Apple iCloud upgrades to iCloud+, supports digital asset transfers

The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market are up slightly overall today.

Apple iCloud upgrades to iCloud+, supports digital asset transfers

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Market Update

On June 8, the mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market rose slightly today. As of writing, BTC was reported at $33,736.30, up 0.46%, ETH at $2605.236, up 0.45%, LTC at $162.784, up 0.49%; OKB at $14.790, up 0.47%; DeFi section was mixed, and the top three gainers on OEI OKEx platform were are: RIO (+4.50%), MLN (+4.32%), MXT (+3.99%).

Industry News

Industry] 88mph says White Hat found serious vulnerabilities in three of its pools now suspended, other pools not affected

On June 8, DeFi fixed-rate generation protocol 88mph tweeted that white hat Ashiq on smart contract vulnerability bounty platform Immunefi found a serious vulnerability in its CRV:RENWBTC, CRV:STETH and yaLink pools, and the team is currently suspending those affected pools. Funds are safe. Other pools are unaffected and will continue to operate normally. 88mph will release a full report for users to claim their funds back within the next 72 hours.

【Industry】Apple iCloud upgraded to iCloud+, support digital asset transfer

In the early morning of June 8, Apple today held its 2021 Global Developer Conference through an online format. In this conference, iCloud was officially upgraded to the iCloud+ brand, while placing more emphasis on user privacy protection. According to the conference, a major update to iCloud during this upgrade lies in the start of support for password retrieval through contact-assisted verification, further facilitating Apple users to retrieve their iCloud passwords. In addition, for users’ data information in the cloud, iCloud also allows users to transfer their digital assets to their relatives or other trusted personnel, “a feature similar to digital legacy, when the owner of the data can not use their own digital, he will be able to transfer these assets to their other trusted people. ” A related spokesperson said.

[Data] Data: Total market cap of stable coins surged more than 8 times in 1 year, USDC share rose from 6.6% to 22%

According to data collected by TheBlock, the total market capitalization of stable coins has surged more than 8 times in the past year, to $105.17 billion as of June 6, compared to $11.2 billion 1 year ago. In addition, USDT’s market cap share has dropped from 86% 1 year ago to about 61% currently, while USDC has risen from 6.6% a year ago to about 22% currently.

[Industry] Russia’s proposed law would allow citizens to inherit crypto assets

Golden Finance reports that senior Russian lawmakers will push for a new law that would allow citizens to inherit bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto assets by including them in their wills and divorce settlements, and allow creditors to use the tokens in successful bankruptcy claims.

[Opinion] Viewpoint: Bitcoin Decline Tied to U.S. Justice Department News

MicroStrategy will issue $400 million in bonds to buy more bitcoin news, bitcoin had reversed the weekend trend slightly higher during the day on Monday (June 7), however, at around 05:15 am Beijing time on Tuesday (June 8), bitcoin suddenly dived, falling more than $2,000 within minutes, below $34,000 per coin, down more than 5% during the day. Meanwhile, ethereum fell below $2,600 per coin. The Zero Hedge article points out that there are suspicions that the U.S. Department of Justice dumped their recently recovered bitcoin, which caused the sudden drop. This comes after the U.S. Department of Justice also said that it is elevating the investigation regarding the ransomware attack to a similar priority as the terrorism case. The Zero Hedge article also points out that an earlier piece of news about former U.S. President Donald Trump also contributed to bitcoin’s sudden dive.

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