“Any domestic Metaverse is a fake Metaverse”

The Metaverse is moving away from the surface of the earth

Last month, one of the high-quality idols in the Chinese music scene, DOTA2 veteran player Lin Junjie, bought three virtual real estates on Decentraland, a foreign product of Metaverse, for US$123,000 (that is, RMB nearly 800,000).

Up to now, there are two relatively mature Metaverse products abroad. In addition to the distributed continent mentioned above, there is also a sandbox. Even Lin Junjie’s transaction is not big news on the distributed mainland product. As early as half a year ago, there was a record of a land sold for 913,000 dollars on Decentraland. Five days ago, on December 24, one of the four major international accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong, also purchased virtual land on the sandbox. Although it is not certain how much they bought, judging from the unit price, the price of each piece of land on the sandbox recently has exceeded $10,000.

In contrast, Lin Junjie’s transaction scale of hundreds of thousands of dollars is just sprinkling water.

At present, the most outstanding domestic product in the field of “Metacosmic real estate speculation”, and the one previously named by state media, is the “Rainbow Universe” series of products of the famous A-share public relations company Tianxia Show. However, this naming is not all negative, because for a period of time in the future, the major media have no shortage of hot topics such as “eating hot pot in the metaverse”, although the first one in the popular comments is:

What is the difference between this and the QQ show chat room and the Sims more than ten years ago?

In the latest investor response, the company said that Rainbow Universe is still their test product, which has greater risks and uncertainties. For example, they have not yet opened a public beta, and all data is still in closed beta. stage. They even banned a batch of internal beta accounts for various reasons.

In fact, how they respond is not important anymore. If you can summarize the popularity of this product in one or two sentences, it is that “Rainbow Universe” has already had hundreds of thousands of appointments before the registration has not been opened; a set of properties with an original price of RMB 88, after the first inquiry , Turned into 100,000, and then searched, turned into 180,000, and even after this level, there are 13 people “want”.

It’s also a coincidence that some time ago, it happened to be Christmas, and Lao Hu rewarded himself with a console game, which was “Animal Crossing Friends Club” by Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo. In this game, you can plant trees, build houses, and trade items with other online players. If “Rainbow Universe” is the Chinese version of “Metaverse”, then this Japanese game is even more “qualified” than “Rainbow Universe”.

Even as the company officially stated, Rainbow Universe is a beta “game”. Regarding its gameplay issues, Lao Hu even made a special trip to Shenzhen to visit a famous sea turtle game designer from a major factory.

In this old muzzle of open-mouthed core gameplay and closed-mouthed basic level design theory, he couldn’t even define whether this is a “game”-he even advised me to wait and see, saying that most of the Metaverse worlds are liars. “I don’t really understand this kind of capital game.”

“If you don’t understand, play less.” This was the last sentence he told me before the separation.

However, in the eyes of true practitioners in the blockchain industry, even if the “Metaverse” is not the future of this world, it is also an extremely important piece of the puzzle in their industry. In their mouths, if Tencent and FB’s venture capital invest in their blockchain projects, their brain circuit is not that this project is a big brand, but congratulations to this manufacturer.

“Once again caught up with the forefront of the times.”

"Any domestic Metaverse is a fake Metaverse"

Of course, we must also see that Tencent is not the only one that has entered the blockchain project. First-tier manufacturers including Tmall and Adi have all entered the overseas Metaverse project. In the eyes of industry practitioners, this is not their own project. Dachang “zhaoan”, but they issued tickets to the new world for these big factories.

They dare to say so, obviously they have confidence. Because these blockchain projects now, in a sense, do not need these “old money” in their eyes as VCs to inject capital. The data obtained by Lao Hu shows that in the week from December 6th to 12th, the financing amount of many blockchain projects exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars, and the least amounted to at least several million U.S. dollars. about. And those who invest in these blockchain projects

90% are native VCs in the blockchain industry.

"Any domestic Metaverse is a fake Metaverse"

Another obvious fact is that this friend’s own WeChat profile picture has been replaced by an NFT he invested. It is said that it is worth more than 2 Ethereum, which is more than ten thousand dollars. When chatting with me, This avatar has just experienced the latest round of gains. When Old Hu Weiwei said that this broken head could sell for a thousand dollars, he would even patiently point out the mistake for me:

“Dude, you missed a zero.”

When I asked what is the use of this NFT avatar worth tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to telling me the traceability attributes of this avatar, and the “high net worth user ID”, which is currently elusive, “landing posture”, the rest such as “chain game” “Almost all of the concepts that are currently being hyped are in the testing phase. Not to mention the domestic “Metaverse” applications whose gameplay and practicality are not even as good as the QQ show chat rooms more than ten years ago, but this does not prevent him from telling me that the blockchain industry simply does not bother to argue with traditional industries. ,because

The development of the final facts will tell everything.

But what’s interesting is that even in the eyes of people in this industry, these so-called domestic chain games and “Metaverse games” are still unreliable. “A very important criterion is the ownership of this digital asset.” This friend told me very clearly that if these digital assets, including any virtual land, NFT artwork, etc., the ownership must be in the hands of the user, It has to be chainable and traceable like other digital assets. This can be regarded as the “Metaverse” and “digital assets” of true fundamentalism. And just yesterday, writer Cai Leilei said almost the same thing on Weibo.

"Any domestic Metaverse is a fake Metaverse"

If viewed by this standard, the domestic “Rainbow Universe” game products can still be fired at such a sky-high price under the premise that the ownership has not yet been clearly defined, and its rationality is even more debatable.

Even the “Metaverse product” that can meet the above-mentioned fundamental definition of foreign countries-Distributed Continent, and the sandbox of PricewaterhouseCoopers has not entered the eyes of this friend. He said that these people are really just hype. Because in his logic, the “subversive” effect produced by “blockchain + Metaverse” is not as simple as speculating at sky-high prices for a certain digital asset.

But no matter how this friend explained to Lao Hu that this NFT is a subversion and that the blockchain product is an innovation, in the final analysis, it is just his own words. As for the blockchain industry, its “decentralization” feature is one of the most important attributes of the entire industry, but it also means that this industry does not have a “rule” that everyone recognizes, and there is no official government that can truly guarantee the interests of most people. Institutions exist. An obvious example is that in this market, as an extremely important standard currency and reserve fund, the “stable coins” fixed to one dollar each are all unofficial private projects. In theory,

There is also the “possibility of running away.”

In addition, to add a digression, Mr. Sun Yuchen, a domestic currency leader who has been blocked by Weibo, his current most popular blockchain project is a public chain stable currency, and as one of the four major stable currencies in the industry, December On the 27th, the transaction volume yi j has exceeded 17 billion U.S. dollars.

"Any domestic Metaverse is a fake Metaverse"

So this feature also leads to, no matter which school you hold or what point of view, as long as your project can be profitable. Even if they can ignore and sneer at the prejudices outside the blockchain industry, in the face of different projects and voices within the industry, he will even feel that “heresy is more hateful than paganism.” In other words, this is a

A hundred schools of thought contend and extremely unstable financial market.

Looking at the domestic real estate market, even if it is full of various financial policies and regulatory measures as an industry stabilizer, the many incidents that have broken out in recent years can also show that once this industry has a strong linkage with finance, its stability is still low.

In such a lack of supervision in the market, “real estate speculation”, saying that they are dancing on eggs, I am afraid they are all insulting the eggs.

However, this does not prevent domestic manufacturers from making various attempts on it. At the 360 ​​group strategy conference held just these two days, Zhou Hongyi said in an interview with the media that the current domestic Metaverse is divided into two schools, one It is a virtual community, represented by NetEase, using the concept of “Metaverse” to make the community more virtual and gamified”;

The other is the Industrial Internet of Things. He believes that this kind of “digital twin” has enabled many traditional industries to digitize, and even changed and reconstructed the industrial chain and restructured business processes. “This market will be very large, and it will also be the transformation and upgrading of the entire traditional industry. Big market”.

But when talking about how to use landing to make money, Zhou Jiaozhu said:

“It is mainly packaged through the concept of Metaverse.”

While “utilizing”, while “packing”. If Metaverse were also little fairies, it would be difficult for the leader to resist their boxing skills.

However, there are no real little fairies. For example, the employee who won the 2021 Vanke Headquarters Outstanding Newcomer Award is a female employee with a digital image. If it is connected to the chain through some technical means, the difficulty of Vanke’s “yuan up” is not much higher than that of being a virtual employee.

"Any domestic Metaverse is a fake Metaverse"

Just two days ago, an article “How the Metaverse Rewrites Human Social Life” was widely circulated. From the content of this article, it can be seen that the industry’s understanding of this concept is still at a relatively primitive stage.

But this still does not explain the fact that since the beginning of this year, the country has no distinction between north and south, and companies no matter how big or small, they have jointly added more than 12,000 “Metaverse” trademark registration frenzy. Because you can’t be sure, all those who register these trademarks really think that this is the future, and even less sure, how many things we’re used to, have been playing badly, because the “on-chain” one cannot even accurately Its valuation behavior has become a hundred times its worth, and it has become extremely advanced.

When the virtual world is packaged to look more real than the real world, it is ridiculous. Don’t give me tickets for the “Metaverse” ship leading to the new era.

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