance students’ willingness to learn, stimulate their interest in learning, and improve learning effects; in addition, AR covers a wide range of people, whether children, Adults or seniors, even physically incapacitated people with disabilities can quickly learn knowledge with the help of AR.

4. Very low teaching risk

At the World 5G Conference in August, we witnessed HTC’s achievements in the field of fire teaching. There is no doubt that its advanced technology and design not only bring great convenience to students and teachers, but also greatly reduce the risk of learning.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

In addition, the well-known chemistry, physics, aerospace, medicine and other disciplines also require teaching experiments, and they also have certain risks. With the help of AR technology, educational institutions can completely lead students to conduct virtual experiments and achieve the same effect without risk.

5. Promote equality in education

As we all know, there are certain imbalances and inequalities in educational resources all over the world. In addition to the famous schools and aristocratic schools in the traditional sense, the most restrictive resources are often distance, space and other resources. On this basis, AR can break geographical restrictions, allow teachers and students from different regions to gather in a virtual classroom, and achieve real and real-time interaction.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

At present, some areas in China have started experimental projects of AR education, and high-quality educational resources in many developed areas have begun to spread to less developed areas such as third- and fourth-tier cities and mountainous areas in the form of low cost and high efficiency. ” Students in the area can also experience the guidance of famous teachers and famous schools.

Application areas of AR training

Finally, let’s bring the topic back to “AR training”.

In recent years, many domestic colleges and vocational colleges have begun to speed up the informatization and modernization of educational work, and have established AR education training systems based on their own characteristics.

As far as the current development stage is concerned, domestic AR training can already be implemented in industries such as beauty salons, clothing design, optometry and image design. At the same time, many AR manufacturers can also customize education systems that are perfectly adapted to the industry according to customer needs.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

According to Sina VR, the business scope of domestic AR education service providers is developing in a diversified and sophisticated direction. In the future, industries such as garden art, archaeology, hotel management, tour guide, automobile maintenance, logistics management, transportation, biomedicine, mechanical engineering, preschool education, nursing, e-commerce, construction engineering and even chemical industry will see AR training. figure.

our opinion

In fact, because of the above advantages and characteristics of AR education, it has played an important role in improving teaching efficiency and learning effect. The application of AR education in the world has become more and more extensive, and the Chinese government has also done enough homework for the development of this field.

In October 2020, the Ministry of Education emphasized in the “Notice on Carrying out the Application for the Construction of Demonstrative Virtual Simulation Training Bases for Vocational Education”: “We must attach importance to virtual simulation technology, and use virtual simulation technology as a way to reform traditional teaching methods and innovate talent training. It is an important means to strengthen the application and research of virtual simulation technology in the field of vocational education. “

In August 2021, the Ministry of Education officially announced the list of vocational education demonstration virtual simulation training base cultivation projects, and identified 215 vocational education demonstration virtual simulation training base cultivation projects.

AR training is gaining momentum and we summarize its main advantages

In today’s high-tech development, no matter the traditional chalk and blackboard teaching, or the popular video online courses in recent years, in fact, will gradually be phased out in the future. The reason is simple, they no longer meet the needs of society, industry and students. As an XR industry media, we will continue to be optimistic about the future of AR education.

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