Ant Chain Launches IP Retail Model

The platform provides the whole process service for original works from creation, dissemination, protection, revenue guarantee registration to rights maintenance.

Ant Chain Launches IP Retail Model

On May 17, at the launch of Antchain’s “Wenchangxing Traditional Culture Renewal Program”, the reporter learned that Antchain’s IP commercial platform has been officially launched.

The platform is based on blockchain technology, which changes the IP licensing market from the original “wholesale” model to the “retail” model, so that IP users no longer need to pay high guaranteed licensing fees, significantly reducing the uncertainty of whether copyright procurement can recover costs.

In the recent Tmall “National Tide Day”, the domestic animation “Assassin Wu Liuqi” and Xiaolong Kitchen jointly launched a self-heating hot pot, that is, to try the new IP cooperation model of charging by volume, the same day to complete real-time settlement, in the past this process will take 1 to 2 months.

Data show that the national retail sales of licensed goods exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time in 2020, but the traditional IP licensing model is difficult to match the needs of the rapid development of the IP market.

In the traditional IP licensing model, the head IP will generally charge a one-time high guaranteed licensing fee before cooperation, but there is uncertainty whether the sales are optimistic or even whether the guaranteed licensing fee can be recovered after the merchant pays the fee. In addition, factors such as information asymmetry, long chain of copyright commercialization and complicated settlement of copyright revenue sharing restrict the efficient collaboration between upstream and downstream of the cultural industry chain.

In order to solve the above problems, Antchain IP Business Platform has created a new copyright cooperation model: it provides an IP database for brand owners, allowing intelligent matching of supply and demand and fast linking; it adopts a post-facto per-piece sharing model, which reduces the cost and risk of businessmen by sharing the amount of pieces sold; and the real-time clearing of the share, so that each piece sold can be accurately and timely settled to each participant.

The biggest innovation is that the traditional model of “wholesale” or “buyout” of IPs at a high price has been turned into a “retail” IP model. On the Antchain IP business platform, the royalty is paid for the number of pieces sold, and the system will automatically clear the share through the blockchain smart contract. This model not only improves the efficiency of collaboration, but also helps to stimulate the long-tail effect of the IP licensing market, so that the whole market “cake” gets bigger and bigger.

“In the IP business platform of Antchain, blockchain technology has become the third party, so that small and medium-sized businesses no longer need to pay high guaranteed license fees in advance, which reduces the uncertainty and games in the transaction, which we think is the most innovative value. ” Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and president of Smart Technology Business Group, said.

According to Jiang Guofei, Antchain has previously launched the digital copyright protection platform “Magpie Chisel”, which relies on Antchain’s blockchain and AI technology and can provide the whole process of original works from creation, dissemination, protection, revenue guarantee registration to rights maintenance.

With the IP business platform of Antchain, the two have jointly solved the two most painful propositions of “protection” and “commercialization” in the cultural industry and opened up the whole chain of copyright protection industry.

On this basis, Antchain announced the launch of “Wenchangxing Traditional Culture Revitalization Plan”, which integrates the Magpie Chisel and IP business platform of Antchain and aims to activate traditional culture. On the other hand, we join hands with Tmall to promote the matching of IP and brands to accelerate the commercialization process. Currently, if you search “Wenchangxing” on Alipay, you can see the patterns that have been opened, and designers can upload their designs and get the protection of the chain.

“Chinese traditional culture needs to be protected, explored, interpreted and revitalized. We hope that these traditional cultural motifs can be revitalized and revitalized through the ant chain, and with the innovative interpretation of designers, traditional cultural symbols can travel through time and space and gain a more lasting vitality.” Jiang Guofei pointed out.                  

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