Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 11promax how to buy cost-effective?

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The whole month of June will be spent on various kinds of promotions in Jingdong Mall, especially on the day of 618, which will reach the climax of the event. This is good news for those who want to replace their mobile devices, so how to buy the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Pro Max models? Although the Apple phone easily does not appear lagging problem, but personally more inclined to recommend the iPhone 12 this phone. Not only because this phone uses the latest A14 processor, but also because of the positioning of the Apple phone models, Pro Max is more inclined to professional high-end cell phone users, no suffix name models more suitable for ordinary consumers to buy!

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 11promax how to buy cost-effective?

First of all, let’s talk about these two phones from the appearance, the overall difference is not much, the continuation of the classic design of Apple cell phones (that said, Apple cell phones have not changed the design language on their own phones for a long time, users are almost aesthetic fatigue, but also because of the similarity of the shape, reducing the desire of many users to change the machine). iPhone 11 Pro Max is geared towards more high-end users, the body material of the texture is higher. The iPhone 12 is a more common Apple design, with an ordinary glass panel back cover.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is larger, weighing 226 grams, while the iPhone 12 is more compact, weighing 162 grams. The former is slightly more inconvenient to carry, while the latter is more suitable for small-handed users.

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 11promax how to buy cost-effective?

What are the differences in hardware between these two models?

There are two main differences, one is the processor difference, iPhone 11 Pro Max uses A13 processor, iPhone 12 uses A14 processor, the performance increase is not small, CPU performance increase of 16.67%, GPU performance increase of 8.3%; another is the problem of 5G network support, iPhone 11 Pro Max does not support 5G network, iPhone 12 supports 5G network (in addition to inserting a sentence, iPhone 12 supports BeiDou satellite navigation).

What are the hardware advantages of iPhone 11 Pro Max? One is a larger screen, using 6.5 inches, iPhone 12 is only 6.1 inches; one is stronger photo, three rear cameras, compared to iPhone 12 more than a professional telephoto lens, optical zoom support up to 4 times, iPhone 12 only supports 2 times.

Finally in talking about the price, here is the official website of Jingdong as an example. Apple iPhone 12 (256G) is quoted at 7599 yuan, and is now in the flagship of the offer, you can receive 800 yuan coupon, the actual price in hand is 6799 yuan. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is officially off the shelf and is being offered at $9,399 by three dealers. The difference between the two is 2,300 yuan, the price difference is very huge. If you come to buy, these two models are more inclined to that one?

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