Apple’s market value hits a new high: Metaverse is its next opportunity

On the first trading day of the new year, Apple became the first company in the history of the U.S. stock market whose market value hit the $3 trillion mark.

The reason for emphasizing “touching” is because Apple dropped slightly after reaching a record high of $182.88 in the intraday market. As of closing, it closed up 2.50%, at US$182.01 per share, corresponding to a market value of US$2.99 ​​trillion.


With Apple becoming the first US company in history to have a market capitalization of $3 trillion, Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster recently said that the logic of Apple’s next rise lies in Metaverse. It is expected that Apple will seize the opportunity of the Metaverse through the AR function of mobile phones and the introduction of AR/VR glasses. He predicts that Apple may release a product preview version in 2022 and a commercial version in 2023. Therefore, it is estimated that Apple may rise to 250 US dollars in the future, which is equivalent to a market value of 3.8 trillion. In addition, he said that as investors consider its potential market size to continue to expand, Apple’s aggressive entry into Metaverse will further expand its price-earnings ratio.

Although Apple’s current CEO Cook stated in an interview with reporters that he would stay away from popular words, this does not affect Apple’s crazy investment in the AR field.

In the past ten years, Apple has successively acquired ten AR/VR companies, involving sensors, AR software, AR content ecology and even AR lenses, including Swedish facial recognition technology company Polar Rose, and Israeli real-time 3D motion capture company PrimeSense. , German augmented reality technology company Metaio, Swiss facial recognition technology company Faceshift, NextVR, VR startup Spaces, etc.

In fact, Apple has also laid out its AR/VR industry in a low-key manner, and has applied for many related patents. At present, Apple has disclosed more than 100 patents and functions. In 2021, Apple has won 11 AR-related patents.According to a Bloomberg report, insiders revealed that Apple is stepping up the development of AR/VR devices, which will be available in 2022 or 2023 at the earliest. Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingqi released a report saying that Apple will launch AR/VR headsets in the fourth quarter of 2022. All signs show that Apple’s AR/VR devices are not far off.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is currently researching two devices: one is a VR device with the internal code name N301, which has the ability to watch movies, games, and socialize, and will be available as early as 2022; the other is the internal code name. The AR glasses for N421 are still in the research stage of the underlying technology, and the release time may be in 2023.

Morgan Stanley released a research report in November this year, stating that although Meta may be exploring the next major field (Metaverse) earlier than many companies, Apple is the key to success. Facebook and Google are investing in VR and AR technology, which is the gateway to the virtual world in the “Metaverse”, but only when Apple joins the track can the large-scale market application of AR or VR be realized.

In terms of talent, Apple is offering stock dividends to some engineers to prevent them from switching to companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook). Recently, Apple notified some of the engineers responsible for silicon chip design, hardware, software and operations that they will receive a stock incentive of $50,000 to 180,000. According to reports, most engineers received shares worth 80,000 to 120,000 U.S. dollars, and bonuses were provided in the form of restricted stock. As long as the employees who get the incentive do not hop to work in other companies, these stocks can be cashed in within 4 years.

In addition, in the just past 2021, Cook has stated that Apple is studying cryptocurrency technology, but this is “not an immediate plan to do.” Apple currently does not have any cryptocurrency products or services. The company does allow cryptocurrency wallet apps in its iPhone app store, but bans mining apps.

With rich content ecology, strong technical library support, excellent R&D team and technical talents, Apple has already occupied a lot of first-mover advantages in entering the “Metaverse”, and we look forward to the day when Apple “officially” enters the Metaverse and the crypto world.

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