Aptos Official Interpretation White Paper: Safe, Scalable and Upgraded Web3 Infrastructure

On August 11, the public chain project Aptos officially released a white paper, claiming that the Aptos blockchain is a secure, scalable and upgradeable Web3 infrastructure.

Aptos is a public chain project established by the original Diem team members. Incentive testnet 3 will start registration on August 19, and the mainnet is expected to be launched around the end of September.

Aptos made a name for itself by closing a $150 million funding round led by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto on July 25 at a $2.75 billion valuation. Aptos has raised $350 million so far this year with plans to invest in developing its secure and scalable layer 1 blockchain.

After the release of the white paper, Aptos Labs made an interpretation of the white paper.



Aptos is pushing the boundaries of blockchain security, high performance and scalability. A network designed with people in the center with a focus on global accessibility and usability.

Move Language: The Move language is inspired by Rust and is designed for smart contract development. Combining simplicity with security, Move is a game-changer for web3 builds,

Aptos blockchain natively integrates and uses the Move language internally for fast and secure transaction execution.Move provers are formal validators of smart contracts written in Move, providing additional guarantees for contract invariants and behavior.

Aptos enables developers to easily build consumer-ready applications with a best-in-class Move implementation that has been tested and hardened over three years. New capabilities such as tables and fine-grained storage efficiently support large datasets (e.g. millions of NFTs).


For widespread adoption, web3 must be secure, accessible, and suitable for existing use cases. Aptos is built with science-backed security measures to ensure the security users need now – helping to stop fraud attempts in the industry.

The Aptos blockchain layer is unique in supporting flexible key management capabilities – providing full transparency of all key-related operations and simplifying the implementation of wallets with rich key management without the need for complex infrastructure.

Transaction pre-execution interprets the result of a signed transaction before the user signs it. Additional features such as transaction replay protection, mobile-based key management, and re-signature transaction transparency enable a more secure user experience.

Occasionally, users may inadvertently sign transactions. To reduce this risk, Aptos limits the viability of each txn and protects signers from infinite validity. Triple protection: sender’s seq#, transaction expiration time, and chain id.

fast and high performance 

Aptos can achieve near-ideal throughput and hardware efficiency with parallel, batch-optimized, and modular transaction processing pipelines.

To achieve high throughput and low latency, Aptos employs a pipelined and modular approach at key stages of transaction processing. This fully utilizes all available physical resources, improves hardware efficiency, and enables highly parallel execution.

The transaction processing life cycle is shown in the figure. All stages are completely independent and can be parallelized individually.



Block-STM is a new parallel execution engine for smart contracts, built around the principles of Software Transactional Memory (STM) and Optimistic concurrency control.

Unlike parallel execution engines that break transaction atomicity by requiring prior knowledge of the data to be read/written, Block-STM enables developers to code without limits and achieve higher throughput and lower throughput for real-world use cases. Delay.

state synchronization

Aptos is designed to provide a high-throughput, low-latency network for the individual needs of all participants. Through a flexible and configurable state synchronization method, Aptos adapts to changing user needs and provides new efficient synchronization strategies.

Full nodes can process all transactions since genesis or skip blockchain history entirely and use waypoints to sync only the latest blockchain state. Additionally, low-resource full nodes that only replay state changes without executing transactions are supported.

Light clients can sync parts of the blockchain state, such as specific account or data values, and enable verified state reads, such as getting verified account balances using BFT timestamps.


Designed to be flexible, continuously support new use cases, and keep pace with technological advancements. Scalability and configurability as best-in-class design principles encompass new use cases and new technologies to accommodate future Aptos infrastructure.

The Aptos blockchain encodes its configuration on-chain. Each validator can sync with the current state of the blockchain and automatically select the correct configuration (e.g. consensus protocol and Aptos framework version) based on current on-chain values.

Frequent updates as a core feature allow for seamless upgrades without disrupting users. Infrastructure fades into the background, allowing developers to focus on building and users to enjoy a smooth experience.

A move to try to scale further: its modular design and parallel execution engine support internal sharding for validators, while homogeneous state sharding offers node operators the potential for horizontal throughput scalability without additional complexity.

With these innovations and community support, Aptos provides developers with a world-class Move developer experience, as well as a secure, fast and high-performance blockchain infrastructure that supports next-generation web3 applications.

According to the verification of Golden Finance, the Aptos ecosystem has begun to be built. Blox Fromie NFT, Knoknok Metaverse, fundraising platform Orion, NFT projects Aptos Toad, OmniBTC and other projects have been built based on Aptos.

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